Best Health: Best Ingredients to Enhance a Juice Formula (4 of 5)

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Best Health: Best Ingredients to Enhance a Juice Formula (4 of 5)

The following list of whole foods and natural supplements will really excel the healing process for all Gut Dysbiosis such as Crohn’s, Colitis, IBS, Celiac, Anorexia, and Chronic Diarrhea as well as ensure continued health maintenance for the average person.

A few examples would be Nutritional yeasts (all B vitamins and all Amino acids in a powder form); protein powder either from rice, hemp, soy or whey; fish oil and flax seed oil or other omega 3 fatty acids. Probiotic supplements and yogurt along with most supplements may be added as well, to boost an individual’s nutritional requirements.


Protein powders are extremely helpful for a compromised digestive system, being far easier to assimilate compared to solid animal protein. When added to other liquids they will help keep you feeling fuller, longer.

Hemp Powders or ground seeds
Soy Powder
Rice Bran Powder and Flakes
Whey and Lactose Free Whey
Pea Powder
Bean Powder

Nut Butters

Nut butters offer flavor and an easily digestible source of protein. They work well in juice, smoothies, sauces and by the spoonful.

Sesame – Tahini

Essential Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids are in the greatest demand by the body. More functions than you could imagine depend on these quality fats to ensure your body functions optimally.

Fish oil
Krill oil
Ground Flax Seed oil
Evening Primrose oil
Walnut oil

Nutritional Yeast

Edible yeast is classified as a Superfood, containing all B vitamins and all essential amino acids – a complete protein source.

Nutritional Flaked Yeast
Brewers Yeast

Probiotics: Products that contain Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidus Strains

Homemade Yogurt
Organic Yogurt
Clabbered milk

Healing and Nourishing Herbs

These herbs singularly or combined have a huge impact on the microbial population throughout the body; combating the most stubborn infections. Ginger also helps with digestion and nausea.

Ginger: raw finely grated
Garlic: raw
Turmeric Powder

Algae and Seaweed

Sea plants offer 59 trace minerals that land plants cannot offer. They are an important iodine source, required by the thyroid gland for hormone production. Algae is considered by many to be a complete food source.

Spirulina – blue green algae
Chlorella – green algae
Kelp powder
Nova Scotia Dulse powder

Supplements: Assisted in Tolerance and Digestibility

Liquids and smoothies provide an ideal atmosphere for buffering extra supplemental nutrients that may be irritating to the stomach lining. Two scenarios come to mind.

1. A comprised digestive system is common with a person who has been in a healing crisis accompanied by a very incomplete and limited diet: Such an individual will find it hard to digest any solid material especially if the substance is in an inorganic form. Extra nutrients are needed to replenish the body, to enable it to return to a normal healthy functioning state. Raw juice that is alkaline offers a highly nourishing base and eases discomfort. Smoothies and juices that contain protein powders or yogurt are wonderful for buffering and gently assimilating extra nutrients into the system.

2. Healing agents and nutrition: Liquids and smoothies provide a solid base for allowing much needed nutrition to be incorporated into the daily diet. Complementary medicine in the form of liquid tinctures or powders is often required to accelerate the healing process and to combat unwanted symptoms. This form of remedy is gentler and does not add to inflammation, however, when a stomach and intestinal tract has been compromised by acidity, inflammation, bacteria or parasites and lesions; initially everything and anything could pose a problem. By starting out with liquids that do not require digestion in the way that solid food would, enables far greater success for prompting up the body as a whole while creating a healing environment


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