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This is the start for a series of articles to highlight the main and9781578266630 most life threatening aspects of cardiovascular disease. I will shed some light onto and bring awareness of the related causes for arteriosclerosis, strokes and aneurysms as well as the format for holistically reversing and preventing these conditions.

It is my personal opinion that heart disease is not taken near as seriously as it should be by the general public. When I learned that heart disease killed more people than all other diseases combined and including accidents – it made me take notice even though I deal with the most feared diseases like cancer and lifestyle altering chronic gut disorders. For whatever reason the media and medical community has put a great deal of emphasis on cancer which is heightened even more by creating enormous fear around this condition. And yet it is the so called silent killer “heart disease” that is ending people’s lives and permanently affecting family units – many at a young age. Consider that over 34 percent of all women’s deaths and 32 percent of all men’s deaths (year 2013) were owing to cardiovascular disease.

Quickly Reverse Your Heart Disease

* My book on “Reversing Heart Disease Naturally” will be available January 31. 2017. Within the pages of this book you will find step-by-step protocols, natural remedies and solutions for preventing strokes and aneurysms, as well as a complete program (including a full daily diet plan) on how to successfully Reverse Arteriosclerosis. Even the most deadly plaque can be removed naturally from the body! Other than those mentioned some other topics include reversing hypertension and thinning blood without drugs, cholesterol imbalance, how to raise ATP levels and what are the best nutrients and remedies for increasing energy output from the heart and much more.

Regardless of your age, whether you are 25 or 95, heart disease is reversible and preventable. The heart has basically become ill and needs to be restored – just as with other surrounding areas in the body – the body is never separate from itself and for this reason I address all pertinent systems and body functions. Because the body is treated as a whole, you will learn how to correct nutrient deficiencies and support low functioning areas as well as reversing fatigue and so on. (Publisher: Hatherleigh Press.)

About the Heart

Let’s first take a brief look at this powerhouse – the heart. This hard working organ beats approximately 100,000 times a day circulating life sustaining blood throughout the body. It also carries oxygen and nutrients to all cells in our body.

Reasons for Why so Many People Fall Prey to this Silent Killer

I have learned and come to know that there is a reason for everything that has a positive or negative influence in our lives; whether it is health related or in our existence. Currently concentrating on health and heart disease problems, the following list will help reveal a sequence of events that creates this silent killer.

Obesity and Weight Gain

When a body starts taking on excess fat it tells a story about a dietary routine that has routed itself and arteriosclerosis disease has already started. Be aware that most people by the age of 30 have the beginning stages of arteriosclerosis. The body has to produce miles more blood vessels to grow through the excess adipose (fat) tissue. With this picture in mind it isn’t hard to understand how much harder the heart has to work. The distance the blood needs to travel is considerably greater. And weight gain of this nature always affects cholesterol levels detailed below.

Cholesterol Imbalance

The body must have a proper balance of cholesterol – for many reasons. A couple of important ones is the liver wants good quality fat but so does the rest of the body. When the diet is high in fats that create low density lipoproteins (LDL) a major problem is created throughout the whole body. For it is only this type of fat that deposit in and within the artery walls. And yet (LDL) fats actually do have a positive and needed influence upon the body (too lengthy to get into at this time), but when their supply is too great and not balanced by high density lipoproteins (HDL) they will be distributed throughout the body and left behind. The right diet program can pull this fat from the tissues (detail in my Reverse Heart Disease) book.

The HDL fats primarily come from omega 3 fatty acids and must be in the correct ratio for the LDL to be kept in check. The HDL fats do not deposit in the arteries and when in proper amounts, they pull the LDL fats from the bodies tissues.

Hormones are Made from Cholesterol

It is imperative that we have a supply of cholesterol because our glands produce hormones from cholesterol. So you can see the dilemma taking place in the body. Without hormones we cannot exist. It’s all about balance.

Thickening Blood

As we age our blood naturally becomes thicker mainly due to a reduction of certain enzymes and fibrin and fibrogen produced by the liver. This substance is also called fibrosis, once it weaves its way into glands and muscle tissue and in the case of poor circulation – it can make the blood thick like ketchup. (How to thin the blood without blood thinners is in my Reverse Heart Disease book).


Smoking is sadly a willful disease maker. A person cannot be entirely well if they continue to smoke cigarettes. Without exception, cardiovascular disease and cancer tops the list. One contributing problem for smokers trying to quit is tobacco is not what it once was. Today cigarettes are laced with addictive and carcinogenic chemicals. Smokers die from heart disease more than from cancer (3 to 1) and twice the number compared to non smokers. Do your best to quite and get help if you need it.


It is wise to avoid and rectify high blood pressure. It is preventable and reversible and like cholesterol levels responds wonderfully to diet and nutrient modifications. The numbers for North Americans with hypertension range from 1 in 3 in the US and 1 in 5 in Canada. Needless to say this is a common occurrence. When the arteries are clogged and the blood is thick and sticky, the heart cannot drive it through our veins and arteries. Plus the larger the bodies circumstance, the further the blood has to be driven, (miles of extra blood vessels), more pressure. Complementary medicine has amazing botanicals that lower blood pressure and relaxes blood vessels. Just another aspect fully detailed in my upcoming book.

Low Thyroid

The thyroid gland controls the rate at which the energy is used from the food we eat (controlling the resting metabolic rate). This all too often unsupported gland affects everything from the neck down and when not nutritionally supported, directly affects circulation and promotes fatigue. As well induces hot flashes, excessive sweating, hair loss, infertility, and affects other glands and heart function – and much more. Because the thyroid regulates circulation, edema may result that also puts pressure on the heart when this gland is functioning poorly.

When the thyroid is low functioning, the heart cannot contract and relax properly. A low functioning thyroid will promote a slower heart beat since this gland also modulates our heart beat. In addition, cholesterol imbalance is noted with severe hypothyroidism, supporting higher levels of LDL. The American Thyroid Association concluded that even a mild incident of thyroid failure would elevate blood cholesterol.


This is currently a hot topic. So much so I was recently asked by my publisher to write a book on how to Reverse Inflammation Naturally. It will be released shortly after my Heart book (2017). Suffice to say, that inflammation is a component of all diseases, malfunctions and pain. It all starts on a cellular level involving the immune system and inflammation pathways throughout the body. These pathways happen to be directly influenced by our daily diet as well as specific nutrient deficiencies. Correcting imbalances through nutrition goes a long way to reducing inflammation over the long term. There are a great number of plant extracts that can be safely and effectively used in either acute or chronic stages of inflammation – including systemic inflammation.

Heart disease is just one of many conditions fully described demonstrating the role of inflammation in the onset and continuance of this ailment. Too many times inflammation is being referred to as the main cause to disease. This is not actually true. Something needs to trigger an immune response which then starts the inflammation cycle. For instance it can be an injury or a pathogen.

Because inflammation can be heighten or dampen by certain foods and elements, my book contains the most prevalent agents that cause inflammation as well as the natural remedies and dietary solutions to quell it.


Diabetes comes with its own long list of health risks. But this condition is also associated with heart disease. More than half of all diabetics have high blood pressure which is a contributing factor to several cardiovascular complications. There is much supportive research on this topic. One such publication, the British Medical Journal (2001), a study showed that elevated glucose to be an influential predictor of cardiovascular disease.

Another major problem of excess sugar is raised triglyceride levels. Excess sugar in the blood converts to this type of fat. Too much sugar in the diet has also shown to make the blood sticky, thicker, raise LDL levels while lowering HDL, increase C – reactive protein and fibrogen and of course – inflammation is enhanced and ongoing.


Depression finds its way into many people’s lives and most often accompanies chronic health illnesses. It is not hard to imagine that a person would become somewhat depressed when suffering with a long term illness. However it is my complete experience (regardless of circumstances) that the endocrine system was not sufficiently supported and therefore the persons coping mechanisms faltered. In all of my books, addressing hormones and neurotransmitters is part of the material found in empowering the body to heal. Stress isn’t going away, not if you live in any industrialized part of the world. We are equipped to cope but not if these critical areas are never or seldom supported nutritionally.

People with depression are four times more likely to develop cardiovascular disease. Other issues that usually coincide with depression include eating far more comfort foods, increasing bad habits, chemical and alcohol abuse, overeating and becoming more sedentary. Long term usage of anti-depressants has shown to be far less than favorable. All meds come from a natural source first and are available in their whole, unadulterated form. These natural remedies come in the form of tinctures, capsules, tablets, and whole plant form to be made as a tea. They are non addictive and can be used as needed. If you find this area too unfamiliar, seek out a qualified practitioner or someone who has studied phyto-chemistry for help such as the following; (Herbalist, Natural Health Doctor, Holistic Doctor, Naturopath and Homeopathic).


We all know what a couch potato is – are you? Have you come across the reference that, “legs pump the heart.” Proper circulation is dependent upon moving and walking. Other areas that contribute to congestive heart failure (the lymph system) also require the help to drive the fluids back up to the valve near the heart for removal. (Edema)

Appointment Protocol

A suggested appointment schedule involves the initial assessment which covers all aspects of symptom complaints and an explanation of natural remedies and solutions, including diet adjustments and deficiencies. Depending on how many correlating symptoms require attention, additional appointments may be needed. In subsequent appointments, diet and supplement adjustments are made, as are any additional concerns that may still need to be addressed.  Two to three appointments is typical.

Second Article in this Heart Series: Strokes
Third Article is about Aneurysms
Fourth Article is How to Reduce Heart Disease

Now that you have some background information, the next article will focus on the problems surrounding Strokes.

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Two books that assists all areas of illnesses and general well-being are Reverse Inflammation Naturally and Reverse Thyroid Disease. Everything that causes an imbalance in the body or has manifested into a symptom – involves inflammation. And how well we cope or do not – on a day to day basis – involves our thyroid gland (most abused gland in our body).

Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally book stands alone in its value as an important offering to society. Chron’s, Colitis, IBS and more are fully reversible once the biochemical nature of the body is fully involved along with the employment safe elements that are recognized by our bodies.

Reverse Heart Disease book was second in the series due to the fact that every 40 seconds in North America someone is dying of heart related diseases. As in all of my books, the public requires alternative solutions to mainstream drugs and dietary protocols to bring the body back to a natural healthy functioning state.

Two aspects of my protocols always centers on ’empowering the body to heal’ while ‘ stop breaking the body down’. And of course working with the body as a whole! Briefly, one stops breaking the body down by removing all foods, liquids and bad habits that cause inflammation or are intolerant to your body. Simultaneously, all missing elements/nutritional imbalances/other deficiencies – need to be replaced for the body to finally have the nutrients necessary for daily function and restoration…and so on.