Steps Leading to Crohn’s Disease – Colitis – Gut Dysbiosis

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Steps Leading to Crohn’s Disease – Colitis – Gut Dysbiosis

Intestinal complications and their lifestyle altering symptoms are anything but new to mankind; especially in the last century. Certainly the methodology for treatment and diagnosis has changed a great deal. But what has changed even more are the reasons for these conditions becoming so prevalent in the last 30 years – and steadily increasing. Two major scenarios need addition. Addressing the cause for the escalating increase and the diet factor should not be ignored. Another vital area to be addressed is treatment protocols. Are they actually reversing these disease complaints or are drugs leading to more drugs with surgery as an end result.

Learn how to fully reverse your gut disease whether it is Crohn’s,reverse-gut-diseases-naturally- Colitis, IBS or other less problematic disorders like constipation – along with safe natural treatment protocols to replace mainstream medications. In my book Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally you will find the latest dietary programs, actual case histories with all encompassing details of their disease reversal process and remedies for all associated gut disorder complaints like fistulas, anxiety, pain, diarrhea and inflammation. A truly hand holding, step by step, publication for all those who want to rid themselves of these diseases once and for all!

There is a reason for everything happening in the body whether it’s a positive response or a negative response. It’s all about balance in life anddrug-943759_1280 this is particularly true of our internal body functioning. Only through life producing nutrients can a body be brought back into a healthy state and remain so. Drugs cannot grow new tissue and they do not follow the holistic pathway in the body. Therefore they interrupt and disrupt the bodies functioning systems such as all protein pathways. Keep in mind that all drugs come from a natural source first. Once isolated compounds are compounded, they now produce an overwhelming response. Add to this; these components are synthetically reproduced. This is a brief explanation why medications become problematic and cannot follow the natural rhythm in the body.

Fortunately there are safe, effective, natural solutions to address the associated symptoms that people routinely deal with such as pain, inflammation, diarrhea, anxiety and so on. Disorders such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis (pancolitis), colitis, collagenous colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis, constipation, chronic diarrhea, and cancer are directly affected by the substances taken into the body. Notwithstanding there are numerous illnesses affected by the level of nutrition being consumed and by the items that further break the body down, inhibiting a healing process.

Normalcy would be such a gift to anyone suffering from gastrointestinal problems, especially those of a debilitating nature. All areas of a person’s life, including family and friends are affected by Crohn’s disease. Counselling may be helpful to bring about understanding and lessening of the anxiety associated with the symptoms of bowel disorders.

A wide range of chronic health problems have been linked to bowel disorders including an increase frequency of colonic cancer. More than half the people visiting their doctor are there because of gastrointestinal complaints. Crohn’s disease has increased in incidence since its recognition in 1932 in both Western and third world populations, occurring about equal among genders, race and age throughout the world. All of the previously mentioned gut dysbiosis have been consistently on the rise, duly noted by WHO health organisation and documented by health statistics of industrialized countries like the USA, Canada and the UK. Antibiotics have topped the list for culprits leading to the increased incidence of Crohn’s disease, IBD in general and other chronic diarrhea related gut complaints.

About Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis (Pancolitis)

Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis are similar in symptoms but have a major difference. Crohn’s disease or regional enteritis, may affect any segment of the digestive tract from the esophagus to the anus. Ulcerative colitis is limited to the colon and rectum.

Origin: Inherent, Emotional or Food Intolerance

All Crohn’s suffers were not necessarily born with an inherent weakness. A few of my patients have had Crohn’s develop purely from emotional stress and tail bone injury has often promoted colitis. By far the more typical culprit is the resulting problems of food intolerances. The following is a sequence of events within a gut diagnosed with Crohn’s.

1 Food intolerances and the inability to digest sugars from carbohydrates.bread-83242_1280

2 Incapacity to digest sugars and absorption of disaccharides resulting in primarily pre-digested carbohydrates, a person with intestinal problems can have malabsorption.

3 Bacterial overgrowth producing by-products that injure intestinal walls.

4 Excessive mucus production from irritating microbial overgrowth impairs digestion.

5 Imbalance of gut micro flora. The gut becomes over run with yeast and damaging micro organisms promoting degeneration of intestinal walls.

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One of the aims of an individual dietary program is to determine the offending substances which would then deny the microbial the nourishment it needs to proliferate within the intestines. Their excrement is damaging to the lining of the intestinal tract promoting scarring and lesions throughout. One of the first steps is to incorporate maximum nourishment without contributing to the intestinal microbe population. Malnourishment is common among people suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. Supplementation is necessary to combat nutrient loss through diarrhea, pain and nausea.

For helpful information, view the several posts on malnutrition, nutrition, and supplements to quickly bring about a change in current health circumstances. The body will do the work but it cannot forage for necessary nutrients without our help. Nor can it tell you exactly what is missing. This is one of the important areas that I am offering: How to feed the body so it is possible to turn a health problem around and prevent future problems. Share what you have learned since this may be the only way many people will come in contact with what is missing in their dietary intake. There is more information about diet in my book; nonetheless I am providing extensive information on how to initially rebuild a weak body and immune system – currently in the blog posts and future ones.

Symptoms are often intermittent and unpredictable with no singular cure or treatment. However, by addressing the main weaknesses with emphasis on the immune system or any other major deficiency or complaint, the body begins to harmonize. The harmony is first noted by an increase in energy and reduction of unwanted symptoms. Evidence is consistently mounting from testimonials and test results showing vast improvement in a patient’s condition. How, when and what we eat, triggers a reaction which is unique to each individual. As is the level of severity, depending on various other factors such as inherent weaknesses, allergies, sensitivities, emotional and physical stress levels, state of health and attitude.

Traditional medicine has placed limited importance on what we put into our bodies in treatment protocols for gut disorders. Research is showing amazing advances with elimination diets and proper nutrition. Patients of increasing numbers are recognizing the need to be free of drug dependency but sadly, main stream medicine isn’t demonstrating any curiosity in a dietary approach. Fortunately, there are some nutritionally oriented physicians and a host of alternative health practitioners providing much needed assistance and education.

Countless testimonials and research findings collaborates the influence of diet in relation to intestinal disorders. Other aspects of emotional stressors need to be addressed as well. The diet connection is an invaluable tool in treating all intestinal disorders and should be an additional mandatory course of study for all health practitioners who routinely deal with gut dysbiosis.

Doctors Long Ago Noticed Food Intolerances

Dr. Herter, a physician and professor from Columbia University, noted that in every case where children were withering away with diarrhea and impairment; proteins were favourably endured, fats were managed fairly well but carbohydrates, sugars and starches were adversely tolerated. He noted that ingestion of some carbohydrates almost inevitably produced a relapse or a return of diarrhea after a period of improvement. Herter, C, (1910), Transactions of the Association of American Physicians 25:528.

About that time, Dr. Samuel Gee, another world renowned children’s specialist, clearly saw several important facts that continue to be missed by modern researchers. Dr. Gee said that if the patient with intestinal disease could be cured at all, it would have to be by means of diet. He added that milk was the least suitable food during intestinal problems and that highly starchy food (rice, corn, potatoes, grains) were unfit. Dr. Gee stated, “We must never forget that what the patient takes beyond his power to digest does harm.”

Dietary influences play a paramount role in intestinal disorders. More awareness and education is needed among physicians and the general public. We cannot mask this disease; we must do our due diligence and acclimate around our intolerances. For many, to achieve and sustain normalcy is attainable through the proper management of diet and lifestyle. Our digestive system is as individual as we are and needs to be treated as such. Current research of Crohn’s and similar ailments offers new hope for all people seeking relief.

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