Introduction to Michelle’s Blog



Hello Friends

The journey begins. Some of the processes or steps will be readdressed as days and weeks go by however there must be a starting point. The difficulty I am faced with in this format is the inability to address the body as a whole; with all the current complaints; at once – initially.


Topics to Come

Since the Blogs inception, Feb. 2015, there are now too many topics to list and the topics covered are wide and varied among mainstream health complaints. The good news is I am providing the remedies and protocols to get someone started on the road to better health.

I realize that many people will want help and guidance for their gut disorders of which I will routinely include, although, I want something for everyone. I will incorporate essential nutrients that the body requires for functioning and maintenance. In addition, over the next 10 to 15 posts you will learn about the best whole food supplements that are very affordable and how to excel your health and enhance healing through liquids and easily digested foods. Others will be interspersed as time goes on. Also the magic of fiber; you will be surprised how many conditions and nutritional value there is hidden in different forms of fiber and why people suffering with gut dysbiosis should not be afraid of it.

The information I will provide applies to healthy individuals wanting to increase their longevity and avoid illness as well as to anyone dealing with a health complaint and wondering how to better support their body. Deficiencies play a huge role in a healing process and a weak body will fall prey to many imbalances followed by unwanted symptoms.


Specific Recommendations

Even though diarrhea most times accompanies gut dysbiosis problems, there are a number of circumstances where the incidence of diarrhea presents itself, such as on a cruise or geographic areas unfamiliar to our normal environment. The recommendations will apply to any situation where the body is trying to eliminate a bacteria form due to food poisoning or other culprit.

The same would apply to any remedies for pain and inflammation. Many people depend on medications that have unwanted side effects and a natural alternative could prove most welcomed since there are no detrimental side effects such as with the stomach and liver. For great information including causes and solutions, look for my book Reverse Inflammation Naturally released May 31, 2017, a requested write. There is a great need for this information and curative protocols. Many disease condtions are detailed in this book.

Replacement for antibiotics is becoming an even greater concern than pain and inflammation remedies. Naturally sourced antibiotics are the only ones that work on superbugs.


To Start

Essentially start by boosting your body through foods and liquids that really jump starts all the body’s functioning and restorative systems. You will find several posts regarding how to correct long term deficiencies and the best way to feed the body to produce the quickest turn around.

For your personal task, make a mental note of any bad habits that you would like to minimize or change. For instance, I do not suggest attempting to stop smoking before you empower the body so it can work with you in support of the big event. Without adequate nutritional support most would not have the stamina or energy to follow through on eradicating such addictive chemically laden substances. Everyone needs help when several key elements have been missing or are being leached from the body as noted with smoking, excess alcohol and high sugar and starch consumption.

It all comes down to feeling stronger which automatically promotes encouragement and a happier outlook.


Gastrointestinal Complaints

To all the sufferers of IBD disorders to include Crohn’s disease, Pan colitis, IBS, Celiac and so forth, I am hear to guide and inform you on a new healing path. It pains me a great deal every time I read that there is no solution for Crohn’s disease and related complaints. This is empathically not true.


Other Health Related Conditions

For further guidance and assistance, information and recommendations will be provided for the many complaints that the general public are all too commonly afflicted by. Some examples would be allergies, Cox 1 and Cox 2 inhibitors (pain), antibiotic replacement, yeast complaints, immune modulators and boosting, hot flashes, depression, fatigue, diet and supplementation. In addition quality nutrition and eating protocols, including weight loss, malnutrition and eating disorders. When is comes to topic or subject matter, the list could be pages long.

Make no mistake – the body is brilliant and has full capacity to heal itself. I only teach and guide a person on what is needed to restore the imbalances created. For instance, when approached with an intestinal or stomach complaint, I delve into the cause which isn’t always necessary for the healing process, rather the current triggers and antigens, along with acute and chronic symptoms……. Typical problems include diarrhea, bleeding, pain, inflammation, gas, bloating and malnutrition. Add to these all other disease or symptom complaints. Nature provides all the remedies, after all this is where drugs come from. Within days a healing cycle is started and the goal is as always, for a continuance of healing onto a full reversal.

There are several problems surrounding medications from which, as I continue to post, I will explain what is taking place and what natural complementary medicine is suggested for symptom complaints.


Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally – First Book

My first book “Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally” was published in 2013. The subject matter centered on specific gut dysbiosis and on all aspects of complaints surrounding gut disorders such as diet, depression and non drug solutions for the myriad of symptoms. Shortly after, I spent a good deal of time helping out on two forums. My concept is simply, stop breaking the body down and empower it to heal.


Second Edition: Reverse Gut Diseases Naturally – 2015

Later this year a second edition of R.G.D.N. will be available, published by Hatherleigh Press. This book offers 20,000 new words and concise and condense protocols for quick initial starting programs that have proved extremely successful. More help with diarrhea and related food items. The diet and recommendations have been expanded. Updated research for safer, gluten free choices and new government standards being implemented.

Additionally, sources for herbal remedies, drug replacement and supplementation. More dosage protocols as well as how to administer natural alternative medicine to children and infants. I also included several of the best research sites for alternative complementary medicine and phyto-chemstry (plants), along with guidance on drug and herbal interactions.


Up Coming Books


Look for my new forthcoming books “Reverse Heart Disease Naturally” (Jan.31, 2017) and “Reverse Inflammation Naturally” (May 31, 2017) and “Reverse Thyroid Diseases Naturally” (Fall 2017)

1. Earlier this year (2014) I stopped contributing on the forums since writing a complement book to the first. This new book has far more information about the nutritional value in the recommended foods, with recipes, and how to support and maintain critical systems in the body.

2. In addition to writing blog post content, I started another book focusing on Maximum Heart Health with a full diet program that will easily pull the fat from the arteries and not just body fat tissue. Weight loss will be experience automatically by those who desire it and not for those who are at their appropriate weight. The caloric intake is not considerably low and yet weight loss can be dramatic.


Area of Expertise

I work on all mainstream conditions however through my knowledge of phyto-chemistry and clinical nutrition along with a good understanding of physiology, I have been able to guide and teach my patients how to reclaim their health and remain medication free. A few examples include depression, post traumatic disorder, Schizophrenia, diabetes, all manner of gastrointestinal complaints, skin conditions, high cholesterol and blood pressure levels, women and men issues, autism, ADHD and so on.

Within my practice and dispensing of information through writing; teaching is the key aspect of what I do. It isn’t anyone’s fault that they do not know how to take care of themselves and their families. A common thread runs through all of us; we don’t know what we don’t know or haven’t been taught. Each time I blog I will share the concept of restoring the body, starting with building the body up.

A tired body cannot heal itself. One of the first topics will be on picking up the body and remedying malnutrition.

The intent of my blog site is to provide recommendations for all members of the family throughout the different stages in their lives and how to remain healthy and well in the future. There is a reason for everything that goes awry in the body.

Till next time, be well.
Michelle Honda PhD.