Antioxidants Healed Broken Blood Vessel in my Eye

Posted on Nov 11, 2015 in Diabetes, Natural Health, Nutrition, Nutritional Supplements

Antioxidants Healed Broken Blood Vessel in my Eye

You may be surprised to learn how well and quickly nature can turn a problem around – in this case I was (Michelle Honda). I feel I can say completely healed, now that it has been seven years since I experienced a ruptured blood vessel in my eye. This is not an uncommon occurrence as we age, or for people who have not supported their diets with antioxidants found in raw fruits and vegetables. Once food is cooked, important components are destroyed. This story is especially pertinent since I had been vegetable juicing for twenty some years prior to this time. My workday routine consisted of vegetable juice five out of seven days per week.

Once I entered my fifties I noticed upon pressure from sneezing I would occasionally get what I call a blood eye. It doesn’t hurt it just looks unpleasant and takes 7 to 10 days to leave. This went on for a few years and by chance I started drinking fruit or berry blends that were high in a special group of antioxidants called anthocyanins. I continued vegetable juicing which has certainly supported my eyesight and immune system.

What was Different

The month was January when I started drinking acai berry, aronia, and wolfberry juice which contains high amounts of these antioxidants, especially the acai berry. These are referred to as exotic fruit since they are not grown in the Northern hemisphere but mainly in the hot regions of the world. These special antioxidants are more concentrated in the dark blue/purple and black colored berries. Anthocyanins act as the plants sunscreen. Most of us living in North America have never eaten a fruit or berry with the quality and level of antioxidants of this type before in our lifetime. They are simply not available or commercially harvested until recently. A determining factor for effectiveness will be quality and how it is processed. The acai berry for instance must be processed by a freeze dried method and not one from heat.

What Happened Next

Because of my clinical nutritional background I started doing a lot of research into these properties mainly due to other benefits occurring for people that I had not seen before. Knowing about how long these antioxidants remain beneficial in our system, I drank a couple of ounces 10 to 12 hours apart per day and have continued to do so to this day. When I find something that works or a noticeable change occurs, I do not quit doing anything that really serves me and the body as a whole. For this reason, I did not quit vegetable juicing all these years.

I visit the East Coast yearly to see a few of my Moms relatives. The house is very old and was originally built by my Great Grandparents. It remains closed all year except for approximately 6 weeks. It is made of wood and not well insulated. The same year I had started the  berry juice, I visited customarily in July which had been a particularly wet and cold summer. I have never experience an allergy symptom before and now understand what so many go through. There must have been mold spores about. The wall, floor and ceiling are completely covered with tongue and grove hard wood.

What I Learned

My nose tingled constantly when I was in the house, which means I was sneezing allot. To my surprise and to this day I have not had a capillary rupture again in my eye. The mark is clearly there where a blood vessel with a rupture is visible to the eye. From some of my research in understanding why….I learned that anthocyanins strengthen weak capillaries and actually inhibit the formation of protein that builds up and causes blindness in diabetic patients suffering with retinopathy.

I have been and still am extremely impressed with what nature has to offer. I personally do not take my good health for granted and feel blessed to learn all the things that I have been lead to in my quest to help others.

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