Iodine – Best Supplements for Health

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Iodine – Best Supplements for Health

Most would be surprised to learn all the areas that a lack of the trace mineral iodine impacts. It is a crucial element for the production of thyroid gland hormone and via the thyroid gland plays a key role in infertility, miscarriages, weight gain, chronic fatigue and more. This all important element is virtually non existent in the food we eat. The soil is lacking most key elements necessary for optimum health due to agricultural practices in industrialized countries. Certain supplements are absolutely necessary if they are not part of your diet or in the food you are eating. Learn the many areas that a lack of iodine impacts and how to correct this problem inexpensively.

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Iodine – Trace Mineral

Necessary Element for Thyroid Health

Iodine is an abundant mineral in the ocean and salt water seas. One main role of iodine is to neutralize toxins in the body. Iodine is a main trace mineral for the thyroid gland however all glands need some iodine to help with the neutralization of toxins; also the spleen and liver needs iodine to perform optimally.

Iodine and Radiation

The evidence linking the trace mineral Iodine to our essential well being and protection from harmful radiation, is mounting throughout the world. There were several months in Canada and perhaps the US as well, where iodine was actually hard to come by. Our suppliers were out of it for a period of time following the Nuclear Plant disaster in Japan. Iodine was necessary to try and offer some protection to the thyroid gland during this bombardment of radiation.

Lack of Iodine Produces a Goiter

The condition of a Goiter is a common outcome due to a lack of iodine in people’s diets. A goiter is simply an over worked thyroid gland trying to do a job without sufficient nutrients to perform properly. If you live in high altitudes you may need to supplement with iodine since iodine washes down to the sea. Poor diets, living inland far from the sea calls for people to make sure they have a dietary iodine source and not just iodized salt. Professionally and personally I have never found iodized salt to be adequate as a supplemental iodine source. There are many health imbalances associated with excessive intake of table salt. And sea salt does not contain iodine.

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Iodine Protects Young Growing Children

Iodine is needed by growing children to help support an under functioning thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is not well functioning before the age of two or three and albumin can be difficult for young ones to handle prior to a full functioning thyroid gland. It is suggested by professionals to withhold meat until they are past this age. Iodine is required by young children to protect them against toxins.

Everyone you care about including your pets have a thyroid gland, therefore investigate your iodine source and proceed accordingly. Also strive for better testing from your doctor’s office. There are many subtle signs associated with iodine deficiency and many will go undetected, however bare in mind that the lack of this trace mineral leads to cell destruction.

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Signs of Iodine Deficiency

Miscarriage, especially multiple



Weight gain

Poor circulation, cold hands and feet

Erectile dysfunction

Poor bone and brain metabolism

Slower heart beat

Throbbing in the throat

Malfunctioning Lymph system

Enlarged lymph glands

Mental deficiency

Poor comprehension

Extreme nervousness


Hot and cold waves or flushes

Cry easily

Excess Saliva and at time extreme thirst

Needing more air or oxygen

Dry and clammy skin

Behavioral problems:

• Tantrums

• Foolish behavior

• Childlike behavior

• Jealous

• Hard to please

• Less often – violent or cruel

Garbled speech

Motor skills like walking, movement may become clumsy

Signs of Iodine Excess

Iodine excess was a rare occurrence in our past history, unless you were of a culture similar to Japan where the diet consists of large amounts of seaweed. Too much Iodine can cause Inflammation of the thyroid gland. Other names are Hashimoto’s disease and Thyroiditis. It is also associated with hyperthyroidism and autoimmune disorders of the thyroid gland. Exhausted adrenal glands will also weaken the thyroid gland.

Supplemental Iodine and Whole Sea Plant Sources

I professionally feel most individuals need to take some form of supplemental iodine to ensure a consistent supply for the thyroid gland. Iodine must come from the sea to ensure you are actually getting this tract mineral. All sea plants contain iodine whereas land plants are either void from agricultural methods or just unsure where it is in your diet. The good news is it is a very inexpensive supplement. Liquid iodine is available at health oriented food and supplement stores, along with other combination formulas such as potassium/iodide, and dulse or kelp that come in a variety of preparations like liquid, pressed pills or capsules and may be found in a bulk powder form.  Other sources are Nori, Wakame, Bladderwack, all edible seaweed and algae.

Best Iodine Food Sources

Sea Plants top the list for iodine rich foods such as kelp, dulse and seaweeds while other fish and plants include the following:

Good Fish Iodine Sources

Fish and roe
Green turtle

Good Plant Iodine Sources

Butter beans
Brussels sprouts
Goat cheese
Goat milk and whey
Green peppers
Leaf lettuce
Mustard greens
Oats, steel cut
Sweet potatoes
Swill chard
Turnips and greens

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