Best Health: Smoothies – Advantages and Disadvantages (5 of 5)

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Best Health: Smoothies – Advantages and Disadvantages (5 of 5)

Smoothies provide a excellent avenue for incorporating extra nutritional requirements as noted with most gut complaints like Crohn’s, Colitis, Celiac, IBS, Bulimia and any hard to feed individual. A certain amount of effort is needed by the digestive system but not as much as whole solid food. Smoothies do not assimilate as quickly as fresh liquid juices but appeal to everyone’s palette.

You will see the many advantages and a few disadvantages – there is also a main disadvantage at the end of this piece to view!

Brain and Appetite

Try to think whole meal replacement to the best of your ability, especially when going through a healing crisis or wanting to lose weight. It is vitally important to nutritionally support your body during anytime that an illness has promoted a poor or very limited dietary intake.

Equally important is when you would like your appetite center to turn off! Regardless of the reason for malnourishment – the brain dictates how fast or how slow we use up the energy from the food we eat via the thyroid gland. If it finds the level of nutrition to be low and in short supply – it will store as much fat and calories as it can!

Advantages of a Smoothie

Smoothies provide a wonderful medium for flavorful ingredients. The advantage of these thick milkshake type drinks is in their ability to disguise necessary health promoting supplements. Picky eaters or children who refuse to take supplements will not be aware of the several items so conveniently masked in these blends.

Many of the whole food supplements and purchased varieties will incorporate nicely into these mixtures. The ingredients can be adjusted to suit anyone’s palette. Healthy sweeteners will not pose a problem for diabetics or other glucose sensitivities. Safe sugar replacements include the herb stevia, raw honey and guava syrup. Black strap molasses and pure maple syrup are healthy choices but must be monitored for glucose intolerance.

Another advantage is smoothies provide a feeling of satiety – feeling full longer. This is especially true with the addition of protein powders and full fat yogurt for those who can tolerate this form of dairy. No matter what your diet restrictions are, there will be a source of protein that will accommodate your current digestive capabilities. Also, I highly endorse the raw egg yolk blended into juice or other non cooked mediums for an extra potent source of protein (contains the best nerve and brain fat when not cooked)

Disadvantages of a Smoothie

I don’t feel there are many disadvantages. It all depends on the circumstance for consuming such a liquid. If you are being extremely weight conscious, you will want to consider the calorie content of your ingredients. This does not need to be a major concern; even if the calories top your divided amount for the day, as long as you are consuming the smoothie early in the day such as breakfast time. Forty (40%) of your daily calories can be eaten before noon without compromising your weight loss program. Of course, remember to watch what calorie laden foods you may be consuming from that time on if you do not want to sabotage your diet success.

Smoothies can be a meal replacement if enough components are combined to constitute a complete meal. For example, be sure to include; a protein source, berries, fruit, omega 3 fatty acids like flax seed oil, yogurt or other probiotic supplement, nutritional yeast and any other quality food or supplement addition. There may be items earmarked to your personal nutritional needs and if liquid chlorophyll can be sufficiently disguised or not offending; it will help a great deal as a mineral complement.

Main Disadvantage of a Smoothie

A main disadvantage that I see from a dietary point, is these tasty drinks may become too much of a habit. By this I mean the other valuable liquids like vegetable and green juices may fall by the wayside. Vegetable juice is sweet tasting but cannot compare to a banana, strawberry chocolate smoothie even with some great supplements. The antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, and in particular, the minerals found in vegetables are required in sufficient amounts to maintain your health and body function. Not to mention the healing and restoration found in these raw juices.

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Best Health: Smoothies – Advantages and Disadvantages (5 of 5)


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