Crohn’s Colitis Book
Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally
Frequently Asked Questions



FAQ #1: What Type Of Disorders Does Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally Address?

A: Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally contains full treatment and management protocols for Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Celiac, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Diverticulitis, Chronic Diarrhea, Leaky Gut, Constipation, Fistulas and Abscesses.


FAQ #2: What Exactly Is Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally About?

A: Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally is about reversing your gut disorder and restoring your health. This step by step guide will help you to correct the cause of your condition. It provides detailed guidance and safe natural solutions for you body to heal itself. It is a complete resource of healing remedies, dietary regimes and protocols for the different stages of healing and maintenance. Full recoveries are potentially attainable.


FAQ #3: How Can I Benefit From Reading Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally?

A: Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally guides a person through the whole of their healing process. Starting with an understanding of how their condition manifested within their body and the steps required to strengthen and restore the body. Initial protocols, elements to empower the body to heal itself, correct deficiencies, balance and boost the immune system, what is safe to eat and drink and so on. This book also contains solutions for the main complaints associated with these disorders such as depression, anxiety, pain, low energy and fatigue, abscesses and fistulas.


FAQ #4: My Condition Is Advanced And Critical. Can This Book Help Me?

A: Yes, this book was written because of people such as yourself. Michelle Honda has worked with many patients that fit your descriptive state. This book is ideally suited to someone who has not been able to achieve success in reversing their condition, mainly because they never shown how to or where to start. For this reason, Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally contains an inordinate amount of detailed information to address acute to chronic symptoms.


FAQ #5: How Is Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally Different From Other Similar Books?

A: All other books to date do not have all encompassing aspects of these diseases with their symptoms and how to remedy them. Another key difference is that Michelle Honda works continuously in this area “among others” and it shows in the detailed information of her day to day experiences and successful treatment regimes. Books written solely from researched material are noticeably different.


FAQ #6: Can You Give Me An Example Of Some Of The Differences?

A: Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally covers the side effects of these diseases, such as depression, anxiety, pain, lack of energy, weak and over active immune system, malnourishment, overcoming bacterial/viral invasion and much more. Within this book is a step by step protocol for alleviating and reversing these conditions.


FAQ #7: What Aliments Does This Book Contain That I Typically Would Not Find Elsewhere?

A: This book contains information about the conditions of Abscesses and Fistulas and how to treat these aliments. Leaky Gut Syndrome and other gut disorders like Chronic Constipation, Chronic Diarrhea, and Diverticulitis are also included.


FAQ #8: Why Is It Important To Address Other Areas Of The Body As Opposed To Just The Gut Disease?

A: Michelle recognizes that the body works as a whole. A tired, enervated body cannot heal itself. A person suffering from depression, chronic pain or diarrhea and bleeding require these symptoms to be treated just as much as the other aspects within the intestinal tract.


FAQ #9: Is Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally Easy To Follow?

A: Yes
Point 1 – Michelle incorporated an initial protocol before leading a person throughout the other stages of their healing. She also includes a full explanation of how these conditions manifest.

Point 2 – Michelle went to great lengths for her book to be user friendly for gut sufferers and practitioners. She has incorporated a detailed chapter preview which becomes more detailed and beneficial as the volume of information escalates. It possesses a wonderful index; however, this uncommon preview addition saves time and effort.


FAQ #10: Does Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally Have Much Information On Natural Medicine?

A: Yes, Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally contains extensive complementary medicine to benefit any condition and the side effects of these conditions and includes symptoms. This book contains unsurpassed herbal remedy application, tissue salts, homeopathy, compresses, poultices, sitz baths, retention enemas and so on. Also, when applicable, information about the procedures, with description on how to make all the remedies required for various symptoms associated with these disorders.


FAQ #11: Does Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally Contain Full Dietary Advice?

A: Yes, Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally contains complete dietary regimes for all aliments, including up to date lists of Safe Ingredients and Foods as well as popular lists for easier shopping. All foods and liquids normally desired by individuals are addressed with appropriate substitutes and choices for when an item is not recommended. There are also suggestions on easily digested foods for acute symptoms etc.


FAQ #12: How Do I know What Supplements I Need For My Condition?

A: Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally offers comprehensive lists of what elements are most needed according to the symptom and ailment. Supplemental recommendations are broken down into different segments throughout the book according to each condition. Explanation on how and why these nutrients are needed by the body to both promote healing and repair or for nourishment.


FAQ #13: Does Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally Offer Any Suggestions For Drug Substitutes?

A: Yes, throughout this book are drug free solutions and substitutes for all conditions. A special note should be made about drugs such as Humira, Sulfasalazine, Imuran and the like. There has been no need to substitute these types of drugs. As the patient improves and healing takes place, the need for common medications is lowered and ultimately discontinued when the patient no longer feels the need for them.


FAQ #14: Can I Improve My Abdominal Pain By Reading This Book?

A: Yes, for two reasons. Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally contains natural, safe pain substitutes for the various types and degrees of pain. Although, most people through the healing process, experience a continuance of less pain and acute pain incidences, onto the stage of no pain.


FAQ #15: Can I Improve My Erratic Bowl Symptoms By Reading This Book?

A: Yes, all aspects of bowel and gut symptoms are addressed in this book. Whether the problem is bleeding, gas, diarrhea, or pain, Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally, contains solutions for these and other accompanying complaints.


FAQ #16: Does This Book Have Any Information About Tests Or Research?

A: Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally gives details on common medical tests and their procedures, as well as, research and drug sites.


FAQ #17: About the Author Michelle Honda PhD DSc

A: Michelle Honda Ph.D. is a Holistic Doctor in private practice since 1997 in Canada. She is a featured author in magazines, a guest lecturer and is widely regarded as an expert in natural medicine, clinical nutrition and disease reversal – focusing on the cause and full recovery. Her Masters Degree thesis subject matter centered on gastrointestinal diseases and associated symptoms.

Within two years of finishing her Ph.D. she opened a holistic health clinic with her husband Ron Honda, called Renew You Holistic Health in Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, where she works in private practice. A couple of years into her practice, she started lecturing and writing articles for local newspapers and health magazines – approximately 60 articles. Michelle states, “I feel a great need to share knowledge and bring awareness of non drug solutions, which brings me to this book!”

She holds Canadian and United States credentials in Clinical Nutrition, is a Master Herbalist and an IIPA Certified Iridologist.


FAQ #18: How Does Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally Differ From Breaking The Vicious Cycle?

A: Breaking the Vicious Cycle (BVC) is a wonderful book. The main difference is the diverse and complete information contained within Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally. BVC does not cover complimentary medicine (herbal medicine, homeopathy, tissue salts and many healing protocols) to deal with the symptoms and associated side effects like depression, anxiety, pain, while addressing the whole body. Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally covers all main stream complaints such as Celiac, Crohn’s disease, Chronic Constipation, Chronic Diarrhea, Ulcerative Colitis/Colitis, Diverticulitis, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Fistulas, Abscesses and more.

Breaking the Vicious Cycle centres on the cause leading up to the symptoms of Crohn’s disease and diet protocols as does Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally, plus, BVC includes many gluten free recipes. Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally contains little in the way OF daily recipes, but does contain far more recent and comprehensive lists of foods and ingredients for meal planning. BVC does not contain Supplemental recommendations and regimes and more.


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