Liquid Chlorophyll Can Be Life Saving

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Liquid Chlorophyll Can Be Life Saving

I routinely recommend liquid chlorophyll for the restoring of tissue and remineralization; and for its alkalizing and healing effects. It may interest you to know that in an emergency, liquid chlorophyll could be used as a blood transfusion. During my academic years, the students were aware that the heart tissue of an animal remained living for years with only chlorophyll pumping through it. For many more benefits and attributes of liquid chlorophyll, view the list below for an insight into this concentrated green

There are also studies where the blood in living rats has been completely removed and replaced with chlorophyll – and they lived.

For anemia that is related to low iron or ferritin levels, I recommend liquid chlorophyll and not iron supplements. Inorganic iron is a huge problem of which I have recently posted.

Gastric ulcers and acid reflux is tremendously benefited by sipping chlorophyll in water throughout the day. It instantly alkalizes relieving nausea and heartburn. By sipping it often the sphincter is allowed to heal and not be constantly bombarded by stomach acid splashing up into this area. Acid reflux does require more details but know that the constant usage of antacids only promotes the problem, worsening the condition overtime. The following list of benefits is only partial when describing the many benefits offered by the high mineral content found in the green juice of plants.

1. Greatly Raises Blood Count
2. Provides Iron to Organs and Glands
3. Counteracts Toxicity from Foods and Drinks
4. Instantly Alkalizing to the Stomach
5. Perfect to Help Heal Acid Reflux and Stomach Ulcers
6. Excellent for Lymph System Cleansing
7. Perfect for Anemic Conditions
8. Deodorizes Bowel Tissues – Reduces Bowel Gas Odor
9. Fundamental in Phase One Liver Detoxification
10. Improves the condition Hepatitis
11. Helps in the Regulation for Menstruation
12. Feeds Heart Tissues Iron as well as other tissues
13. Helps the condition of Hemophilia
14. Assists in all Blood Sugar (glucose) Regulation
15. Improves Asthmatic Condition – More oxygen in cells
16. Increases Iron Content in Milk
17. Improves Milk Production
18. Green rejuvenates the Body – Helps Sores Heal Faster
19. Eliminates Body Odors – Especially Smoking and Excessive Alcohol Usage
20. Resists Bacteria by Strengthen the Immune System
21. Beneficial for Cleaning Teeth and Gums in Pyorrhea – Antibacterial Effects
22. Improves Nasal Drainage and Inhibits Nasal Drip
23. Reduces all Body Odors requiring Deodorants
24. Wonderful for Bad Breath – Humans and Animals
25. Helps Relieve Sore Throat Infections and Throat Inflammation
26. Soothes and helps Heal Painful Hemorrhoids and Piles
27. Aids Catarrhal Discharges – Thick accumulated Mucus in the Body
28. Rejuvenates and Improves the Visceral System throughout the Body
29. Helps Alleviate Pain Caused by Inflammation


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  1. Hi, I just stumbled by chance onto your webpage/blog. I am very impessed with your info on chlorophyll especially the parts relating to blood and closeness of chlorophyll and our own blood. Why don’t they use it for emergency transfusions and save a lot of problems?)
    I was actually researching the relationship between ferritin levels and chlorophyll.
    I have been using liquid chlorophyll for approximately 3 weeks now and it is the chlorophyllin form.
    Do you think the natural chlorophyll is superior to the chlorophyllin form or does it not matter?
    I also suffer from hiatus hernia and reflux which has led to short stem Barretts oesophagus. I just read your comments about chlorophyll and acid reflux etc. Last night I had the best nights sleep without any acid discomfort and just remembered that for the first time I actually had 20mls of chlorophyll before going to bed. I normally taje it first thing in the mirning so now I am going to try your idea of sipping the chlorophyll during the day. how much do you think O should mix in a 500 ml bottle?

    thanx again and kind regards

    Wayne Trumble
    NSW Australia.

    • Hi Wayne,
      Firstly, unfortunately all natural medicine/substances cannot be patented – this is why they will not use them medically. I personally use and recommend chlorophyll even though chlorophyllin has a specific action – it is still part of the whole. Depending on concentration (liquid or drops) you would need to refer to product suggestions, however I mix 2 teaspoons of liquid concentrate to 500 ml of water.

      Michelle Honda

  2. Thank you so much for such valuable information on chlorophyll. I am passing on to a friend whose teenage daughter suffers with depletion of iron. I believe this information on chlorophyll will be very beneficial.

    • Hi Daisy,

      Glad you found the information helpful.

      Thanks kindly,

  3. am having acid reflux and a friend advised I should buy chlorophyll,does it really cure it

    • Hi Sandra,

      Chlorophyll is very helpful when you sip it in water throughout the day and have a stronger mixture in water to be kept by the bed in case of heart burn. It will help neutralize it much quicker. Other remedies are needed in most cases to heal A/R such as regular probiotics, digestive enzymes, not food combing while trying to heal and no coffee and other chemical laden or acid drinks. Chlorophyll keeps the acid away from the esophagus to allow it to tighten and heal.

  4. Hi there for gastritis and ulcers is it 2 teaspoons in approximately 2 cups of water to be sipped throughout the day or taken all at once l? Thanks in advance

    • Hi Amy,
      Two comments. First the amount you mentioned is correct which is mainly to be sipped throughout the day in order to soothe inflammation and keep your necessary digestive acid away from the sphincter to assist in healing it and overtime tighten. Although certain foods and substances weaken the sphincter and must be addressed in order to fully heal ulcers and acid reflux. For symptoms of heart burn, you would take 1 or 2 teaspoons in 1/2 to 1 cup of water and then drink all at once. Keep by the bed at night for these episodes.


  5. Hi Michelle, is chlorophyll an effective treatment for the LPR form of reflux? I have had a chronic sore throat for over 8 years and it gets worse with extended speaking. Just wondering if this will facilitate the healing of my throat/esophagus?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi John
      Yes it will help, important to have it available to take at the onset of occurrence and sip throughout the day to prevent the acid from flowing upward. You need a probiotic and zinc daily along with nutrients/elements that are key for body function and restoration.


  6. Hi. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. What kind of chlorophil is best?

    • Hi Karene,
      There are many good brands. Avoid BHA and BHT chemical additives. For more selection, go to the health/supplement stores and ask about the quality. They can be flavored with the mint family or not. I typically recommend the liquid type that can be purchased in a liter size bottle as opposed to the drops in a small bottle.


  7. Will this help heal GERD

    • Hi Victoria,
      It defiantly helps GERD. Add 2 teaspoons to a glass of water and sip throughout the day. It will constantly alkalize any excess acid but we need that acid to digest our food when we eat. The only problem would be meds that take away our acid and the body then over produces when food shows up creating a vicious cycle. Plus these meds cause further inflammation – adding to and increasing symptoms. For heartburn put 2 teaspoons of chlorophyll in 1/2 cup of water by your bed and drink as soon as you feel any heartburn symptoms. I have a published article on my blog for acid reflux with more info on how to heal.


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