Best Natural Insect Control for People and Pets

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Best Natural Insect Control for People and Pets

Essential oils are safe and effective for killing Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ticks, Mites, Mosquitoes and much more. And Colloidal Silver will kill dust mites in your mattress with no odor. I have used and made oil blends for many years to ward off attacking insects that are all too common when walking in the country out-of-doors or in the home. Also on the porch or deck; I simply spray or shake out drops of oils onto its surface and I can stay outside and enjoy the view or read.lemon-906141_1280

The organic essential oils that work the best include cider oil, eucalyptus oil, clove oil, citronella oil, citrus oil like orange and there are others. I have used the prementioned oils with success. Before I go into eliminating bugs, I’ll share what I have used for dust mites. I have someone allergic in the family.

Dust Mites

For those who do not know much about colloidal silver it is my go-to-remedy for killing viruses and infection internally and it is wonderful topically in a bandage for wounds that won’t heal. However it has many other uses. In this case you want to make a spray using an inexpensive spray water bottle: mix 1 ounce of colloidal silver with 8 ounces of water. Spray your mattress top and sides and if you have had it a while you may want to spray the bottom as well. I would also suggest spraying the floor/carpet area and your pillows. And spray around your headboard and night tables especially if they have a material covering. Regardless, the floor area around any furniture should be considered. Spray once a month until a noticeable effect has shown itself – such as in breathing more easily.

A tip for pillows and (this also applies to bed bugs) – is to put your pillows and other items that would fit into a clothes dryer for 30 minutes. The heat kills the insects. Some of these items may not wash well but if they do then warm soapy water will kill them as well.

Bed Bugs, Fleas, Lice, Termites etc.

Cider oil and others will work when used as a fogger or spray. The problem is with bugs, there must be contact made. All stages of life, from larva/eggs onto fully grown will be destroyed if contact is made. You are also making it an inhospitable environment which is never a bad thing. For fleas and bedbugs or other pests that propagate put drops of any of these oils on your vacuum bag – I used cider or eucalyptus. Also vacuum often – this really helps reduce the infestation or limits any infestation from taking hold. It must be a slow process and not quickly running over the carpet or floors. Floors are so much easier if you use hot soapy water and put a little oil in the water.

Natural Bug Repellent for Humans and Animals

Add these oils to alcohol or water and put it into a spray bottle or just add a drop on areas you normally would need to protect – either on clothing or skin. The oil will mark clothing like any other oil product. Great for flying pests that bite. See below for ticks under pets.


I have often put a few placed drops of eucalyptus oil or citronella oil on may pets when walking in areas that fleas are common (public off leash dog parks) and the country. Don’t use too much or dilute it with olive oil if you want to use more. (your pet won’t like the strong odor). I also add it to their shampoo when giving them a bath, especially during the warm seasons before the winter frost. Fleas won’t stay on pets that have these aromatic oils.


Cider oil will also repel ticks, so I add a few drops to lower body extremities (pets/humans) when walking in the country or areas that are known for ticks. Cider is famous for repelling insects in the home so it should come as no surprise that it will help with other critters.


Tea tree oil is wonderful for killing head lice. Add the essential oil to your shampoo (a few drops to 1 to 2 teaspoons of shampoo) I like to add my own oil to shampoo rather than purchasing a product that already has it contained to be sure my dosage is going to do the job.

All season long, whether it’s the spring, fall or winter, there is always something lurking in our homes that are uninvited guests or uninvited passengers.

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  1. Hydrogen peroxide kills insects including bed bugs. At 3% l have not found it stains but use careful discretion.One can use food grade hydrogen peroxide,but it’s more expensive.
    I misted a bed bug with hydrogen peroxide killed it almost instantly. It was on a blanket. Another bb l misted with a strong herbal oil composition and it wasn’t working at least as fast. When l misted hp it died immediately.

    I used an ozone machine it caused some to appear then l misted them. Dosing a closed room with my Alpine ozone machine seems to have prevented any more problems as ozone does kill them over time. Follow directions enclosed with machine. They are about 50$. They also sanitize by killing virus, bacteria ,mold,odors, and fungus,etc. All shown in med studies. Do an an entire room.
    Colloidal silver as given on this site works too.
    DMSO in med studies kills bed bugs and other insects. Mist on area but again use can add essential oils as given on this great site.Thre do work. I just tried different methods to research other effective methods.,

    • Hi Dr. Howard
      Thanks for your additional comments. I like peroxide for whitening the teeth and for helping to reduce mouth bacteria that leads to receding gums and gum disease. Again thanks for sharing your knowledge.


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