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Reverse Inflammation Naturally
By Michelle Honda Phd




Inflammation Natural Solutions Book by Michelle Honda PhD Holistic Doctor

The general public is most interested in the cause of their complaint and what can be done to ease their discomfort.

Yet traditional medicine more often fails to provide this information thereby only offering a drug to block the sensation of pain – all the while the mechanisms behind its cause rages on.

In order for any disease or condition to manifest, there must first be a set of events in place that sets the stage. At some point, the body has become imbalanced through a series of circumstances that formed malfunctioning systems, fatigue and a raised level of toxicity. In some instances, though not all, the body will let you know by way of physical indicators that inflammation is taking hold. But relying on your body to tell you when a problem has already started is an imperfect method of detection and disease prevention.

All aspects of disease complaints begin with an immune response which is then followed by an inflammation response. It is the inflammation process that spreads disease such as cancer throughout the body and therefore is should not surprising that it is a main factor in all illnesses such as pain, infection and stress – not just conditions that have a label.

Because inflammation is most often treated with medication, a main aspect in understanding the inflammation process is the effect medications have on your body. When anti-inflammatories enter the body their effect alters major systems and most often cause permanent damage -especially the longer a patient remains on these drugs.

For instance, after three weeks of taking steroid drugs (anti-inflammatories), the problems of bleeding, osteoporosis and heart disease have commenced. And many times in cases of inflammatory bowel disease, bleeding/diarrhea are why these meds were prescribed and yet as many can attest to as time continues on, the symptoms initially requiring the medication return – and overtime worsens – then follows another similar drug that has the same outcome.

Full discussion and understanding of inflammation pathways and the effect of all mainstream medications are described in Reverse Inflammation Naturally. This information is particularly important since your detoxification pathways (liver) is the same as your inflammatory pathways in our body of which is shut down simultaneously by anti-inflammatory medications.

There are several case history examples in my book that show the cause and solution to conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, heart disease and eczema among others like cancer, psoriasis, autism, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, obesity, allergies and many more. Many types of chronic inflammation problems are covered, extending from the cause onto natural remedies and dietary recommendations including specific supplementation for additional benefit.

By understanding the different types of inflammation and how to test for in case you do not have acute symptoms to indicate a problem is brewing is also explained. For example, systemic inflammation involves heart disease and cancer whereas acute inflammation describes pain accompanied by redness, swelling that is temporary lasting minutes to a few days. Chronic inflammation is letting the person know the immune system is not working well and several areas within the body may need to be addressed.

Contained in this book are all the main triggers and culprits for today’s inflammation problems along with all of the best solutions and natural medicine remedies from around the world to quell inflammation. The diet is the first go to remedy to initially address inflammation no matter how severe. Dietary protocols include the main inflammatory causing foods/substances and also dietary regimes that are the most beneficial for squashing inflammation. One would be amazed by how simple cooking oils can add to and increase a person’s level of pain, all the while enhancing their disease process. Mainstream cooking oils are a main culprit for fueling pro-inflammatory pathways in the body as well as a main contributor to weight gain.

Regardless of what you may or may not know about your physiology, the body is never separate from itself. It is for this reason that the body as a whole is also a focus. You will learn how to prop up weak and lower functioning systems while boosting energy levels. Just as important is supporting the immune system since it is the immune system that first responds to something that the body deems harmful then followed by inflammation. This area of information directly assists with empowering the body to heal by insuring all main dietary nutrients are now being met. There is also another dietary component that offers a daily eating plan for squashing inflammation and some recipes.

Being that there is a cause and metabolic process for everything that is occurring within the body – be it negative or positive – the information contained in Reverse Inflammation Naturally is invaluable and applicable to every future or ongoing complaint. The best part is one could actually prevent most illness and pain by understanding how and why it develops. There are certain foods and chemicals that constantly invade our bodies triggering our auto-immune response. Many of these can be avoided while other foods/liquids are wonderful at squashing inflammation or blocking the process all together.

Learn about the best tools to put you onto the path of health and well being. The case histories illustrate the power of the body to heal and rebalance itself once the culprits have been removed and the level of nourishment has been raised sufficiently to address main deficiencies that greatly impact the body’s restoration/functioning processes.

No longer will you settle for being told that it is your age or gender for why you have the constant or reoccurring problems. You have now peered into the cells of your body. You are no longer in the dark about how pain and inflammation takes root and spreads disease throughout the body. Reverse Inflammation Naturally will always be a go to resource to help you remain in the best health possible.

Lastly, if you wish to raise your health status and stay healthy for the remainder of your life – the information in Reverse Inflammation Naturally will help put you in control of your future health’s direction!


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Two books that assists all areas of illnesses and general well-being are Reverse Inflammation Naturally and Reverse Thyroid Disease. Everything that causes an imbalance in the body or has manifested into a symptom – involves inflammation. And how well we cope or do not – on a day to day basis – involves our thyroid gland (most abused gland in our body).

Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally book stands alone in its value as an important offering to society. Chron’s, Colitis, IBS and more are fully reversible once the biochemical nature of the body is fully involved along with the employment safe elements that are recognized by our bodies.

Reverse Heart Disease book was second in the series due to the fact that every 40 seconds in North America someone is dying of heart related diseases. As in all of my books, the public requires alternative solutions to mainstream drugs and dietary protocols to bring the body back to a natural healthy functioning state.

Two aspects of my protocols always centers on ’empowering the body to heal’ while ‘ stop breaking the body down’. And of course working with the body as a whole! Briefly, one stops breaking the body down by removing all foods, liquids and bad habits that cause inflammation or are intolerant to your body. Simultaneously, all missing elements/nutritional imbalances/other deficiencies – need to be replaced for the body to finally have the nutrients necessary for daily function and restoration…and so on.