Pine Needle Tea Can Fight COVID Vaccine Shedding and Propagation

Posted on May 31, 2021 in Natural Health, Virus-Superbugs-Bacteria

Pine Needle Tea Can Fight COVID Vaccine Shedding and Propagation

The science community is hailing Pine Needles in the form of tea or tincture extracts demonstrating a solution against COVID vaccine “shedding” or further propagation. An unfortunate scenario is on the upswing, whereby vaccinated people have shown to be spreading harmful substances in various forms to those around them. View this article from a blog site called “Ambassador Love.

This article highlights a potential antidote to deal with the current escalation of protein contagions. The special property in pine needles found in many forests around the word is called Suramin. It is receiving a great deal of attention because of Suramin’s inhibitory effects against the coagulation cascade* Suramin has also shown to protect against incompatible replication and of RNA and DNA alteration/modifications. A few major concerns associated with excessive coagulation centers on strokes, blood clots/mini-clots, and abnormally heavy menstrual cycles.

Pine needle tea is highly acclaimed for its potent healing and antioxidant properties. It has been used to treat a wide range of aliments, a few include pain, cancer, destroys parasites, respiratory infections, heart disease, varicose veins, skin complaints, depression, stress, inflammation and fatigue.

One of the ways pine needle tea wards against cardiac related aliment’s is by reducing platelet aggregation in the blood of which leads to cardiac attack, strokes, blood clots and embolisms. Vitamin C is a cure for scurvy. In our North American history, Native Americans gave explorers pine needle tea to treat and prevent the problems of scurvy on their return voyage. Content Analysis of Shikimic Acid in the Masson Pine Needles and Antiplatelet-aggregating Activity.


Antidote to the COVID Contagion Dr. Judy Mikovits states that globalists are well aware that pine needle tea is a qualified answer to covid depopulation weapons. Mikovitz explains in: ANTIDOTE TO THE COVID CONTAGION:
Here’s an effective way to guard against the spike protein contagion caused by the Covid vaccinated. Posted on May 6, 2021 by State of the Nation.

See the report published in The Boston Herald (2010) demonstrating researchers studying extraction techniques to manufacture shikimic acid from pine needles with the purpose of providing this natural material to the pharmaceutical industry to construct anti-flu, anti-viral and anti-pandemic prescription medications. View the article: Maine pine needles yield valuable Tamiflu material.

Ray Fort, a chemistry professor at the University of Maine, has found that conifers –“especially white pines – store an organic acid in their needles that is the starting point for making the anti-flu drug Tamiflu.” A main ingredient of the drug Tamiflu is shikimic acid taken from pine tree needles. By simmering the needles in water, shikimic acid can be extracted from the needles of red pine, white pine and other conifer trees but not the Yew – so be sure to investigate and guard against any toxic variety of conifer trees before consuming. Read more of what Ray Fort Jr. has to say on pine needle tea.

Take a peek at a study published in ResearchGate that substantiates shikimic acid antiplatelet-aggregating activity, sense it assists in the prevention of blood clots: Content Analysis of Shikimic Acid in the Masson Pine Needles and Antiplatelet-aggregating Activity.

Star Anise Possesses Shikimic Acid An interesting approach to extracting shikimic acid from star anise is published Science Direct that can be done at home.

Serious Note

We are dealing with engineered bio-weapons (COVID Spike Proteins) which are found in COVID Vaccines. In response to research, the numbers are mounting of individuals who now consider and believe that pine needles can offer protection from COVID Spike Proteins, in addition to covid vaccine “shedding” particles.

Nature is providing much needed support as are chemists and researchers around the world fighting for a viable solution to infectious diseases that are safe and accessible – and may be found in our own backyard.

*Coagulation Cascade
“The primary pathway for the initiation of blood coagulation is the tissue factor (extrinsic) pathway. Both the tissue factor and contact activation pathways both activate the “final common pathway” of factor X, thrombin and fibrin.”

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  1. Comm
    hi there,
    I have recently been drinking pine needle tea, I have found that the point of entry on my arm after having the
    covid vaccine months ago, feels something is trying to escape?
    I had originally been in support of the vaccine, but now I am not.

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