Nutritional and Environmental Impact on Neurodevelopment

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Nutritional and Environmental Impact on Neurodevelopment

We have known for years, of factors that contribute to the increased cases of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders, some of which include a lack of key nutrients in their proper proportions from the onset of pregnancy and birth. Other influences are environmental toxicants, irregular development of microbiome, immune system dysfunction and autoimmunity, and oxidative stress – all of which affects a young developing brain – adversely.

Desperately Needed

Nutritional biochemistry as it applies to neurodevelopmental conditions must be assessed. The earlier a nutrient imbalance (deficiency) is recognized and then corrected, becomes crucial in offsetting future and escalating symptoms of brain degeneration creating abnormal behaviors. Nutritional influences on Neurodevelopment of a fetus or infant requires updating programs of health care professionals and medical education systems. Otherwise it is up to the parent and care givers to seek out the knowledge they need to counteract the early symptoms that begin to show; to ward off the life and family altering symptoms that follow when not addressed. Fortunately, there is much written material surfacing today and a wide range of alternative health practitioners for assistance if needed.

Nutrient Brain Requirements and Nutritional Intervention

Our brain requires a steady and ongoing supply of energy from the body systems. When key nutrients such as marine omega 3 fatty acids (long chained fatty acids) are missing, this has a direct impact on brain development. The brain is composed of at least 60% of these specialized fats. This also applies to maintaining brain health, memory and overall cognition throughout the whole of our life. There is much evidence of nutritional support of neurodevelopment in children, as well as the reversal of dementia in adults.

Concentrate first on key nutrients, required in their greatest amounts by the body/brain/glands and organs in the context of applied nutritional biochemistry. Some of these include omega 3 fatty acids (marine sourced), probiotics, magnesium, zinc, B vitamins and sometimes extra follate, iodine, selenium, L-Tyrosine, iron, calcium, vitamins A, E, D3 and C. Therefore focus on full spectrum nutrition that includes raw food and raw juices for their antioxidant, live enzymes and quality nutrients (vitamins and minerals), as well, microbiome (probiotics) and external environmental health.

Common Developmental Disorders

Autism spectrum disorders (ASD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), intellectual or learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, Down and fetal alcohol syndromes.


Do your due diligence when medications are suggested, especially to infants and young children. Investigate all side-effects either short term or long term. There is mounting literature of vaccines and other drugs that may play a part in cognition impairment.

Environmental toxins are another area to look into. Agricultural run-off, insecticide sprays, the long list of chemicals used to grow our food, air population, house hold toxins involving chemicals used in daily chores to glue in new furniture, synthetic clothing material and EMFs to name a few.

Chemical laden food and beverages is a consent bombardment on the body. Better choices must be made for any degree of success to manifest and be steadfast. As well the elimination of bad habits such as smoking cigarettes and consumption of alcohol, especially when pregnant and breast feeding. This is also a critical time for laying the groundwork to prevent the syndromes mentioned in this piece. Abnormal body functioning does not normally just come about, it is created. Even inherited weaknesses cannot be fully blamed for these weaknesses can be positively affected with the right missing links in many cases.

Missing Link

An ongoing problem exists with the lack of application of key body nutrients when their application could have the greatest impact. More often, medications are applied as a first line of defense and treatment, in some cases, along with a vitamin or certain mineral administered orally or intravenously. This of course is great but inadequate overall. Not enough nutritional elements are being investigated or applied. Appropriate supplementation is necessary to either correct or assist the imbalance and for tissue integrity.  Medication and our medical care service is critical and certainly has its application and benefit, but what about the substances that actually build our body of which without, our body cannot sustain itself or serve us in a manner we would all like.

In working with these conditions, the greatest impact of symptom reversal has been through nutrition intervention. The body responds rapidly to the replacement of missing key elements required for proper function and restoration. In all, the body has an amazing capacity to heal when properly supported. It never ceases to amaze me!

Below are several helpful sites/links to help your research plus other links throughout this article.

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