Healthy Eating Regime Balances Daily Food Intake

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Healthy Eating Regime Balances Daily Food Intake

The following 17 categories comprise of better food choices compared to those that are not adequately meeting the nutritional needs for the family or individually. These suggestions will help increase Better Foods and Reduce Fat Promoting Foods. Additionally, food replacements to assist with alternative choices when grocery shopping.

1  Decrease Overall Fat Intake

• Limit fat intake between 15 -25 % of daily caloric consumption.

• Use cold pressed oils: flax, sesame, wheat germ, hemp

• Eliminate hydrogenated oils, margarine and shortening, less animal fat – pork and beef

• Do Use: butter, coconut oil and cold pressed oils and olive oil

• Consume sufficient amounts of Omega 3 Fatty acid. Good sources of EFA’s include: cold water fish, soy beans, flax seed oil, hemp, pumpkin seed oil, walnut oil, and sesame oil.

2  Reduce Flesh Protein

• Eat palm size servings of lower fat animal protein. Chicken breast, Turkey, Fish

• Consume more vegetable source proteins: Legumes (beans, lentils, peas), nuts, seeds, whole grains, beans, Quinoa is 60% protein

3  Refrain from White Sugar or work hard to lower its intake

• Use raw honey, stevia, guava, molasses, fruits juices, maple syrup

4  Increase Water Soluble Fiber Consumption

• Legume family, whole grains, vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, sprouts

5  Eliminate White Flour Products

• Avoid Wheat: Of all the grains wheat is the best one to avoid. Check out my post – Why is Wheat Aging and Why Does Wheat Spike Blood Sugar More Than Table Sugar?

• Use brown, sweet or wild rice instead of white rice

• Use Gluten free noodle and pasta substitutes: Quinoa, amaranth, millet and other stone ground flours and those with whole seeds and nuts

• Choose whole grain cereals, unsweetened- cooked versions or uncooked varieties: Steel cut oats, Red River Cereal, Millet, Teff

6  Organic

• Organic foods help in the avoidance of toxic sprays

• Buy local produce in season

• Benefit: Avoidance of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, fungicides

7  Avoid

. Preservative, fungicides, dyes, chemical additives, artificial ingredients from refined and processed food

• Eat natural, whole foods – Buy it and Cook it.

• Eat fresh instead of canned and frozen for the enzymes and antioxidants

8  Variety of Whole Foods

• All colors of fruits vegetables: Yellow, orange, green, red, multi-colored

• More Sea vegetables (seaweed salad) and Bitter Vegetables: dandelion, rapini

• Nuts, seeds: almonds, walnuts, Brazilian nuts, sesame seeds

• Kefir, cultured yogurt, greek yogurt, clabbered milk, whey

• Cold proteins; legumes; beans, lentils, peas, soy, gluten products

• Fruits Most: Berries have higher concentrations of nutrition and antioxidants

• Eat less or None of: Whole Cranberries and Less of Rhubarb. Very high in Oxalic acid

9  Increase Intake of Vegetables and Fruit and Raw Food

• Eat 3 serving of vegetables especially leafy greens

• 6 to 10 vegetables a day (6 to 8 could be in a salad)

• 2 – 4 fresh fruit: 1 hour before or 3 hours after a meal

• Raw salads

• Raw vegetable and fruit juices freshly made

• Green juices

• Sprouts

10  Reduce Liquid When Cooking Vegetables

• High heat above 118 degrees kills enzymes

• Never add salt to vegetable water when cooking

• Do not over cook vegetables: steam or sauté. Add a little water when stir frying to avoid excess oil and it prevents burning.

11  Do Not Over Heat Oils


12  Throw the Salt Shaker Away – Use Pink Salt Sparingly

• Salt kills your taste buds. They come back when you stop salting your food and cooking with it. It is not a problem when using the tiny amounts needed for baking. Your food will become sweet tasting. You will be so surprised. The list is long for health benefits. This includes sea salt, table salt, pink salt and celery, onion, and garlic salt items.

• Use ground Kelp or other sea vegetable to help replace salt until you are over the hump.

• Use herbs: garlic, onions and ginger for seasoning

• No salty snacks: instead eat fruit, vegetables or healthy whole grain snacks without sodium and preservatives

The body does require the minerals in pink salt and those of similar quality

13  Increase Soy Products and Consumption (GMO Free)

• Tofu, miso, tempeh, tamari, soy milk (unflavored)

• Soy ice cream

• Use more yogurt, soy milk, nut milk

14  Sea Vegetables

• Nori, Wakame, Kelp, Bladderwack, Nova Scotia Dulse (iodine sources – thyroid’s essential element)

• Add sea vegetables to soups, salads, stews, casseroles

15  Meat

• Reduce overall intake of meat especially beef and pork and Cured meats

• Organic whenever possible: Expensive, not often doable

• Lean cuts and remove all visible fat

• Always have fiber with meat: salad, vegetable (not starch), legume family, ground flax seeds.

• Broil and Fry without breading.

16  Fermented Foods

• Kefir, yogurt, sauerkraut

• Use fermented dairy products instead of milk

• Add miso after food is taken off the heat – heat destroys friendly bacteria

17  No Junk Food

• No pop, candy, artificial sweetened drinks

• No chips, corn chips, salted nuts and other poor quality ingredient crackers

• Eat low fat frozen yogurt instead of ice cream

• Yes to low Fat Air Popped Pop Corn as long as you do not suffer with a gut illness.

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