Natural Treatment for Depression and Anxiety

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Natural Treatment for Depression and Anxiety

Treating emotional imbalances that affect patient’s day to day existence is a core component in my practice. I am passionate about helping them achieve a med free life. The medications for these depression and anxiety are life altering (and not in a good way) the longer a person stays on them. They actually change your brain chemistry and essentially are poison to the brain. Once on this type of medication, you bypass the REM sleep stage – a big area of concern which I will touch on further into this doc. Emotional and ill thought provoking problems scream of a body not getting critical nutrients so it can withstand the ongoing stress or incidences of emotional trauma.

Be cognoscente that everything nutritionally is about proper balance and if there is something affecting your coping skills, there is a biochemical reason. It does not matter if several family members have gone through the same problems. This just means you may have inherited a weakness (which needs to be made stronger) or you have all simply been eating the same type of fare, which is far more likely – along with the same deficient nutrients required for balance.

Lack of Information

Most people are blindly unaware as to what is needed by our bodies, so it can function optimally and serve us in a manner we would like and expect. This is the fault of our education system which is influenced by outside sources? If you are never taught how to feed your body properly so it can restore and rebuild, then is should come as no surprise when things start to go wrong the older we get. This is a main reason why I write and have an educational blog to help inform those who never had access to this type of information and don’t know how to go about putting it together. It’s not rocket science but it can be information laden.

Is it a Syndrome or Just an Unsupported Part of the Body

Back to the topic at hand. Sometimes certain words are too loosely distributed like syndrome and disease. When you display symptoms of poor health, it does not mean every symptom should fall in the category of a syndrome or mainstream disease. Upon looking up what a syndrome is under Webster’s dictionary, it describes it as, “a group of signs and symptoms that occur together to characterize a particular abnormality.”

Once you fall under the guise of a syndrome or a labeled condition, the mind set has been one of a prescription drugs to provide a quick fix. In the traditional treatment of mood disorders they are frequently handed out like candy. Carrying on from the first paragraph, it is during REM sleep that our bodies gather available collagen and other nutrients for repair. We cannot afford to miss this body function.

Not everything happens when we are awake. Another example is approximately from 2:30 to 3:30 our liver spends about 30 minutes cleaning itself. Factor in seasonal time change. If you work night shifts it is very important not to eat at this time because the liver will always have to deal with the food and its cleansing process will fall by the way side.

*Problem with sleeping medications! They bypass our all important REM sleep stage therefore you will not get adequate repair as noted above. And they are so highly addictive. In other words it is very hard for patients to return to normal sleep patterns once they stop them. I find most people require a good amount of complementary medicine to help them get through the difficult change.

Mood Enhancers

Treating this condition holistically involves the sources of imbalance. The endocrine system makes your hormones that give you energy and feelings of well being. These are also interacting with neurotransmitters in the brain that are directly tied into your moods and thoughts. For instance if you have many unwanted thoughts you most likely have low dopamine levels. There is another neurotransmitter called glutamate that is enhanced by the amino acid glutamine that is found highest in the intestinal tract that promotes better moods.

*L-Tyrosine is necessary for making dopamine.

Main Support Required

To simplify this and not get too clinical, one of the first areas to address is part of the endocrine that affects how we all cope on a daily basis – the thyroid gland, adrenal glands and the pancreas. These three act as a triad, always interrelating with each (one affecting the other constantly). The hormones produced by these glands and organs are also interacting with brain transmitters, especially the thyroid and adrenals.

Glands and organs want high quality fat (omega 3’s) and protein. The glands typically can only store up hormones for about 4 months. Imagine for instance that you virtually never feed your thyroid gland which means it cannot make thyroid hormone (TSH). Unfortunately, the gold standard for thyroid testing has shown to be very flawed. I have been recently asked to write a book on Reversing Thyroid Diseases Naturally of which I have accepted. However I have put extensive information in my recently released book Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally because this area of the body is a major component for empowering the body to heal. When this area falls short you will be tired, beside the mood imbalances, and more inclined to eat more comfort foods and higher sugar intake – all of which only heightens symptoms.

A tired body cannot heal itself. Fifty percent of all body energy goes to our cellular community to keep us alive and promote restoration. So how much energy do you have left over to provide you with an enthusiasm for life? In the case of anxiety and chronic depression, it quickly tells the tale of low essential fatty acids, low hormone production, inadequate amounts of the most used minerals in the body, among other vitamins and minerals. Antioxidants are also of great benefit since free radical damage affects the brain and increases inflammation.


If all the food you typically eat (or is the majority) is cooked you cannot expect to build a healthy body on dead matter. The life force is gone because the enzymes are dead. Incorporate raw vegetable juices into you diet, especially if you are on medications. This form of food preparation will feed you and cleanse you on a cellular level. It greatly assists the liver in its removal of toxic chemicals like drugs and environmental toxins. Juicing alone will boost your energy allowing for better coping abilities. Be aware though, if it isn’t in the soil, it won’t be in your food. Sadly, this is a main problem with the level of nutrition families are receiving due to current agricultural farming processes. Which is why additionally supplementation has become necessary to maintain health or restore it?

I find the turn around to be quick for a noticeable improvement indicating many weaker areas of the body are now being fed. When the endocrine system is properly supported by nutrients that are specific to their needs, a boost in energy is seen within a week. Although, if a person is on a long list of medications, it may take longer.


Medications do not follow the holistic pathway in the body and are therefore not recognized by the body. They are synthetic in order for pharmaceuticals to patent them. In other words they cannot cure what they cannot grow, tissue. This is a fundamental problem with meds that end up mainly are blockers. They quickly deaden the pain or thoughts (for a while) but wear off and then others are prescribed which may me more distruptive. The bottom line is the more meds a person is taking, the more comprised the body becomes when attempting to function normally. It has been my experience that healing processes are slowed down until more of the medications are no longer needed.

The good news. All medications come from a natural source first. In their whole unadulterated form they are balanced and fully recognized by the body. A drug is normally made by extracting one element and compounding it many times which now produces an overwhelming response. An example would be opium taken from the poppy. Case in point, the California poppy is a remedy for ADHA to help replace Ritalin but is balanced by all of its counterparts which is safe and non disruptive to the body.

Herbal Medicine

Plant extracts often accompany a natural healing protocol to help bridge the gap when systematically reducing anti-depressant and anxiety medications. They are never the solution by themselves. The whole body must be nutritionally supported to bring about proper functioning and immune enhancing capabilities. It is amazing though how quickly the body responds when for the first time in years or ever, that their body is more adequately feed. The energy and smiles on people’s faces is always evidence of what they are feeling and where they are headed.

A Working Miracle

I am of firm belief that it is our birth rite to be under the control of our own power. Our bodies are nothing short of a miracle. It is just as miraculous for me to wittiness the restoration power in patients. I am only guiding them and providing them with tools that should have been part of their everyday life. The patients are doing all the hard work that comes with change. I am often humbled by the ability of the body to heal it self when properly supported as is it heart warming to see patients with renewed confidence for their future.

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Appointment Protocol

A suggested appointment schedule involves the initial assessment which covers all aspects of symptom complaints and an explanation of natural remedies and solutions, including diet adjustments and deficiencies. Depending on how many correlating symptoms require attention, additional appointments may be needed. In subsequent appointments, diet and supplement adjustments are made, as are any additional concerns that may still need to be addressed. Two to three appointments is typical.

Copyright © 2017 – All Rights Reserved – Michelle Honda Ph.D.


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