L-Tyrosine and Iodine – Main Energy Components

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L-Tyrosine and Iodine – Main Energy Components


The thyroid gland is the crucial component/regulator for efficient energy production throughout the whole day. The thyroid gland actually only makes 1 teaspoon of hormones each year, and yet, if these hormones are not available, can absolutely have the largest impact on your energy levels.

The reason for this is because our energy levels are determined by the rate at which our bodies metabolize the food we eat into energy – which is established and controlled by the thyroid gland. The thyroid hormone reaches every cell in our body.

When the thyroid gland becomes sluggish, so to does our metabolism, which equates to energy dysfunction on a cellular level which results in the following symptoms.

Depression and overall moods being lowered

Decreased cognitive function

Poor circulation

Chronic fatigue

Poor digestion


*One of the best ways to ensure a healthy functioning thyroid gland is to provide sufficient quantities of the unbound, (free form) amino acid L-Tyrosine. Research shows that most individuals over the age of 24 are deficient in L-Tyrosine due to poor quality protein supplies.

L-Tyrosine – What Does it Regulate and Affect?

  • This amino acid is the main component in producing energy.
  • Chronic fatigue is greatly helped by higher levels of Tyrosine.
  • Tyrosine makes all the difference in brain exhaustion and fatigue.
  • From Chronic Depression to Adequate Energy Output: Tyrosine is a necessary element in Dopamine production. Tyrosine is converted to dopamine and increases its production, all of which has an enormous impact on your energy metabolism. The amino acid Tyrosine also requires B6 and vitamin C to properly convert it into the uplifting and energy producing hormone dopamine.
  • It is necessary for the availability of steady and balanced metabolic rates for a constant energy output to the body.

Iodine – Trace Mineral

The thyroid gland requires a small amount of iodine in order for the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormone each day. Lack of iodine impacts infertility, cognitive ability, energy, metabolism and circulation.

*Take Tyrosine and Iodine 2 to 3 times daily 

Thyroid Test

The Gold Standard Thyroid Test as professionals know is far from being an accurate marker. You must take care of this gland if you want it to perform optimally and not go into a Hypothyroid state.

Hyperthyroidism and Inflammation Disorders of the Thyroid

Until these conditions are rectified and the thyroid gland returns to normal functioning, avoid Iodine and the amino acid L-Tyrosine. Seek professional help for these disorders. And Gluten may be a culprit for Thyroiditis (inflammation of the thyroid).

Thyroid Test – How Accurate Is It?

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