Best Health: Raw Juice Heals Gastrointestinal Problems and Prevents Disease (1 of 5)

Posted on Mar 4, 2015 in Celiac - IBS, Crohns - Colitis, Eating Disorders, Natural Health, Nutrition

Best Health: Raw Juice Heals Gastrointestinal Problems and Prevents Disease (1 of 5)

Juicing Vegetables, Greens, Fruit and Smoothies for Healing GI Problems and Disease Prevention. This post centers on why Vegetable juice is so Valuable for Healing Crohn’s, Ulcerative colitis, Colitis, Celiac and IBS? Other Nutritional Benefits: Nutrient Intake is Increased Exponentially

Vegetable Juice and Green Juice Offers Enormous Benefits

Living in industrialized society has subjected us to soil depletion, a side effect of modern day agriculture. Because the nutrient levels have become so low in the foods we consume, we would need to eat an unreasonable amount of food to try and make up for these shortages. Realistically, this is not going to happen. Aside from the antioxidants and live enzymes that are lost in cooked food, the concentration of all other nutrients is more than enough reason to make fresh juice as part of a healthy eating plan.

The process of digestion requires a great deal of energy and time. Minerals are vital for the healing and restoration process and juicing is one of the ways the body has a chance to reenergize itself at an accelerated rate. For anyone fighting a chronic or prolonged illness, their energy reserves will be in short supply.

When I look at a two ounce glass of concentrated green juice, I think of a little power house that will jolt the system and not be ignored. What appeals to me about green juice formulas are the plants that I do not routinely juice or never eat. Wheat grass and barley grass become an exciting addition to my diet. All plants have their individual gift and it’s that reward where the value becomes in maintaining a combination of vegetables and greens equipped to provide the widest nutritional benefit to the body.

The condensed mineral and chlorophyll base is more telling in the body than one might imagine. Our blood matrix is closely related to the green juice in plants – chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is wonderful for anemia and promotes more oxygen storage in the cells. Green plant juice is one of the few things that can effectively clean the lymph system. The release of toxins is enhanced and being that minerals are the building blocks of the body, do we really need another reason to include green plants in our juice formulas.

Green juice concentrate frequently amounts to a couple of ounces in volume and is often supplemented with fruit and spices. Lemon and lime are two favorite ingredients; either to counter the bitter taste instead of adding a sweetener or for the flavor itself.

Why is Vegetable Juice so Valuable for healing Crohn’s, Ulcerative colitis, Colitis, Celiac and IBS?

Diseases such as Crohn’s as well as most other gastrointestinal complaints have several commonalities in the area of food intolerances. Patients in acute stages find it difficult to digest many substances and malnourishment is always a complication. Part of my initial protocol in treating these ailments always involves the juicing of carrots as a primary ingredient.

Unadulterated raw food in the form of easily assimilated vegetable and green juices is highly beneficial for Crohn’s patients and all other gastrointestinal disorders. The benefits range from its nutritional value, to boosting and supporting the immune system along with other major functions and systems throughout the body.

Other Nutritional Benefits: Nutrient Intake is Increased Exponentially

Vegetable and green juice is teeming with immune supporting nutrients which are invaluable to a Crohn’s patient and all other similar ailments. Elements such as Falcarinol and beta carotene found in carrot juice are ideal for enhancing restoration of gut tissue, and healing lesions and broken capillaries.

Individuals with Crohn’s and other gastrointestinal problems typically have difficulty ingesting or retaining the nutritional properties of food. Carrot juice supplies a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, and electrolytes providing valuable nourishment to the patient while assisting the healing process.


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