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Reverse Thyroid Disease Naturally
By Michelle Honda Phd


Thyroid health problems have already reached epidemic proportions in North America. Due to modern day medical treatment protocols, protecting ones thyroid is no longer as simple as providing a few key nutrients to maintain its function and vital body support. At present, ninety-five percent of the population has hypothyroidism due to leaky gut syndrome whereas in years past, the main culprit was a lack of iodine – a trace mineral necessary for the production of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). This of course is still a major problem brought about by an inadequate medical care system, one that does not promote maintenance and restoration of bodily tissues and functioning. Drugs being synthetic, are not recognized by the body, therefore cannot grow tissue hence their ongoing side effects, many of which are detailed throughout this book, in the way they pertain to disrupters of thyroid receptors and blocking of thyroid function.

Currently, a main problem stems from the fact that thyroid tissue and gluten are of the same matrix; therefore whenever a person with gut permeability eats gluten, the immune system simultaneously attacks the thyroid gland since it cannot differentiate between the two. This describes inflammation of the thyroid referred to as Hashimotos’ disease or Thyroiditis as well as other descriptions.

Main reasons why the lining of intestinal tissue becomes permeable is thoroughly discussed. For example, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, immunosuppressants, gastric medications and chemo drugs are leading instigators of intestinal and stomach inflammation and lesions. Certain medications also suppress serum TSH production in addition to increasing nutritional requirements while generally lowering thyroid function.

The problems with traditional medical treatment also extend to thyroid medication; the different types and their inadequacies, especially now that thyroid medication is the second most sold mediation in North America. This news is all the more alarming as one makes their way through the book in discovery of the real repercussions facing the populace as more and more citizens are given synthetic thyroid hormone therapy.

Information continues describing the vital role played by the thyroid gland in our body and extensive detail about the problems surrounding thyroid medical testing. Also discussed are the various stages of hypothyroidism and about autoimmune disorders of the thyroid.

Thyroid disrupters are many, from poor organ/gland functioning to environmental chemicals, all of which inhibit thyroid conversion of T4 to T3. Adrenal glands are well detailed due to their direct impact on thyroid function.

The book carries on with a broad overview of Hashimoto’s disease and how to remedy this condition. Included are other infections such as Epstein-Barr’s contributing to Hashimoto’s as well as the way in which Hashimoto’s disease affects brain health. As already alluded to in the beginning of this piece, leaky gut syndrome is associated with most thyroid conditions.

Understandably, there are other impactful imbalances related to thyroid function such as hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease. All about these two imbalances is fully described to include correcting the problem naturally as is with other thyroid problems. As well in this chapter, you will find other conditions that affect thyroid health such as goiters, menopause, pregnancy, stress and sleep deprivation.

I included one of my case histories for cancer of the thyroid and the protocol taken to fully reverse this condition. Under this topic, as well is provided the beneficial effects of iodine and its reversal of breast cancer and fibrocystic breast disease. I kept in mind that this is not a book about cancer…referenced it only when appropriate.

Main nutrients and potent manipulators of thyroid health are fully explained. Some of these elements are critical to more than just the thyroid like L-Tyrosine, even though it is earmarked for certain thyroid duties, it is directly affiliated with other crucial areas such as the brain and adrenals. Iodine also stands alone warranting sufficient space due to its critical role in thyroid function among other areas of bodily support.

Homeopathy is a new addition to my books in as much as providing broader information on its usage, in this instance, as it pertains to hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, goiters and Graves’ disease.

Lastly, we delve into how to nutritionally care for the thyroid gland, covering key and most important nutrients needed in a thyroid disease reversal process and restoration and for its future health maintenance. The importance of supporting the health of your thyroid cannot be overstated.

Our lives have been shaped by the induction of modern agricultural practices and modern medical practices. The challenge of being healthy and staying happy in the industrialized world we live in is an everyday struggle. Lessen this struggle by always considering the biochemical needs of your body so it can in turn support you in a way that many only dream of or has become a distant memory.

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