Patient Testimonial- Michelle Honda PhD.

Posted on Mar 7, 2022 in Depression, Eating Disorders, Nutrition, Nutritional Supplements

Patient Testimonial- Michelle Honda PhD.

20 Years of Antidepressant Use and Weight Loss Program

Testimonial: Nora

I originally sought out Dr. Honda to help lose unwanted pounds. Her weight loss program was very different than what I had known in past experience—much more information on what to do with food and other body systems, etc. Dr. Honda explained the reasons why I was having difficulty controlling my appetite, and how my other issues played a role in my health as a whole, as well as my excess weight.

I started by taking six different supplements, plus Dr. Honda’s juicing program. She explained in great detail why I needed the items being suggested to me, and also that some supplements are always needed in order for our bodies to support us and function optimally. She told me how there are many necessary elements that are missing in our food, because of the way our food is grown. I was never taught by any medical person what I should be eating to prevent disease and be healthy.

My energy and general health picked up quickly, but I would still have the odd eating binge and craving. The way I described my bouts of uncontrolled eating did not seem normal to Dr. Honda; she felt my long term usage of antidepressants had affected my brain chemistry, and so put together a program for me to wean off of them. I had been on Effexor and was then currently on Pristiq; she had mentioned in the beginning that this was something she wanted to work on with me, but that we first had to build up several areas of my body, such as more energy, stronger immune system, and resolving my current gut issues before we did so.

At this point in time I was feeling good, and I knew that I didn’t have anything to be upset over. The new program for getting off my meds wasn’t difficult; with a couple of extra supplements for the short term, I was able to easily reduce and stop my meds for the first time in 20 years. I had tried on my own several times, but within a short period of time I was able to reduce my intake. Dr. Honda explained that there are natural alternatives to most meds, since medications come from a natural source to begin with. I was given a tincture type herbal remedy that I could take whenever I felt I needed it and which was non-addicting. I actually didn’t need it very much!

Dr. Honda talks about empowering the body to heal while simultaneously preventing it from breaking down. I believe that the largest part of my success had to do with correcting the biochemical deficiencies in my body (as she put it), and some of the natural supplements that raised the dopamine levels in my brain. It has been months now since I have seen Dr. Honda and I am doing great and have never looked back. I realize how important it is to feel and be yourself.

Thanks Dr. Honda,


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