How to Naturally Remedy Diarrhea and Bleeding

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How to Naturally Remedy Diarrhea and Bleeding

How to Naturally Approach Diarrhea and Bleeding – associated with Gastrointestinal complaints such as Crohn’s, Ulcerative colitis, Colitis, IBS and Celiac disease. The medications typically used for these conditions are known for their many adverse side effects. Certain dietary protocols initially need to be implemented to quickly and effectively control the symptoms of diarrhea and bleeding. Diarrhea is the most common complaint that people want alleviated first, in an attempt to bring back some sense normality into their daily life.

Detailed in my book Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally, by drinking thereverse-gut-diseases-naturally-large healing teas or taking drops of tinctures, bleeding is often remedied within two to three days. The key is to take the recommended remedy often enough from the onset of treatment in order to promptly stop these complaints. Upon which time, you would systematically reduce the frequency of the remedy down to a few times a day – until you are sure tissue has commenced its healing process. This process will be described in greater detail but as long are you are not further irritating the intestinal tract or triggering an immune response, a rapid turn around is not only possible but expected.

To help ensure success, follow my step-by-step protocols with recent case histories for complete examples of everything involved in their healing process. What they ate, drank – what remedies and what supplements they took….and so on.

Diarrhea is a Major Concern with Gut Disorders

To successfully combat diarrhea in a timely fashion, several aspects need to be addressed at once. As well detailed in my book under the topic of Fiber and its health benefits and nutritional value, fiber is a necessary component to bringing diarrhea or too frequent bowel movements under control. It also creates a medium for other food or supplements – even liquids – when initially great difficulty surrounds eating and correcting nutritional deficiencies. Do not make the mistake in avoiding fiber for fear of it promoting looser stools and worsening of the diarrhea condition. As you review the in-depth information in my book, you will understand the opposite to be true.

Therefore fiber in appropriate amounts and frequency is to be taken accordingly to how symptoms demand. Follow protocols and circumstances for taking fiber to assist in lowering the incidence of diarrhea onto its elimination. In my book RGDN also view gluten free fiber and the incredible nutritional value found in certain fibers detailed in the book.

For Example: In the beginning when diarrhea is a problem or bowel movements occur too frequently, add additional fiber such as two tablespoons of ground flax seeds to one cup (250ml) of liquid. Fiber may need to be increased in between meals as well, while also accompanying a meal (in any liquid) if diarrhea is a constant problem until the healing process takes hold. The goal of increasing fiber is to form a fecal mass which in turn allows for less nutrient loss.

About Remedies for Bleeding and Diarrhea

Natural remedies for either diarrhea or with accompanying bleeding, employs the same type of recommendation. The astringent quality in plants or substances naturally constrict the fluid flow, while still retaining the plants application of all other healing and nourishing elements. Drug medications only block the flow of fluid and are unable to treat the cause or grow new tissue.

*For the fundamental balance of nutritional needs and onward to correcting all dietary and supplemental deficiencies, refer to my initial blog posts covering malnutrition, whole food supplements and the applications of raw food and juicing (Best Health series). Also view the Best 5 Steps to Empower the Body to Heal.

In accordance with any healing recommendation all aspects of a persons health requirements, must be addressed for a successful reversal process for all conditions. For instance, a remedy mentioned in my book that would slow down fluid flows as experienced with diarrhea or intestinal bleeding; will not retain its long term effects – or may not produce as quick effects – as would a body that has been properly supported nutritionally. This includes addressing and correcting all complaints and deficiencies, preferably simultaneously. If malnutrition exists so too will a weaker immune system followed by slower tissue repair and reduction of current complaints such as inflammation, pain, fatigue and diarrhea.

Natural remedies made into simple teas are found in Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally fully described on how to make the healing preparations with natural plant remedies. Whole plant parts such as the leaves, flowers, root, bark and stems are balanced perfectly by nature to provide the right amount medicinal actions needed by the body in accordance to the remedy chosen. Some of these remedies may be purchased in liquid tincture form.

Coffee and Other Highly Acidic and Irritating Liquids Must Be Temporally Removed

Coffee must be taken away until the gut has had a chance to heal over and calm down. Coffee is perhaps the most irritating substance to the colon as it is so highly acidic. Another issue with coffee is the properties in the bean destroy the good flora in our gut. All drinks with phosphates such as pop and alcoholic beverages are not allowed at this time.

Store bought fruit juice and other drinks that appear to be healthier choices; if they are processed and not made fresh they are in an acidic state. Examples include apple juice, orange juice and cranberry juice which is too acidic even if you make it yourself.

Choices for Store Bought Juice Products

Sometimes certain stores will have freshly prepared carrot or green juice, these are acceptable. Of these acceptable juice types, it is far better to make your own at home to retain all the antioxidants and enzymes without any preservatives. There are also businesses that are fresh juice establishments and the juice is made while you wait. They offer convenience, but not pocket book friendly. In such cases when purchasing freshly made juice, remember not to add fruit to the vegetable formula and to also make it as nutritionally bountiful as possible, including a variety of veggies and greens.

At the University of Maryland Medical Center, Steven D. Erlich, N.MD, recommends carrot for the treatment of diarrhea, a common complaint of patients with gastrointestinal disorders. Loss of electrolytes and other elements is a constant problem for anyone experiencing frequent diarrhea. Carrot juice is wonderful for returning the balance of these lost nutrients and fluids.

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