Best Anti-Aging Supplements

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Best Anti-Aging Supplements

There are reasons as to why some people age slower than the rest of us. You not only can slow the aging process down – but reverse it. Learn what the people ‘who are living the longest’ are doing plus they experience quality longevity. Nature has the answer to our DNA puzzle – how to keep our Telomere’s youthful. Science has informed us as to why we start to shrivel and age, sometimes prematurely. You may be wondering ‘what’s a Telomere and what does it have to do with the aging process?

What is a Telomere?

Each chromosome in your cells has a ‘tail’, of which is called a telomere. When these telomeres become shortened and frayed, we age, in addition to disease formation.  Research studies have shown where subjects of 60 to 75 years of age possessing short Telomeres, had a 300% increased death rate due to heart complications while also showing a whopping 800% increased death rate owing to transmittable (infectious) diseases.

Here’s why.

Each time our cells divide, Telomeres shorten. Following years of cell division, at some point, our cells will cease to function well and our Telomeres become too short to continue their ability to divide. As you might imagine, as Telomeres stop working, we start to age along with the onset of age-related conditions, not the mention, loss of vitality and energy and youthful looking skin.

Before we learn of the special food/supplements that will help to retain your youthfulness and reverse this aging process – let’s first look at some things that affect the life span of our Telomeres.


Reduce inflammation! Chronic and systemic inflammation is a constant companion to any premature aging process and all ills experienced in your body. People are aware of their degree of discomfort but are unaware of what else might be brooding. Systemic and chronic inflammation tells a story of a body not coping well for a long time. Examples of such conditions include diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and cancer. Inflammation is the result of an immune response in the body – not the other-way-around.

Studies reveal that people who were able to sustain low levels of inflammation, retained their Telomeres at a far more youthful level, such as those of 80 years of age matched Telomeres of people who were twenty years their junior – 60. For help in reducing and reversing the problems of inflammation pick up my new book “Reverse Inflammation Naturally”. For a bit more info go here>>

Boost Missing Nutrients

Research supports those who have a stronger nutrient base have 5.1 percent longer Telomeres than those who were deficient of key vitamins/minerals. Also, keep your calorie intake lower, as opposed to too high on an ongoing basis. It is important to make sure you are providing your body with adequate amounts of vitamin A, D, C and E. Omega 3 fatty acids is crucial and contains vitamin A and D. Vitamin is very high in fresh, raw carrot juice and many other vital, supportive nutrients. Take care of your thyroid gland by supplying with the trace mineral iodine – daily. Your thyroid gland cannot make TSH without a small amount of iodine on a daily basis. Look for my forthcoming book on Reversing Thyroid Diseases Naturally. You will be surprised at all the things that cause thyroid dysfunction.

Powerful Antioxidants

Antioxidants are particularly good at reducing inflammation and have shown to be especially good at protecting our Telomeres. Oxidative stress negatively affects Telomeres and how they function. Besides the upcoming special nutrients, fresh raw vegetable, green and fruits juices are some of the best sources for high levels of antioxidants. Recipes and the best foods/supplements/herbal medicine for squashing inflammation can be viewed in my inflammation book. Free radicals disrupt cell function and longevity. Antioxidants protect cells against oxidative stress and protect our Telomeres life span.

It’s not about how long can we stay on this earth, rather how is our time going to be spent here. You truly can maintain an active, disease free long life. The body just needs proper support. If it is missing most of the key nutrients it must have to function properly with and for restoration – how can it be expected to support you and maintain your enthusiasm for life?

Powerful Telomere Support

The orient (Japanese and Chinese) cultures regularly consume a variety of nutritional mushrooms and the herb Astragalus. Those of longer life spans, especially occupying parts of Japan, eat mushrooms like Reishi, Chaga, Shiitake, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Lion’s mane, and others. They are well known for their cancer fighting and prevention properties as well as maintaining the life span of our Telomeres. They can be eaten, made into a tea or purchased in supplement form. Astragalus is often taken as a supplement in a tincture or capsule form – most noted for its immune boosting effects.

The emerging studies of medicinal properties of mushrooms have escalated over recent years, with good cause. The health benefits bestowed upon to those who regularly consume these products/foods has warranted investigation into their special properties and the ways in which they may be applied for regular consumption. A few direct benefits to consuming these mushrooms involve healthy digestion, detoxification, lowers inflammation and boosts immunity.

When looking to rewind the clock, I suggest looking to foods that contain high concentrations of vital nutrients, antioxidants and medicinal properties.

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