Scabies Great Natural Treatment

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Scabies Great Natural Treatment

Unfortunately, scabies is an easily communicated disease passed from person to person through personal touch and coming in contact with infected items. Know your options to help speed up healing and undesirable side effects. Remedies include herbal medicine, foods and vitamin/mineral supplements.

 The scabies mite is a parasite that lives in human skin. This tiny creature burrows just underneath the skin’s surface and produces a characteristic eruption of very fine, crooked, slightly raised lines about one or two centimetres long. These areas usually become infected from scratching and develop sores and crusts. The itching is so intense that another name for scabies is the itch. The itching becomes unbearable in bed since the mite travels at night while the person is resting. Mites are attracted to skin folds, such as between the fingers and in the elbow creases. They do not normally spread to the face but, if the immune system is compromised, sores can spread all over the body, including the genitals.

The scabies mite is microscopic in size. The female digs into the skin to deposit her eggs, which take on the skin’s surface. Symptoms do not become apparent for a number of weeks, although they can be transmitted during this time. Scabies can be transferred by using another’s work gloves or sharing other’s clothing. In our past history, scabies were contracted through wigs and hair pieces – which meant they were found in the neck and facial area.


Support the immune system and optimize skin health with nutrient rich foods, including raw vegetables, fruit and whole grains, while cutting back on sugary sweets and other nutrient deprived/dead foods. Avoid processed foods. Food processing eliminates many important vitamins and minerals. Nuts and whole grains, especially wheat germ and bran provide zinc, vital for tissue healing and the skin, Citrus fruits and rose hips are rich in vitamin C. Beneficial beta carotene is found in orange coloured fruit and vegetables, as well as green, leafy vegetables. These foods also support skin health and healing. When eaten raw, fruits and vegetables supply enzymes and crucial antioxidants, which are necessary for building the immune system and helping the body fight infection.

Nutritional supplements

Combined with a healthy diet, supplementation can help boost the immune system to fight this parasite. Beta carotene, vitamin C and zinc are most effective for this. They, along with vitamin E, are skin nutrients which can be taken internally as well.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, with bioflavonoids, 1,000mg 3 times: May be taken in higher dosages, immune boosting and a natural antihistamine.


Beta-carotene 25.000 IU: Fresh carrot juice is another great option or addition to supplementation.

Zinc Powder

Zinc, 30mg with 6mg of copper: Mix zinc powder (may open up capsules) with a small amount of warm water to form an ointment type paste. Apply to infected area for several days or as needed.

Vitamin E, with mixed tocopherols, 400IU

Essential fatty acids: 2000 IU – 2 times per day from a marine source

Herbal Remedies

External application of herbal leaves and extracts can remedy this condition, in some cases, within three day.

Tea Tree Oil

Today tea tree oil has become a go to product to fight fungal infections and for its antibiotic properties. It will help to reduce pain and fight infection. Check with your doctor if pregnant. Apply a few drops of tea tree oil, diluted in water onto the affected area twice daily to prevent a viral infection

Turmeric Powder

Turmeric is well known for its powerful antibiotic and antiviral properties. Like zinc powder, mix with water to form a paste – apply to skin and leave for 30 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

Clove Oil

Cloves are also anti-parasitic as well as antifungal/antibacterial. Create a medium using 1 part clove oil to 4 parts coconut oil and olive oil. Leave this mixture on until it appears dry or absorbed into the skin before rinsing off. Apply twice a day until improvement is noticed.


Rosemary is not just for cooking, it has many antiviral and antibacterial qualities, making it a go to remedy for scabies. Boil rosemary for 10 minutes, once cooled, apply to problem areas. Allow to remain for 10 minutes before rinsing it off.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper has unique properties that promote skin healing associated to diabetic neuralgia – it then follows it will relieve the symptoms of scabies without side effects. Cayenne may be applied directly to infected are or mixed into a paste. Let it rest on skin for 5 to 10 minutes before rinsing.

Grind Neem leaves, work well as an antiseptic

Thyme extract kills bacteria. Apply a few drops to the area twice daily.

Golden seal is herbal antiviral/antibacterial. Use as an alternative to tea tree oil.

White Vinegar

Vinegar is great for topical skin fungal infections in addition to treating scabies. Simply mix equal amounts of vinegar to distilled water and spray onto problem areas – allow to dry.


Give Sulphur, 30c every twelve hours for up to three days to everyone in the household, whether infested or not, except for  those suffering with eczema. If you do not notice improvement within one week, visit your doctor.

External therapy

Oat baths help relieve persistent itching. Add 1 cup of raw oats t bath water.

Other suggestions

As scabies can be quite persistent, be sure to retest for them once treatment is finished to ensure they are gone.

Wash all bedding, towels and clothing that could be infected in hot water and toss them into a hot dryer to prevent reinfection


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