New Release: Naturally Reverse Depression

Posted on Mar 19, 2020 in Depression, Natural Health, Nutrition, Nutritional Supplements

New Release: Naturally Reverse Depression

Even the most severe forms of depression, with multiple medications and their symptoms can be successfully reversed and drug free using whole natural foods and products as case histories show in Reverse Depression Naturally. Depression worldwide is spreading like a modern day plague. The US Department of Health and Human Services reports 1.7 billion worldwide suffer from mental illness, of those more than 90 million are Americans. (1) Regrettably, a large percentage does not receive mental health treatment.

According to the Geneva World Health Organization (2017) (2), depression is listed as the number one cause of disability throughout the world, while economic losses exceed one trillion yearly. Sadly, suicide rates are rising. Since 1999, suicide rates have risen twenty four percent in the United States up to 2017. (3)

New Journey

When embarking on a path less traveled, have faith in your guidance system, patience in allowing your body the time to reinvent itself and embrace unfamiliar territory – in the process of learning about integrative medicine and therapies and your body’s biochemical nutrient requirements.

Listen, read and investigate! Listen to suggestions of alternative approaches in place of antidepressant and other medications, in addition to boosting and rebalancing your bodies systems.

Learn about the medications you are taking or are prescribed to start. Covered under this books topic matter,( new book ‘Reverse Depression Naturally’, Spring 2020), you will learn of the many short comings and long term side-effects of SSIR’s and other psychotic drugs that will be thoroughly discussed in this book.). A main reason for the formulation of this book, are the problems of physical and emotional changes occurring from antidepressant and psychotic drug protocols.

Investigate the multitude of options that are safe and nonaddicting when wanting to swap-out your antidepressants and other medications. Understandably, you may need some help and guidance since medications have been your only life-long treatment plan. To help accomplish this feat, step-step protocols have been provided to assist in alleviating all aspects of mood disorders, which also includes strengthening and propping up a weak, tired, stressed, mind and body.

Realize that the only way a person can remain well or reverse an illness, is by incorporating all aspects of self and body – as a whole. This involves and affects the mental and emotional state of a person. Part of a restorative health plan will include diet and other nutritional components. The rebalancing of the body continues on with the weaning off of and swapping out of medications for naturally sourced medicine.

Be aware, the number one problem of patients attempting to get off of their drugs is the return of anxiety and other depressive symptoms. There needs to be a substitute in place that can be called upon at will, to calm and provide relief no matter the complaint – without any harmful repercussions.

As you make your way through this book, you will learn about all the different types of mental, physical and emotional imbalances, in addition to how to normalize acute and chronic depressive symptoms. Expect as well, many other health complaints to fall by the way-side.

People suffering with mood disorders are never without a collection of other complaints, such as fatigue, exhaustion, weight gain or loss, cognition impairment, insomnia, sugar reregulation problems, cholesterol imbalance, heart and circulation irregularities and sexual dysfunction – to name a few.

I hope the readers are starting to get a glimpse at all that encompasses a healthy mind and body – there is no magic pill! It is for these reasons that all aspects of a depressive disorder and other health problems be addressed, and not just an anxiety or psychotic episode with mind numbing drugs.

Mood disorders of varying degrees are a world-wide epidemic! If traditional treatment therapies worked, why then are we seeing worsening life changing symptoms and deaths and violent behavior – contributed to antidepressant and psychotic medication usage.

Within the pages of this book ‘ Reverse Depression Naturally’ you will find answers and solutions to a myriad of complications surrounding depressive disorders – with only one goal in mind – a return to your whole productive happy self. But expect a better you than your original self before your first depressive symptoms were realized.

When the body has been low functioning on many levels for a protracted period of time; being nutrient poor or polluted, builds a platform for disease and emotional imbalance. Otherwise you would not develop unwanted symptoms and illnesses, all of which are supported by malnutrition and poor lifestyle choices. This will be a new beginning without end.

Within the pages of this book contain case histories to follow ending in patients complete disease reversal such as Schizophrenia, major depression disorder, anxiety and much more.reverse-depression-naturally-back-cover

Michelle Honda Ph.D. D.Sc. New Book ‘Reverse Depression Naturally’

1.Mental Myths and Facts. (2017)

2.Depression and Other Common Mental Disorders:Global Health Estimates. Geneva: World Health Organization. 2017.

3.Crutin.Increase in suicide in the United States. 1999-2014. NCHS data 241.

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  1. Hello,

    Could you tell me if iodine is safe to take with hashimotos desease? I am reading d dozens of studies which say it is damaging. I read your book in which you say it is safe to take at high doses.
    Thank you for your help.

    • Hi Dawn, 
      All that you read in my Thyroid book is accurate and research supported. Because Hashimotos disease is directly related to gluten and other gut diseases, you can find more help in my Reverse Gut Diseases book.

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