How to Create a Healthier Immune System Naturally

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How to Create a Healthier Immune System Naturally

All aspects of our lives impact the immune system. Learn what suppresses this all important system as well as what will bring it back to a state of optimum function. View below 5 all natural easy solutions that are guaranteed to turn your health around. Raising the integrity of this system will ensure the future health of those already well, lessen the frequency of infections, speed up recovery time from illness and improve chronic disease.

Common Immune Suppressants

As with optimizing our health, strengthening the immune system is achieved through diet, lifestyle, exercise, rest and attitude. Symptoms of the immune system having a clink in its armor include feeling in a weakened state, fatigue, recurring colds, lingering illness and slow recovery time, skin disorders, gut dysbiosis, appetite change and weight loss, to name a few. Relaxation and picking up deficiencies in your diet will greatly enhance your immune system, while sugar will depress this system for six hours after ingesting it.

1) Quality Sleep Raises the Immune System

Firstly, recognize the importance of adequate sleep – eight hours for a normal non-stressed person. And for those with serious illnesses, ten hours or more are needed daily to rejuvenate the immune system. Turn the TV off before sleeping and do not eat late or do vigorous exercise before bed. Do relaxation techniques like yoga, deep breathing or meditative audio tapes? Mediating at bedtime – in bed will often induce sleep. 

2) Avoid Immune Lowering Substances

A current reality in today’s industrialized world shows that we may not have control over the vast number of pollutants in our environment, but we can avoid many other chemicals over which we do have control.

  • Toxic substances including alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, heavy metals, medications and unnecessary drugs weaken this defense system.
  • Also avoid chemical laden food that is high in preservatives, fungicides and pesticides.
  • Reduce or eliminate all processed food: Buy fresh and cook your food.
  • Some substances like alcohol deplete antioxidants and destroy enzymes, along with B vitamins, C and zinc.
  • Antibiotics impair white blood cell function and disrupts bowel flora by destroying the good flora (Probiotics) which is 85 % of our immune system, plus they leave behind a foreign bacteria that now inhabits and proliferates in our intestinal tract.
  • Too much caffeine, like alcohol, is a diuretic which leaches vital nutrients from our bodies.
  • Coffee is far too acidic and destroys our friendly gut flora (Probiotics) and precipitates stomach ulcers.

3) How to Quickly Pick-up the Immune System

The immune system responds quickly when given the essential nutrients needed to keep this complex system strong.

  • Nutrients particularly crucial are Carotenoids; powerfuljuice-1006460_640 antioxidants found in carrots, pumpkin, broccoli, dark green leafy vegetables, apricots and peaches. Reports show one molecule of beta carotene can destroy up to 1000 harmful free radicals.
  • Phyto-nutrients such as Carotenoids (including beta carotene) stimulate the natural killer cell activity in the body and antibody responses.
  • Falcarinol is a newer lesser known property that is found in high amounts in carrots that has shown to be 10 times more effective at destroying cancer cells compared to beta-carotene. Juice them or cook carrots whole to avoid loss of this all important nutrient.
  • Vitamins A, E and selenium protect the white blood cells from free radical damage.
  • Vitamin C assists the thymus gland to produce T cells. Rich sources include all fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Zinc is needed for T cell production often deficient in the diet. Zinc is abundant in nuts and seeds, particularly raw pumpkin seeds and Brazil nuts, whole grains and leafy green vegetables.
  • The essential fatty acids (EFA’s) found in cold pressed oils like flax seed oil, walnut oil, evening primrose oil and fish oils such as salmon oil, contain linoleic acids, vital everywhere in the body and necessary for many metabolic functions. Immune response requires an omega 3 fatty acid, as does our inflammation response.
  • Probiotics, “lactobacillus acidophilus” known as friendly flora play an essential role in our defense system. Supplement your diet with fresh, plain yogurt, kefir or the freeze dried capsule form.
  • To lighten up the load on the lymph system and boost immunity, decrease dairy, protein, starches and sugars.
  • Increase your daily intake of whole grains – consider all colors of the rainbow when buying fruits and vegetables. Eat more raw foods.

4) How and What We Think Greatly Impacts our Immune System

Stress inducing thoughts can develop mental habits. The way we think will affect how we feel, even look and also affects our future. Whatever we think about most of the time transmits like circumstances and events to match the energy that is being sent out most often. Happy thoughts and feelings of gratitude will transmit and attract luck, success, happiness and contentment.

Exercise and sunshine will strengthen your immune system. Get out and enjoy any form of recreational activity that brightens your mood.

5) Detoxify the Body

For additional support to a healthier defense system, stimulate the elimination channels with detoxifying therapies. Keep the colon clean and moving well on a daily basis. Drink liquid chlorophyll in water and green juice to clean out the lymph system and assist the liver. Also drink fresh raw vegetable juice that includes carrots and beets. This will build resistance to disease and slow the aging process, while cleansing on a cellular level.

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