Michelle Honda PhD. Personal Daily Eating Plan

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Michelle Honda PhD. Personal Daily Eating Plan

Here is my simplified daily eating plan for eating in the right balance that coincides to the PH balance of our blood and without food combining. Patients have often asked me, “What do you eat in a day?” The following is an example of how I typically eat. This is as easy as it gets to try and eat according to our body’s natural balance. This eating plan will also contribute to weight loss if needed. Otherwise eat more of whatever you like detailed below as long as you aim for proper combinations.

The blood is 80% alkaline and 20% acid. One of the goals for eating proportionately is not to stimulate the parathyroid gland into robbing calcium from our bones and tissues in order to bring about the proper blood balance. This occurs when the daily intake of food is more acid (meat, dairy, starch, grains, white potatoes) compared to alkaline (most fruits, vegetables and alkaline dairy – yogurt, kefir, whey powder)


By simply not food combining (starch and protein together at one meal) you will not lose your energy. This is noticeable for anyone sitting during the afternoon either in a classroom or office, following a lunch that consisted of meat and pasta or bread. The other problem in the afternoon is we are all normally a bit more or a lot more sluggish around 2:30 to 3:30. It is at this time of day that our thyroid gland reaches a low point. People normally gravitate to a sugar or carbohydrate fix. Protein and/or fruit will serve you far better without the spike and drop of blood sugar levels. Also be sure to feed your thyroid gland. It requires a small amount of iodine daily in order to make thyroid hormone. You can purchase inexpensive liquid iodine drops in health related stores.

I started Vegetable Juicing in the morning before work since my late twenties. I’ve never had a sluggish day and I eat less on those days. I’m not as hungry. My juice formula is below. Vegetable juice or green juice is an easy way to add more raw food into your diet. Even I find it hard to eat enough raw food that is suggested by our biochemical make up.

I typically have cooked beans on hand for their fiber content. They are the best at binding to fat and also slow down sugar absorption. I always use dried beans, soak and cook them. The ones I use the most are red and black beans. I usually eat a small amount around each meal.

* Its not what you do some of the time. You can eat in the way you wish if you are trying to eat properly most of the time. There are times in the year such as holiday times where I am making the traditional meal and I know I am not going to feel good that week, because I am also going to eat leftovers. The way of eating below was taught to me academically and it quickly became a habit. I got use to feeling good and not being tired.

Morning Drink

  • 2 cups of Vegetable  juice or Fresh fruit Smoothie
  • ½ cup yogurt: Plain Organic or Greek
  • Whey powder 1 scoop – on the days I use whey powder I would eat yogurt later perhaps at lunch or mid afternoon snack
  • Nutritional Flaked Yeast – 2 tablespoons for all B Vitamins and all Amino Acids
  • Fruit – normally in a smoothie or as a snack throughout the day
  • Raw egg yolk if desired – normally in a smoothie – no white
  • Ground flax seeds – 2 tablespoons
  • Flax seed oil – 1 to 2 tablespoons
  • Lecithin fresh 1 tablespoon
  • Supplements: open capsules; take gel caps whole. I add whatever I can to my juice and shake it – drink.
  • Other: Oatmeal or Red River cereal – Plain yogurt and fruit

Mid Morning

Fruit – The day of drinking vegetable juice, I am not at all hungry in the morning and my lunch is very light.


  • Salad with small amount of dressing; Flax seed oil and vinegarchicken-825232_1280
  • Tuna salad or egg salad eaten with a spoon
  • Or 2 rice crackers or similar low cal starch with peanut butter or other nut butters
  • Vegetable wrap or homemade soup
  • Raw vegetables: as much as you want
  • Or plain yogurt and fruit

3:00pm – One or two of the following suggestions

  • 1 handful of almonds or walnuts
  • 1 small bunch of grapes, berries or other fruits or protein drink
  • Raw carrots, cucumbers, peppers, or other similar vegetables
  • Yogurt

Take supplements with dinner: For Fiber – Either 2 tbsp. of ground flax seeds in liquid just before I eat or 1/3 cup of beans with or after the meal.

Dinner Choice 1

  • 4oz lean meat or fish
  • 3 vegetables that are green, yellow, red or orange (no potatoes or pasta or bread)
  • Salad
  • Other: Beans mixed with grains and vegetables or Stir fry with noodles or rice

Dinner Choice 2

  • 1 to 2 cups of cooked pasta with tomato (lots of herbs) or pesto sauce (no meat, fish, bread)
  • Green vegetables (large portion)
  • Salad
  • Your pasta portion should not be larger than the other components in the meal.

Dinner Choice 3

  • 1 cup cooked Wild or brown rice cooked in broth or water – Or Quinoa/millet and amaranth cooked together
  • 1 cup cooked lentils – combine with above
  • Sautéed onions (caramelized), garlic, herbs,  with/or other vegetables (no other starch or protein)
  • Salad

Dinner or Lunch Choice

I like to make really hearty soups that will always have a component of whole grain and or a legume selection.

Snack after Dinner

  • Apples, or ½ – 1 cup of pineapple
  • Raw vegetables
  • Personally I eat however much fruit I want in the evening. I have never found fruit or vegetable juice to affect my weight. It will always be carbs if I gain a bit of weight and of course aging doesn’t help.

*Try to do the best you can with what you got has always been my motto.

The above is a guide, replace with foods you like as long as you do not combine starch and protein together. Keep protein and starch foods small and increase vegetables and fruit. Drink liquid chlorophyll and water throughout the day.


  • Vegetable juice
  • Liquid chlorophyll in water throughout the day at work
  • Tea at home – I do not drink coffee

Michelle Honda’s Favorite Vegetable Juice Formula

Do not peel the vegetables. Par and trim any bad spots and/or topstomato-316307_1280 and ends that are damaged. Do not mix fruit with vegetables; however you are allowed an apple to this juice formula. Vegetable juice is a quick and easy way to insert more raw food into your daily diet. You will become far less hungry and you may have it often. It is fabulous as a weight loss companion. Your appetite center goes off after consuming such a liquid. Please share with the whole family. I make this amount and share it with my husband.

4 cup recipe – Drink 1 pint at a time within an hour or less.
4 pounds of carrots
1 medium/large beet
Greens a small amount of dandelion or parsley
1 apple – optional

Buy once a week or as needed and divide – Dandelion and Parsley
One bunch of dandelion typically lasts 5 juice formulas. Look for it where you buy leafy greens. On occasion add black radish and/or a portion of celery root. If these seem large, divide and reserve for another day or juicing time within the same day.

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