New Edition Release of
Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally
November 2015

Announcing the New Release for Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally, reverse-gut-diseases-naturally-smallNovember 24, 2015 – published by Hatherleigh Press. The current issue of Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally is no longer available. Seek out the new information in the fully revised edition that is being used by patients to be Medication and Disease Symptom Free in 2 to 3 months!

Learn How to Be Medication and Disease Symptom Free in 2 to 3 months!

Michelle Honda redefines the emphasis on Full Disease Reversal. The new revised addition of Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally is an innovative and paradigm shifting guide to quickly and fully reverse the chronic diseases of Crohn’s, Ulcerative colitis (Pancolitis), IBS, Celiac and much more in a matter of weeks!

The second edition of R.G.D.N. has an additional 20,000 plus words. The star component is the new Quick Start Program that details exactly what patients are currently doing to heal fistulas and the plaguing symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.

This book presents a vast integrative healing strategy that is unprecedented in the healing arts.

The Quick Start Program is so encompassing, patients have predominately healed themselves and weaned off of their medication (or did not start), from this section alone. The diet and foods to be eaten is expanded on in great detail throughout the book. As is any other accompanying symptom such as anxiety and fatigue.

Fully detailed within this book is the safe effective alternative for main stream medications such as those for pain, inflammation, antibiotics, depression and anxiety.

What other similar books do not include is explicit information on boosting important areas of the endocrine system and the problems with testing at the doctor’s office. This book employs a program of empowering the body to heal while simultaneously stop breaking it down.

The diet is the cornerstone, especially in the early stages, but needs the assistance of complementary medicine to quickly deal with the symptoms of diarrhea and inflammation as well as other common associated complaints.

The goal is to be medication free as soon as possible. Medications do not follow the holistic pathway in the body; they therefore interfere with healing process.

To round out the uniqueness of this book is the precise case histories following their day to day routines using the New Quick Start Program and a previous program whereby the patient was severely diet challenged and had long standing problems of abscesses and fistulas.

Upcoming and other books in my Reverse series

*The next book in this ‘Reverse Depression Naturally’ series will be covering full reversal of depression disorders including schizophrenia, bipolar, major depressive disorder, violent and abusive behavior, perfectly hidden depression and others.

Two books that assists all areas of illnesses and general well-being are Reverse Inflammation Naturally and Reverse Thyroid Disease. Everything that causes an imbalance in the body or has manifested into a symptom – involves inflammation. And how well we cope or do not – on a day to day basis – involves our thyroid gland (most abused gland in our body).

Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally book stands alone in its value as an important offering to society. Chron’s, Colitis, IBS and more are fully reversible once the biochemical nature of the body is fully involved along with the employment safe elements that are recognized by our bodies.

Reverse Heart Disease book was second in the series due to the fact that every 40 seconds in North America someone is dying of heart related diseases. As in all of my books, the public requires alternative solutions to mainstream drugs and dietary protocols to bring the body back to a natural healthy functioning state.

Two aspects of my protocols always centers on ’empowering the body to heal’ while ‘ stop breaking the body down’. And of course working with the body as a whole! Briefly, one stops breaking the body down by removing all foods, liquids and bad habits that cause inflammation or are intolerant to your body. Simultaneously, all missing elements/nutritional imbalances/other deficiencies – need to be replaced for the body to finally have the nutrients necessary for daily function and restoration…and so on.