Aneurysm Treatment Without Surgery

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Aneurysm Treatment Without Surgery

Reverse Heart Disease – Aneurysms – Holistic Approach

Third in the Series

Aneurysm is the third part in the series of cardiovascular disease related diseases. Please review the first two articles for a lengthy background into the causes and contributing factors of Heart Disease found in part one. And about strokes in part two since strokes are in many ways closely related to aneurysms. Aneurysms like strokes are fully detailed as are the most deadly complications of heart disease in my new book “Reverse Heart Disease Naturally” available January 31, 2017.

About Aneurysms

Aneurysms are very scary causing serious problems and even death. Aneurysms can go undetected but the death rates cannot go unnoticed since 25,000 deaths are contributed to Aortic aneurysms and 30,000 related to brain aneurysms in America. (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

What is An Aneurysm?

An aneurysm develops when a localized area in an artery wall enlarges and protrudes, most often blocking blood flow or rupturing. Even though an aneurysm can affect any artery including peripheral arteries, the most commonly afflicted areas are those that supply the brain and the aorta. The aorta artery is the largest in the body originating in the heart.

Gene Associated With Inflammation and Aneurysms

Approximately 4 years ago an innovative study was published in Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology, showing gene association with inflammation in the aorta artery. The Notch 1 gene signaling (in the study) triggered an abdominal aortic aneurysm in the tissue of humans and mice. This gene has shown to contribute to both cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The Notch 1 genes inflammation pathway, in prior studies, has been discovered to be active in many inflammatory diseases. It has now shown to be involved in the bulging process of the most frequently occurring aneurysm – the aorta.

Risk Factors of an Aneurysm

There are a few well known risk factors surrounding an aneurysm of which include, cigarette smoking and excessive alcohol and drug abuse. One of the worst non medical drug causes is habitual use of Cocaine.

Symptoms of Aneurysm

Most aneurysms do not actually cause a symptom, mainly only when they rupture. When one does rupture and if it is large can block circulation to other tissues. However when an aneurysm exists and is undetected, it can enhance the formation of blood clots that can then obstruct smaller blood vessels. In such cases there is high potential of an ischemic stroke (TIA) and onto more serious problems of a thromboembolism. A brain aneurysm is also referred to as a cerebral aneurysm.

Lower Back Pain May Indicate an Aneurysm

Even though aneurysms are generally symptomatic free, lower back pain may suggest an abdominal aneurysm. It has been reported by patients noticing a pulsating sensation in their abdomens or abdominal and low back pain.

Blood Vessel Inflammation

There is overwhelming evidence of inflammations involvement in all disease and conditions of poor health. Therefore it should come as no surprise that when there is an infection (vasculitis – blood vessel inflammation) that this can be a symptom to the cause of an aneurysm (not necessarily the aneurysm itself). Pay attention to fevers and feelings of uneasiness.

Other Possible Aneurysm Symptoms

It has been noted that thoracic aneurysms may be symptomatic due to the proximity of nearby nerves and blood vessels. Chest pain and back pain may be noticed if an aneurysm compresses the vagus nerve or laryngeal area. One may experience difficulty swallowing or coughing and wheezing when unprovoked by an infection.

And if the coronary artery becomes compressed, this could result in chest pain.

Other Signs and Causes

Vitamins and Minerals: Inadequate levels of these nutrients have shown in studies to contribute to poor cardiovascular health. Vitamin D is one as is Magnesium. All necessary components should be provided to ensure there are no major dietary deficiencies. This is particularly important since a lack of nutrition means a lower immune system hence the cascade of inflammation. Because I practice clinical nutrition my forthcoming heart book contains the very best diet and recommendations for heart disease reversal.

Heart Beat: Become familiar with your heart beat per minute and its resting rate. This could be a tell tale sign.

Skin Issues: Chronic skin disorders like Psoriasis has shown to be a predictor (risk) to abdominal aortic aneurysms.

Bad Fats: A diet that consists of mainly omega 6 fatty acids and saturated fats – when not sufficiently balanced with omega 3 fatty acids sets the stage for inflammation, heart disease, cancer and all conditions related to inflammation.

Sugar and Refined Carbohydrate: A diet high in these types of foods raises triglyceride levels and thickens the blood.

Diet high in Junk food and Processed food will always add to inflammation and malnutrition.


When an aneurysm ruptures emergency medical care needs to be immediate. Life threatening situations occur when there is bleeding from the aorta, being particularly problematic in the chest. An abdominal bleed is also dangerous and when there is bleeding in the brain, it results in a stroke.

The other is as suggested for all heart related diseases. Diet intervention.

Strengthening the vascular system so ruptures and tares are not so easily formed.

Boost and maintain a healthy immune system to block inflammation

(New Book “Reverse Inflammation Naturally” released in 2017).


Take heart supporting nutrients that boost the hearts energy output. (Heart book) Reverse Arteriosclerosis disease. (Perfect program in Reverse Heart Disease Naturally, Jan.31. 2017)

Appointment Protocol

A suggested appointment schedule involves the initial assessment which covers all aspects of symptom complaints and an explanation of natural remedies and solutions, including diet adjustments and deficiencies. Depending on how many correlating symptoms require attention, additional appointments may be needed. In subsequent appointments, diet and supplement adjustments are made, as are any additional concerns that may still need to be addressed. Two to three appointments is typical.

Fourth Article in this Heart Series: Cardio Death

By now you are becoming well informed about the many nuances surrounding cardiovascular disease. You have learned about strokes, aneurysms and background information on what causes heart disease from the first article in this series – the next article will focus on the problems surrounding Heart attacks (Cardio Infracts)

Best Way to Reverse Heart Disease

Best Way to Prevent and Treat a Stroke Naturally

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