Best 5 Steps to Empower the Body to Heal

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Best 5 Steps to Empower the Body to Heal

Myself and others could recommend the Best Supplements in the World but if you do not work on your Unhealthy Lifestyle Choices and Underlying Health issues…Healing will be sporadic and plateau as will Weight Loss. This is particularly true for any chronic disease reversal process. Examples include Depression, Crohn’s, Colitis, IBS, Eating Disorders, Behavioral Problems and Bad Dietary and Lifestyle Habits.

Specific nutrients that perform numerous tasks in the body, greatly impact not only a successful healing process but all functions in the body as well. It will be important to add certain required elements to your diet in sufficient amounts for anyone wanting to achieve wellness and a preventive health lifestyle.

1  We must First Stop Breaking the Body Down

To actually Empower the Body to Heal in order to bring about a full reversal of a condition or to achieve an optimal level of improvement, certain changes in lifestyle and meeting dietary needs will be necessary.

First Stop Further Breaking Down the Body: Stop smoking or initially greatly reduce the daily amount – too many acidic substances causes inflammation and creates imbalances: coffee, alcohol, cut down starchy foods, sugar, salt, chemicals, processed meat products, pop, prepackaged dead food, white flour and white rice, chemical sweeteners, food with preservatives and so on.

Start Empowering the Body to Heal and Return to a Healthy Balanced State


2  Feed your Endocrine system – Glands and Organs

These tissues require high quality fat and protein. Essential fatty acids like fish oil and seed oil such as flax oil – daily. The thyroid, adrenals and pancreas are a few glands and organs that have a large impact on our overall health and how we feel on a day to day basis.


Emotional gland: Any circumstance that creates large amounts of stress, heart ache, grief and relocating is stressful – all of which depletes hormone reserves in our glands. A few symptoms involve:

• Circulation – cold hands and feet

• Energy – Tired

• Weight Gain: Resting metabolic rate will be low – slow to burn fat

• Hair loss and alopecia

How to support the thyroidIodine drops per day as directed by product of choice; other sources include kelp, dulse, liquid potassium iodide, or full support combination products. Also helpful L-tyrosine and desiccated thyroid extract.

Adrenals – Feeling exhausted, crave salt, legs tired and weak –  high cortisol levels promote fat storage – excess secretion of adrenalin – cravings, eating binges, sugar cravings, depression and mood swings and circles under the eyes.

Pancreas – adrenal glands squeeze the pancreas spewing out the hormone insulin, hypoglycaemia and spiking glucose levels. Chromium is required for glucose regulation and burning fat.

Caution of a Fat Free Diet

Losing weight and working on a healthier lifestyle. People tend to adopt a fat free diet which is only beneficial if the sources are from Bad fats and unhealthy foods. The problem is switching to Fat Free and High Glycemic Foods.

  • High Glycemic foods convert quickly to blood sugar. This rapid spike in blood sugar causes a quick storage of sugar to fat. Not leaving anything left over for the body or brain and feeling hungry for more carbohydrates – exhaustion.
  • Solution: Avoid fat free, include healthy fats EFA’s and try to omit sugar

3  Liver Health

  • The liver should not be ignored. Far too valuable and necessary to be functioning optimally.
  • Cholesterol – the Glands make hormones from Cholesterol: a must have in the proper balance.
  • Sluggish liver produces sticky bile. This is how Gallstones are formed in the gallbladder and in liver.
  • Plant sterols are plant fats that block fat absorption: Plant fats are absorbed 5% and animal fat is absorbed 60%.
  • Support the Liver with dietary greens and liquid chlorophyll which is comparable to our own Blood matrix. Great for anemia.

4  Juicing, Raw food – Proper Acid/Alkaline Balance of Food

  • Juice raw food daily – carrots, beets, greens and green juices. Eat fruit whole. Juicing will enhance all connective tissue replacement; joints, collagen, and support the immune and lymph system. Lymph: high in organic sodium, the main element in joints, ligaments, connective tissue and keeps calcium in solution preventing osteo-arthritis. Furthermore, these vegetables really enhance any healing process.
  • Healthy carbohydrate choice that is not whole grains and vegetables.
  • Supplement with proper amounts of zinc and magnesium. The most important minerals.
  • Immune function is supported and enhanced.
  • Removal of metabolic waste and enhances bowel cleansing

5  Memory Enhancement and Protection

  • Prevent Alzheimer’s disease with fish oil and Coconut oil. I have used these fats together to reverse this condition.
  • Great importance – almost every brain condition would benefit from optimal levels of EPA and DHA fatty acids.
  • EFA’s – Critical to the structure and function of neuronal membranes: A primary component of the nervous system including the brain spinal cord and sensory glands.

Sleep and Love Yourself – A daily statement, “I Approve of Myself”.


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