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Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally
By Michelle Honda Phd



Gut Disease Natural Solutions Book by Michelle Honda PhD Holistic Doctor

Are you feeling helpless, without any options? Have you lost all hope? Effective solutions, treatment, diet and natural secrets are found here.

This book contains natural solutions to Fully REVERSE your gut disorder and restore your health. This step-by-step, do-it-yourself guide will help you identify the cause of your condition; including Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, IBS, celiac disease, diverticulitis, constipation, chronic diarrhea, leaky gut syndrome, fistulas, abscesses and more…

It provides detailed guidance to gut wellness and a Quick Start Program along with all the solutions needed to empower your body to heal and restore itself!

It is a complete resource of healing remedies with Natural substitutes for popular prescpription and over the counter medications.

The latest dietary regimes and protocols for the different stages of healing and maintenance.

How to support your body and its all important glandular system.

Current detailed case histories demonstrating the effectiveness of the information contained in Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally. Full recoveries are attainable and quickly!

The problems surrounding antibiotic over-use and it’s role in intestinal diseases.

Complete guide on how to prepare herbal and other natural remedies to safely address all symptom complaints – void of side effects, that may be taken as needed.

Supplement guidance for key nutrients that may have been missing for a protracted period of time, that are required in the healing process and functioning of the body’s systems.

Updated research for safer, gluten free choices and new government standards that are being implemented.

SOURCES for herbal and natural remedies, drug replacements and supplementation.

Dosage protocols as well as how to administer natural alternative medicine to children and infants.

Included are several of the best research sites for alternative complementary medicine and phyto-chemstry (plants), along with guidance on drug and herbal interactions.

Michelle Honda Ph.D. Holistic Doctor has helped many patients achieve a full recovery through safe, natural complementary medicine. All of her wisdom from years of research and clinical practice is contained in this book. Just because doctors say you are incurable, it does not mean that you should stop looking for solutions.

This book is about correcting the cause and healing the problem. Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally features the most effective dietary programs, alternative solutions to drugs, safe food choices, herbal medicine, beneficial supplements and remedies, in an easy-to-follow, how-to format.

This book is an extraordinarily detailed and comprehensive self-help workbook that will teach you how to… Reverse Your Gut Disease Naturally – once and for all. No other book contains all of the necessary requirements for true healing and effective solutions. It’s current, and a one-of-a-kind manual.

Michelle is all too aware of the many inhibiting factors associated with gastrointestinal diseases. From a professional perspective, she feels there is a great need for an all encompassing book to guide the patient step-by-step through the healing and treatment process with potential to reach a full recovery. Michelle included all aspects of gut dysbiosis that she routinely applies in her practice. She states, “I did not hold back on any pertinent material or process.” Detailed here are a few of the differences;

  1. Understanding the process of the disease
  2. Initial protocol – How to start the reversal and healing process
  3. Quick Start Program
  4. Empowering the body to heal (very important) to promote faster tissue repair, increase in energy and lowering of all symptom complaints
  5. Correcting nutritional deficiencies
  6. How to properly prepare food for initial stages of healing/flare-ups
  7. The most effective supplements for healing and nourishing the body
  8. Removing the cause(s)
  9. Non drug solutions for pain, inflammation, depression, anxiety, diarrhea, bleeding, gas, bloating, spasms, nausea and more
  10. Dealing with related and contributing factors of the condition
  11. Address emotional, anxiety and stress issues
  12. Diet and supplementation that promote speedier healing and recovery
  13. Natural killers of viruses, bacteria, fungus and yeast
  14. Strong immune boosters
  15. Blood purifying and detoxification
  16. Cleansing regimes
  17. The best herbal healing formulas for each gut disease
  18. Up to date lists of gluten free flours, ingredients and foods
  19. Example of a case history showing step-by-step aspects of the patient’s healing process

The disorders comprised in Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally stem from our modern civilization. Problems such as these get worse when the subsequent cause is left untreated. Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally takes you on a journey guiding a person through the whole of their healing process. Michelle Honda explains how these particular disorders manifest to ensure the patient will not have a repeat performance.

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Turn around & reverse Colitis or Crohn’s in New York, London, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco or San Diego with Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally. There is not another Crohn’s Colitis natural treatment program like this around because of the breadth of Michelle Honda PhD’s educational background and clinical experience combined. We’ve seen one other good program, but it is only covers about half of Michelle’s. That’s why Michelle gets the unparalleled results she gets – with consistency. She helps you heal more of the necessary things in your body – which then leads to your Crohn’s Colitis reversal.

Learn the book’s lessons and embrace the remedies. You can get full recoveries from comprehensive natural diet, treatment and solution recommendations. Purchase the book and get on this Holistic Doctor’s program. Natural solutions and diet affords you a far more normal life again. Michelle Honda PhD has turned suffers around to great recovery many many difficult and extreme cases of Crohn’s and colitis. And now you can do the same for yourself with ALL of her information contained in her book Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally. Everything she knows about healing Colitis and Crohn’s she put into the book! Everything! Get started today and take your life back.

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*The next book in this ‘Reverse Depression Naturally’ series will be covering full reversal of depression disorders including schizophrenia, bipolar, major depressive disorder, violent and abusive behavior, perfectly hidden depression and others.

Two books that assists all areas of illnesses and general well-being are Reverse Inflammation Naturally and Reverse Thyroid Disease. Everything that causes an imbalance in the body or has manifested into a symptom – involves inflammation. And how well we cope or do not – on a day to day basis – involves our thyroid gland (most abused gland in our body).

Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally book stands alone in its value as an important offering to society. Chron’s, Colitis, IBS and more are fully reversible once the biochemical nature of the body is fully involved along with the employment safe elements that are recognized by our bodies.

Reverse Heart Disease book was second in the series due to the fact that every 40 seconds in North America someone is dying of heart related diseases. As in all of my books, the public requires alternative solutions to mainstream drugs and dietary protocols to bring the body back to a natural healthy functioning state.

Two aspects of my protocols always centers on ’empowering the body to heal’ while ‘ stop breaking the body down’. And of course working with the body as a whole! Briefly, one stops breaking the body down by removing all foods, liquids and bad habits that cause inflammation or are intolerant to your body. Simultaneously, all missing elements/nutritional imbalances/other deficiencies – need to be replaced for the body to finally have the nutrients necessary for daily function and restoration…and so on.