Protect Against and Eliminate Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Pollution

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Protect Against and Eliminate Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Pollution

Many would agree that technology does make our lives easier and yet we find ourselves faced with illnesses that did not exist a short time ago brought on by the very conveniences that countless people enjoy today. The consensus among researchers is that rather than causing direct harm, EMF’s create subtle changes within the body that lead to serious diseases. Extensive research throughout the world is being conducted over this growing worldwide health concern. Forward thinking governments and individuals alike have taken steps to bring awareness and to offer solutions for protecting citizens from the harmful exposure of EMF’s.

Other than the actual blocking of radiation, the most successful approach in dealing with the problems of exposure is to assist the body in the removal of damaging radioactive toxins from within out. This is accomplished through various detoxification methods which encourage elimination on a cellular level. To detoxify these noxious by-products the following procedures are used: specific nutritional and dietary regimes, herbal remedies, sweating through saunas and nutrients which induce flushing and perspiration. The following information expands on awareness, prevention, and elimination with the emphasis on natural solutions and modalities.

Who is Susceptible to Radiation Poisoning and EMF’s Environmental Toxins?

Anyone who has been previously or is currently exposed to the following circumstances:

Living near high voltage lines such as transformers

Laptops and computers

Wireless routers & Wi-Fi

Wireless printers

Radio frequencies: cell phones, cell transmission towers

Bluetooth wireless technologies

Cordless home phones

Microwave oven, heating pad, electric radio, clock radio

TV and CRT monitors (older style tube TVs)

Wireless speakers and other entertainment devices

Home lighting dimmer switches, treadmill, entertainment systems   (virtually all modern electronic devices)

Energy efficient lightening and power cords

Smart Meters – a system for monitoring electrical consumption

Fluroscopy/mammography or other medical x-ray exams

Radiotherapy treatment

Living near a nuclear reactor facility

Working in nuclear processing industries: uranium mining, uranium or plutonium processing

Occupations with diagnostic equipment

Radioactive particles or higher ionizing radiation levels from other sources such as frequent flights in higher altitudes or testing of atomic weapons etc.

Evidential Studies

Leukemia: Maria Feychting of Sweden’s Karolinska Institute examined 127,000 children who lived near big power lines for over 25 years and found twice the risk of leukemia. Interestingly, other studies which were conducted by epidemiologists were funded in part by the Swedish utility industry, confirming that the average magnetic field exposure over time was a critical factor in the development of disease.

Brain Tumors: A study in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine reported a steep increase in brain cancer rates over the past 12 years among the general public. Individuals working with computer monitors are developing primary brain tumors at nearly 5 times the expected rate.

Fertility problems: Women who were shown to be more susceptible to environmental assaults and who already had 2 or more miscarriages or who had fertility problems found the miscarriage risk to be 3 times higher when exposed to 16mG or more.

EMF’s and Melatonin: The hormone melatonin is secreted by the pineal gland in the centre of the brain which controls our sleep and waking cycles as well as enhances our immune system, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and plays a key part in preventing Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and heart disease. Studies indicate that EMF exposure can shut down melatonin secretion in the body.

Madga Havas, a professor of Environmental and Resource Studies at Trent University in Canada has conducted many studies which have been scientifically documented, on the health consequences from radiation exposure. M. Havas has gained world wide respect as an expert in the field of electromagnetic pollution. Professor Havas confirms conclusively that some individuals are sensitive to electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) emitted by wireless devices such as cordless phones emitted by DECT devices. “DECT” is a European standard for wireless communication technology which is used in most of the new cordless phones existing today.

What is the Major Concern in DECT Technology?

There are several areas of concern emanating from the proximity of this wireless communication.

DECT cordless phones emit radiation full-time whether the phone is on or off. This type of technology travels hundreds of feet penetrating through your home and the person’s within the home.

A survey of EMF home inspections found DECT phones in more than 95% of homes.

The market has expanded into many of the new baby monitors being used.

40% of subjects exposed to DECT cordless phones in a double blind study conducted by heart specialist, Dr. Jeff Marrongelle, Pennsylvania, and co-authored by Havas, experienced heart arrhythmia and 20% had a significant increase in heart rate.

The radiation levels to which the above trial subjects were exposed to was only 3% of the level of exposure deemed safe under the US Federal Communication Commission and Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 guidelines.

NOTE: DECT cordless phones are now banned in schools throughout parts of Europe.

Other Symptoms Surrounding Electromagnetic Fields (EMF’S)

• Breast cancer in both women and men, plus headaches, migraines, birth defects, depression, Parkinson’s disease, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, dizziness, chronic pain, difficulty concentrating, insomnia, fatigue, tinnitus, nausea, heart irregularities, skin rashes and flushing. Also, cell phones association with brain tumors and adult and child leukemia.

Detoxification and Healing Through Natural Solutions

Macrobiotic Diet: Recommended for any form of radiation treatment or sickness.

Potassium Iodide: This form of potassium is the preferred thyroid blocker for those personally handling radioiodine and as a treatment and prevention of radiation sickness.

Cysteine: Cysteine hydrochloride is an amino acid used for its protective qualities against radiation by halting the free radicals generated by ionizing radiation.

Seaweeds, Brown seaweed (Modifilan) Blue green algae, Chlorella: Seaweeds are whole perfect foods that protect the body against radiation and assist in the detoxification process while improving the immune system.

Dandelion, Licorice Root, Milk Thistle: These herbs are regarded as an essential component in any liver or kidney elimination and repairing procedure. The inherent nature of these plants benefits our systems; by stimulating the removal of toxins from every cell in the body; by strengthening and protecting these vital organs and for their antiviral, antioxidant and immune boosting qualities.

Raw Vegetable and Fruit Juices: Using raw foods in this form encourages the body to cleanse naturally while providing it with a high quality and easily assimilated form of nutrition.

Sweet potatoes, Spinach, Parsley, Asparagus: Many nutrients found in these vegetables bind to heavy metals and toxins, aiding the body in their elimination.

Kombucha Tea: Kombucha is a fermented beverage that has shown to be a potent detoxifier, antimicrobial, anticancer, liver protecting, antioxidant, and loaded with enzymes, amino acids, probiotics, polyphenols, vitamins and minerals.

Senna or Cascara Sagrada, Black Walnut hulls: Senna and C. Sagrada are laxative by nature but also increase the substances formed and discharged by the liver, pancreas and stomach. Black walnut hulls are well known as a parasite and bacterial cleanse.

Baths, Baking soda and/or Epsom’s salt: Salt and baking soda baths help the body extract all forms of radiation.

Calcium Bentonite Clay: A reported effective radiation detoxifier which may be used internally and externally.

Calendula, Zinc oxide, Aloe vera: For skin irritations and burns, these herbal and mineral extracts work wonderfully as a topical ointment.

Vitamin C, Antioxidants, Niacin: This group of nutrients alleviates the side effects of radiation while offering protection as well as amplifying the expulsion of many toxins.

Detox Body Cleanses

Liver and Gallbladder flush – Bowel and parasite cleanse – Kidney cleanse: A kidney cleanse simply involves diuretic herbs in teas or drinking plain water; Sweating is a great way to remove toxins using a sauna or eating herbs that produce excess heat like cayenne pepper or drinking hot liquids in a warm space. A bowel, liver and gallbladder cleanse, require a detailed program to be followed.

Children often require organ and system cleansing. Consult professional advice for the appropriate method of detox before administering any cleanse to a child.

It is impossible to live our lives without exposure to some form of EMF frequency. Be that as it may, we can still maintain control over the amount and frequent exposure; by deciding what proximity our homes are to power lines; by controlling where electronics are placed in the home to minimize our daily onslaught of radio waves; by installing blockers in the areas you live and work in; by employing health regimes to eliminate radiation from the body through cleansing programs and diet; and by simply being and staying informed about the hazards and consequences of technology as it continues to advance.

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