Easiest Cleansing Programs and Fasts (2 of 2)

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Easiest Cleansing Programs and Fasts (2 of 2)

The following describes protocols for short and longer fasts and cleansing programs. These consist of a one day program for lighter cleansing and weight management onto longer versions for deeper tissue cleansing and correcting health issues. Extended programs provide detailed guidance for one week and two week plans which consists of a daily food and fluid intake. Be sure to check out the corresponding post for the benefits and reasons why to consider such a program. Chronic skin issues and impacted bowels are just two conditions that greatly benefit from cleansing programs.

One Day a Week Fast – 1 Week Cleanse – 2 Week Cleanse Program

One Day a Week Fast

Fasting is a very quick way to eliminate toxins and wastes from the body. A one day a week fast can be useful for some people. Even though this suggestion works fine, many find it hard to fit it into a routine.

What Liquids Best Support a 1 Day a Week Fast?

Liquid chlorophyll is an excellent choice. It is extremely similar in composition to your own hemoglobin, therefore it will also nourish you at the same time. Take 2 teaspoons of liquid concentrate in a glass of water or as directed on the label and drink throughout the day. Another option is vegetable juice. You won’t be as hungry on vegetable juice as opposed to fruit juice all day long. If you are a particularly disciplined person, just water is also acceptable

1 Week or 2 Week Cleanse Program

For those individuals intrigued enough to experience a deeper tissue cleanse in a shorter time frame, you may follow the suggestions below over a two week period. In any circumstance, all elimination programs may be adjusted to accommodate the expectations of the participant.

  • Drink only water and fruit juices, preferably grapefruit, for the first three days.
  • Drink one glass of juice every four hours of the day. You may drink more if you feel very hungry or blend a raw egg yolk into one of the drinks once a day. Orange juice and an egg yolk blend nicely together.
  • The next two days eat only fruit such as grapes, melons, tomatoes, pears, peaches or plums.
  • Dried fruit is not allowed such as prunes, figs or peaches unless you soak them overnight. A baked apple is permitted.
  • During the next six days include vegetable juices (such as my juice formula). Breakfast may be a pint of juice or just citrus fruit. As a snack between breakfast and lunch choose any other type of fruit. Green juice is permissible.
  • Lunch choices include: salad with three to six vegetables and two cups of a healthy homemade broth or vegetable juice. Again, if hungry between meals try juicing a liquid salad; otherwise, choose your staple of fruit or other fresh juices.
  • Dinner may be a combination of two or three steamed or sautéed` vegetables and two cups of your favorite broth. Vegetable or fruit juices can be taken before bed, if desired.
  • For maximum benefit, strict adherence to any dietary program is an absolute necessity to achieve optimum results. Eat plenty, but try not to fill up especially when eating solid food. As with all fasts or very restricted health programs, adequate rest may be required.

Michelle Honda’s Broth Recipe

Chicken and beef bones – cooked ahead for at least 2 hours and strained using only the broth. Add 1 small bunch of kale, 2 cups carrots with tops, 5 cloves of garlic, 2 cups of potato peelings (potatoes scrubbed well before peeling and cut ½ ” thick), 2 cups of beet tops, 6 stalks of celery and leaves, and 2 quarts of distilled water. You may add low sodium vegetable broth seasoning for additional flavor. Chop and combine all ingredients. Bring to a boil slowly; simmer 1 ½ to 2 hours. Strain using only the broth.

TIP: When you have finished your fast or cleanse, remember a little rule; eat lightly going into a fast, and the same way when finishing a fast. Especially when a person has just completed a lengthier program, the system has become used to a much lighter diet. The stomach will have undergone shrinkage, filling up much more quickly. Even though you may feel you have finished with this regime, your body will not wish to readjust too quickly.

* Including some version of fasting is a wonderful practice to do on a semi regular basis; for losing weight, cleaning out the colon and liver or lymph fluid as well as, a general assistance to the body in eliminating toxic build-up. Although in the case of correcting chronic health conditions in the body, this type of program can be life changing. For example, when treating chronic constipation and relieving diverticulitis symptoms. In addition, skin sores and rashes or edema are just a few problems benefited by cleansing.

Easiest Cleansing Programs and Fasts (1 of 2)


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