This Remedy Shuts Down Joint Pain

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This Remedy Shuts Down Joint Pain

Most people believe their joint pain to be simply the result of years of ‘wear and tear’. The normal remedies offered are non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) like aspirin and ibuprofen and when these don’t work – steroid anti-inflammatories and immune suppressant drugs are prescribed for chronic pain. These all come with a host of permanent side effects when taken for any protracted period of time.

Problems with Current Drug Remedies

NSAIDs, wreak havoc on our stomach lining, causing inflammation that leads to acid reflux problems and more.

Steroid medications lead to gastrointestinal diseases like Crohn’s and colitis when taken on an ongoing basis. After only 3 weeks, steroid drugs promote heart disease, bleeding and osteoporosis in addition to the fact that they shut down your liver. Our anti-inflammatory (omega 3 fatty acids) and our inflammatory pathway (omega 6 fatty acids) is the same pathway as our detoxification pathway (our liver) of which steroid and immune suppressant drugs shut all three down at once. It’s isn’t hard to imagine the severe consequences of prolonged usage of this family of medications.

So, the only viable solution is one that will not permanently or further harm your body. In addition to the before mentioned drugs side-effects, they have limited effectiveness because they are not recognized by the body and therefore cannot repair and grow tissue. Hence they can only block. Deterioration continues, only now one is dealing a new set of health problems that can be very serious.

How to Block Pain

In order to fully block pain, we must involve our body’s pain and inflammation processes. Before we get into this topics wonderfully beneficial remedy, there are other ways to really squash inflammation and pain, anywhere in the body by working with the biochemical nature of your body.

For instance, our inflammation response and immune response both require an omega 3 fatty acid. EPA and DHA are the important ingredients that ‘fortunately’ you can purchase today in more concentrated forms, allowing you to take fewer supplements when treating chronic pain and as well, in these types of products, the fish taste is removed. I routinely use these types of products when working with any form of inflammation and pain in my practice. Also realize that omega 3 fatty acids are the number one nutrient that our body requires above all else.

Build Your Joint Material

Believe it or not, one can avoid joint replacement and knee surgery. But in order to do so and keep your joint material throughout your lifetime, we need to feed these areas to promote the growth of cartilage, snovial fluid and collagen. One of the best ways to do this is to consume fresh vegetable juice on a regular basis. Vegetable and fruit juices freshly made are very high in organic sodium, which is the main element in the lymph system that feeds our connective tissue.

The blood does not feed this area; also, organic sodium (not table salt related) is what keeps calcium in solution. When it comes out of solution we then have what is called ‘osteoarthritis’. This is simply a mineral imbalance. By supplying the body with good amounts of organic sodium, calcium can be remineralized back into a soluble form. Of course please consider vegetable juice for its health preventive benefits which far extend the areas of our joints and connective tissue. Extremely cancer preventive, for example.

Other Helpful Suggestions

There are other nutrients that can be purchased as supplements to help expedite this renewal process such as MSM, Glucosamine Hydrochloride, Chondroitin and enzymes that can assist in more quickly breaking down the accumulated calcium deposits, called proteolytic enzymes when taken appropriately.

What Starts the Ball Rolling

Our inflammation processes can also involve a particular protein known as C3, said to be the first reactive protein detecting an injury or infection. From this starting point (to do with proteins) there are several more that follow in the cycle of dealing with pathogens and injury. This of course would be viewed as healthy inflammation, but there can be a problem with the efficiency of this system. It doesn’t always know when to stop, causing further tissue damage.

Our body may then start producing other more damaging molecules as more inflammation occurs such as, 5-LOX, COX, C – reactive protein (CRP), prostaglandins, TNF inhibitor, chemokines, and other destructive enzymes. (If you want to learn more about the role of these chemical reactions and more remedies along with many more causes of inflammation, pick-up my book ‘Reverse Inflammation Naturally’.

Newly Discovered Remedy

An age old remedy has demanded great attention from our scientific community and the Mayo Clinic, for not only its ability of quickly shutting down joint pain, but also the problems of inflammation negatively impacting other areas of our body like the heart and arteries, our bones, brain and more.

Silymarin (SILLA-mer-in), found only in the seeds of the milk thistle, turns out to be a potent, naturally-occurring compound with profound pain/inflammation reducing qualities as well as other healing benefits.

Some other attributes of silymarin suggested in multiple studies:

Protects against DNA cellular damage and prevents abnormal cell growth

Re-establish liver cells and safeguards against fatty liver formation

Protects against toxic chemical pollutants including heavy metals

By supporting the liver also supports healthy levels of cholesterol and triglycerides

Has shown to assist in promoting healthy blood sugar levels

Defends against gallbladder stone and the formation of kidney stones

Inhibits the aging process by warding off free radical damage

Quality is essential when purchasing any natural herbal product. The medicinal properties must still be intact. Seek help at quality health stores that sell herbal products for their recommendations.

Dosage: 500mg taken two or three times per day and then reduce as unneeded.

Also include a quality Super EFA product and take two or three times per day for further enhancement and for all body function. For example, it would not be uncommon to take 2 or 3 super EFA’s – 2 or 3 times per day depending on the severity of your pain and inflammation. Reduce accordingly to symptoms while maintaining 1 twice a day for health maintenance. Look for 200-300 up to 500-1000 of these properties on the label for amazing pain relief.

You are now working with your body’s own metabolic processes.





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