Best Health: Best Food Sources to Correct Malnourishment Problems (2 of 5)

Posted on Mar 4, 2015 in Celiac - IBS, Crohns - Colitis, Eating Disorders, Natural Health, Nutrition, Weight Loss

Best Health: Best Food Sources to Correct Malnourishment Problems (2 of 5)

When Absorption and Malnutrition is a Problem – What is the Best Form of Juice to be Consumed and Why?

Vegetable juicing is particularly helpful in cases such as gut dysbiosis problems and very ill and weak individuals; especially in the initially stages when feeding the body is a challenge and the absorption is comprised. In such circumstances, fresh juice is best served in the form of a liquid where the pulp has been separated from the juice – for a few reasons.  In this form the body has a far easier time and success of absorbing the nutrients and properties within the juice. The amount taken in will also be far greater than if the pulp was still included which would also mean the antioxidant and nutrition levels would be far lower.

Finding a better way to feed the body and pick up its energy is one of the first priorities in commencing a healing process. This scenario is particularly problematic with Crohn’s, Colitis, IBS, and Celiac disease. The body does not require a fraction of the same energy when drinking juice compared to digesting whole food. Initially prepare all food in as easily a digestible form as possible whenever attempting to feed a weak or ill individual, such as soups, stews or liquids. Soups and stews may need to be purred or blended if solid food cannot be digested.

The availability of nutrients utilized in this form of nutrition is unbeatable. Think of the fine, delicate root fibers of a carrot; once the minerals past through this intricate maze, the job is complete. The body does not need to break down any mineral compounds in order to digest this fluid.

Liquid Verses Whole Food

Plant fiber is often a problem for anyone suffering with gut complaints, especially in the initial stages of healing. Raw plant juice provides the nutritional value without the difficulty of assimilation and irritation of the digestive tract. A fact lightly alluded to at the beginning of this post has to do with the concentration of valuable nutritional components. By increasing the volume of ingestible liquid so to is the greater abundance of antioxidants and enzymes along with an increased level of vitamins, minerals and flavonoids. These combined elements reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, assist in removing toxicity and promotes faster cell replication.

Raw Juices Assist the Healing Process

When prepared appropriately to the person’s current digestive ability and status of health; raw liquid food can play a phenomenal role in excelling the healing process and the overall strength and energy of the person. Generally in such cases where a person is weak physically and lacks the power to digest whole food, vegetable and green juices are extremely beneficial. This form of nutrition passes easily through the gut wall and is quickly utilized.

The body by design is set up for an alkaline diet which happens to be sourced from mostly fruits and vegetables. The plant kingdom is grouped in such a way that the majority of edible fruits and vegetables are alkaline in nature, with a balance of acid varieties that easily accommodates our natural PH blood levels. Our body requires food with the life force still intact in order for regeneration to take place and the functioning of our systems depend on many elements that are forever lost during the cooking process.

Fruit Juice or Vegetable Juice for Healing?

Without any pretence, the population as I know it prefers the sweet in life. Fruit undoubtedly will go down without coercion with the picky eaters in the household. There are a couple of reasons why I do not fully endorse fruit juice into my healing therapies. One reason is fruit is laxative by nature thereby not highly recommended for treating gastrointestinal problems that do not involve constipation.

Another reason is fruit is high in vitamins yet low in minerals. Minerals are crucial for enhancing the healing process of the body. Raw fruit juice can be an additional healthy fluid if the balance of the nutritional requirements has been met throughout the day. In some cases, especially with younger children, a small amount of raw fruit juice may be incorporated into a carrot and green mixture or other vegetable formula, if the taste prevents the ingestion of the desired liquid. This should not become a habit and by providing explanation for why the vegetable formula is needed at this time, hopefully patience and knowledge will win out.

Use this form of liquid to incorporate other high quality supplements or whole foods that could be blended into the mixture. Look for suggestions in an upcoming post.

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