Weight Loss
& Anti-Aging Program
With Michelle Honda PhD


Conquer and Win the Will Power Battle

Welcome to a very unique weight loss program – one-of-a-kind. There is truly not anything else like this available. Make this your last weight loss program. To achieve long term changes, Michelle Honda PhD Holistic Doctor will teach you how to avoid repetitive weight gain and loss. Evidence clearly demonstrates that the body gets selfish in its letting go of calories after each diet. The same applies to severely low caloric intake diets. The brain remembers the dry spell and protects itself by holding onto all the calories it can in case it’s in for another long winter.

How is Michelle Honda’s Weight Loss Program Different?

  1. You are personally guided by a Holistic Doctor with PhD, a medical health professional – not a corporate chain employee.
  2. The program is really a health program specifically designed to help you lose weight. It’s not just a weight loss program like the others. Your health and your ailments will be addressed and will improve while you lose weight.
  3. Revolutionary Quantum Biofeedback and Hypnosis are incorporated to help you permanently eliminate cravings, reduce your appetite and much more.

Is Michelle Honda’s program is right for you?

To help you determine how well this program will work for you, get your basic questions answered by calling the clinic and speaking with Lee or Rose. If you then need more detailed information, feel free to book a 15 minute FREE CONSULTATION with Michelle Honda to get your specific questions answered.

Quantum Hypnosis

Powerful computerized hypnosis is a highly effective part of this program to modify your eating habits and strengthen your will power and resolve! By effectively eliminating your cravings and over eating, Michelle is able to help you loose weight for good. Quantum hypnosis is simple, yet incredibly effective. No other weight loss program uses this powerful technology.

Effectively Control Appetite and Will Power with Quantum Hypnosis

  1. Eliminate your cravings once and for all
  2. Win the battle with your lack of “will power”
  3. Effectively stop being hungry all the time
  4. Lose interest in chocolate, deserts, junk food and snacks
  5. Get committed to exercising!

Quantum Biofeedback is an added benefit not normally offered in traditional weight loss programs. High tech computerized biofeedback technology is used for effective appetite suppression, cravings elimination and more.

Lose Weight Fast and Keep It Off

Michelle works tirelessly researching and composing information to enhance her patient’s health on all levels. She is committed to finding the best quality products from the most whole and pure sources. She has an extensive background in the physiology and clinical nutrition which avails to the patient a much more comprehensive and informative understanding of ones individual health status. Michelle has published articles on weight loss and anti-aging as well as an arsenal of articles on all aspects of health. To view her published articles visit Michelle’s blog: www.michellehonda.com .

Problems associated with Weight Gain

Over the past two decades, rates of overweight and obesity have more than doubled for Canadian adults and nearly tripled among Canadian children. Medical complications associated with obesity are steadily rising. Obesity is related to major preventable chronic diseases. Improve your chances of maintaining a healthy weight with a weight loss program that includes researched dietary approaches, natural plant extracts, and quality supplements.

What else may I expect from attending Michelle’s program?

Because of her extensive knowledge and clinical experience, you will notice many other issues which may be plaguing you will fall by the wayside. The aging process will slow down to a crawl. Since the whole body and person are being addressed, you may for the first time in your life come to understand what great health is really all about. It is a sacred commodity and encompasses far more than just loosing inches and pounds.

Health Analysis by a Holistic Doctor

Current health assessment to include systems; Endocrine, Immune, Digestive, Gut (bowel) health, Nervous system, Physiological assessment, Deficiencies and Current Nutritional assessment.

Make Permanent Lifestyle Changes Easy to Stay With Nutritional Programs

  1. Healthy eating regime (not a diet)
  2. Proper food combinations to promote optimum absorption and digestion
  3. Foods which promote and maintain our natural internal balance, protecting your bones and lowering acidity throughout the body
  4. Why you gain weight
  5. Anti-inflammatory diet
  6. Changing food habits and changing your behavior
  7. Benefit of raw foods, juicing and sprouts
  8. Detox programs – cleanses included; Liver and Gallbladder, Kidney, Parasite, Sweating, Bowel and Lymph if needed

Program Overview

Initially, this is a 12 week program with weekly appointments with Michelle. The first week is one hour, and subsequent weeks are half an hour. You may lose up to 25-40 pounds in 12 weeks depending on your goals and commitment. The program investment is $999 (HST excluded. Supplements excluded,). Why a twelve week to a one year program? Depending upon the amount of desired weight loss, this program is structured for those who may need extended assistance. Additional 4 weeks packages are $250.

Why a twelve week to a one year program?

It took a long time for you to gain where you are at today. Quite frankly; there is a lot of information to cover, many things that will need to be accomplished to get you looking like a million dollars. This program is based on quality; quality products, quality time, quality information. The program is structured in such a way as to ensure that only serious, committed, health minded people who wish to make a permanent change with lasting results enroll into this in-depth program.

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