Principal Link Between Inflammation and Degenerative and Chronic Diseases

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Principal Link Between Inflammation and Degenerative and Chronic Diseases

Role of Prostaglandins (PG) and Linoleic Fats verses Dietary Fats

Inflammation is regulated by a group of diverse, hormone-like active lipid compounds called Prostaglandins prostaglandins (PGE2* – PGI2). Prostaglandins are derived from fatty acids that are produced in many locations throughout the body, (whereas endocrine hormones are produced at a specific site in the human body). Both of inflammation and endocrine pathways, these pathways can be stimulated or depressed, depending on signals produced in the body.

* Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) is a principal link of between inflammation in and degenerative and chronic diseases.

Defective Essential Fatty Conversion of Fatty Acids and Inflammation

Essential fatty acids have an enormous effect on pro-inflammatory prostaglandins. Our diet has a profound effect on inflammation since the body makes prostaglandins from fatty acids. For this reason, providing your body with extra supplementation of specific fats will bring about tremendous relief for certain health conditions like chronic eczema*, ; however, most people’s dietary fat and oil intake is a key contributor when it comes to prolonged inflammation and diseases like cancer. For example, for this reason the diet has a profound effect on inflammation since the body makes prostaglandins from fatty acids.

Fats that Promote Inflammation

Vegetable oils should be excluded from your diet as much as possible; that, and the elimination of all sources of trans-fatty acids and foods that may contain them, like chips and processed food. , is a great first step to getting your inflammation under control. These types of fats stimulate inflammatory prostaglandins. (Sources sources include margarine, partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, and vegetable shortening).

Fats that Relieve and Reverse Inflammation

To produce inhibitory prostaglandins, try to enrich your diet with gamma linolenic acids (GLAs) and other omega 3 fatty acids. Excellent choices include evening primrose oil, current currant oil, flax seed oil and borage oil. Those omega 3 fatty acids that are especially beneficial can be found in anchovies, sardines, herring, Alaskan salmon, and oily fish (such as mackerel). Supplementation of these fats is necessary for counteracting all forms of inflammation and for proper body functioning*.

*There is much more to say on the subject of good fats and bad fats to come; Refer to my book ‘Reverse Inflammation Naturally’ for more information, including a discussion of or awareness on the toxic processing of oils most consumed, (even those that are considered healthy like grapeseed oil), and their incidence of consequences of chronic inflammation and deadly diseases.

*Because eczema is directly related to certain fats and the inflammation process described in this book – it will be discussed and remedied apart from other inflammation complaints placed further into this section and subsequent chapters found in Reverse Inflammation Naturally.


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