Education System Needs Revamping

Posted on Mar 4, 2015 in Natural Health, Nutrition

Education System Needs Revamping

Our educational system is failing us by way of lack of information in the subject curriculum of health and disease prevention. We are not being taught how to feed the body so it can remain strong and not become weak from the many imbalances created from a lack of essential nutrients required for repair and restoration. This information should and could easily be supplied to all of us during our academic years, when we are a captive audience. As it happens there are many schools and universities where this type of curriculum is available but not in our formative years up to grade 12. The teachers and professors are willing to teach quality information that is in keeping with progress. Although, I realize it has improved a great deal since my formative years in school, however, in observing the problems of my patients and society as a whole, I am all too aware of the benefit and impact that a small amount of essential information would provide.

One more complaint has to do with the course material being taught at many traditional universities in the area of nutrition and diet; either for general health or associated illnesses. The curriculum is not updated or expanded adequately when compared to many other sources of education such as private institutions or other countries. I have no doubt that the incidence of many mainstream diseases would be far lower. I am not as naive as I sound and fully aware that many people would still choose bad habits over health. But I also know good habits like bad are learned or adopted. It has been my experience that children are sponges and they have enormous capacity to learn. Just look how they manipulate computers. To end this rant, it is my fondest wish for a fuller nutritional and physiology program to be implemented into our educational system from the very onset of traditional education.

It is out of concern that I make the above statement. Because of what I experience on a daily basis and realizing how little it would take to make a difference in the way we feed our bodies, we should at least know the body’s nutritional requirements. The non disclosure bothers me the most whether it’s about alternative treatments for chronic conditions that are non drug related or being told that nothing environmentally is playing a role – such as foods or substances routinely taken into the body.

I fully appreciate that not everyone will share my views or desires. If we all thought the same the world would be a very boring place. For me personally, I live in hope for a healthier and better informed society.


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