Zinc Second Most Important Mineral in the Body

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Zinc Second Most Important Mineral in the Body

Zinc is an overachiever and the second most important mineral in our bodies. Personally, I have always taken zinc on a regular basis. Zinc is huge for the immune system and is required by all the trillions of cells in your body. Not that you need any more reasons to take it than these two facts but lets take a better look at its direct applications that may identify with a current symptom or need by your body. One of the main problems with getting enough zinc in your diet depends on how many medications you may be on. Listed below are some examples of drugs that reduce zinc in the body. Another common problem is the soil quality today with current farming practices, containing much lower amounts of zinc. Also phytic acid in plants such as bran can tie up zinc and block its absorption.

Medications can Reduce Zinc in the Body

Certain drugs have shown to lower or interfere with the mineral zinc. Zinc has shown to be reduced by ACE inhibitors along with the following examples: tetracycline, aspirin, corticosteroids, oral contraceptives, warfarin, thiazide diuretics, valproic acid, medroxyprogesterone, conjugated estrogens and bile acid sequestrants. To ensure safety, search out any complications or contraindications with all medications, especially those routinely taken.

Caffeine Inhibits Absorption of Zinc

For those who routinely consume large amount of caffeine through coffee or pop, your absorption of zinc is being reduced. In such cases, take zinc an hour and a half – to two hours away from these beverages and always remember zinc being a mineral requires a small amount of protein at the time of ingestion. Minerals require amino acids for distribution throughout the body.

Immune System Requires Zinc

The immune system depends on zinc to stimulate activity of white blood cells along with being a cofactor of more than 300 enzymes. Zinc helps ward against flu and colds but also has shown to interfere with bacteria; inhibiting their proliferation and hastening the recovery time.

Wound Healing

As noted above zinc has an immune boosting effect that expedites the healing process especially for epidermal wounds. Recognize that zinc relishes in this process and may get used up to a greater degree than realized. Take into account the amount of zinc that may be needed following injuries.

Zinc and Copper Connection

For normal health, an adult dosage for women is 25 mg and 30 mg for a male. During times of a chronic or acute illness, more zinc may be needed. Check with your doctor or health practitioner. High doses of zinc can reduce the copper in your body. Do not exceed more than 50 mg a day, if so make sure you are getting a small amount of copper – 2 to 5 mg.

Zinc Helps Hair Loss and Acne

An imbalance of abnormal hair loss onto the severe condition of alopecia, involves the trace mineral zinc. Zinc is earmarked for hair, skin and nails and has an affinity for healing. This extra healing support is seen in how it benefits acne, even when it is male acne which involves the balancing of the hormone testosterone. Whether skin is blemished, itchy or painful, consider the benefit of zinc.

Healthy Vision Needs Zinc

I am a huge proponent of vitamin A for vision and healing. Zinc plays an intricate part in both. Zinc has been evidenced in its role of protecting and supporting all facets of eye health. Over exposure to sunlight and UBV rays leads to eye damaging effects that go unnoticed until the macula shows signs of degeneration.

Natural Complements for Zinc

Natural companions for zinc include the following examples; Vitamin A, D and B vitamins, Carotenoids, Copper, Lutein, Selenium, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Trace minerals, Quercetin, Astragalus, and Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Other Zinc Benefits

Along with many different aspects of the above mentioned duties, zinc lends a helping hand to other vital systems by regulating hormones, improving insulin levels and blood sugar management,  cell protection, nutrient metabolism, DNA repair and reducing inflammation, as well as brain functioning – to name but a few.

Case History: Child with behavioral and learning problems benefited from zinc and protein.

An interesting case history involving a young child with behavior problems and learning disabilities made a remarkable turn around with protein and zinc. Counseling did not help and she was diagnosed with having “minimal brain dysfunction and learning disabilities”. At thirteen she had been placed in a hospital and put on a sugar free, high protein diet because of her behavioral problems. Her behavioral changed remarkably for the better but upon returning home she continued to have sugar cravings that would involve tantrums. Coincidently, the parents noticed that after their daughter ate oysters she was far more alert and corporative. Oysters have 20 times the zinc levels compared to the next highest source. The parents gave their daughter a multi vitamin and zinc daily. There was a significant difference in one week and continued on to normalcy. She made a remarkable turn around. A few months later they experimented to see if her moods and so forth might change. They did so after just a few days of not taking zinc – the tantrums returned. Zinc was resumed and within the same day, the child returned once again to normal behavioral. (Diet & Nutrition, Rudolph Ballentine,M.D., Pfeiffer, C. Mental and Elemental Nutrients)


Some of the Best Food Sources of Zinc

In general terms, whole unadulterated foods contain higher amounts of zinc.

Pumpkin seeds
Goat milk
Cow milk
Nutritional yeasts
Brewers yeast
Protein foods
Whole grains
Wheat germ
Wheat bran


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