Fungus – Contributor to Cancer

Posted on Nov 22, 2019 in Natural Health, Nutrition, Virus-Superbugs-Bacteria

Fungus – Contributor to Cancer

Throughout our history beliefs have governed our behavior – even controlled it in many circumstances. Science has been changing the way in which we are viewing the world, stretching our imaginations and in some instances, questioning belief systems that don’t always seem to fit certain criteria or individuals. Be that as it may, the scientific world is opening up new and unfamiliar pathways with potentials of different healing and treatment modalities. With the continued advancements in science, there are ongoing medical beliefs that are being proven incorrect such as the pancreas being a sterile organ or that cancer primarily strives on protein. Instead sugar is cancers primary food source. There is a newer cancer potential being brought to our attention ‘fungi’.

On October 3, 2019, The New York Times published an article: “The Pancreas, Common Fungi May Drive Cancer”. This piece was formulated from a study sited October 2019 in the Nature Journal. This journal is a highly respected British multidisciplinary scientific publication since 1869. The main point expressed in this study shows that fungi migrate from the gut lumen to the pancreas causing cancer in humans and mice. The study showed an overwhelming prevalence of fungus in pancreatic tumors – 3000 fold compared to healthy pancreas tissue!

Note that the species of fungal mycobiome that was found in the pancreas was not the same mycrobiome found in our gastrointestinal tract, nor was it the same that occupies a normal pancreas. The species is called Malassezia. The problem we face is when fungus becomes trapped in the pancreas; it then accelerates tumor growth by activating MBI (mannose binding lectin) a liver enzyme. This enzyme is what our immune system uses to fight off infections. Unfortunately, if too much of this enzyme (MBI) is activated, it triggers the growth of cells -even after an infection is eradicated. Therefore, Pancreatic cancer may be prevented by assessing the fungal population, especially for those who at risk for pancreatic cancer.

One of my favorite books “Biology of Belief “published almost a decade ago, was written by Bruce Lipton, a cell biologist. This book was ground breaking, he discovered as many of us have come to know, that all the cells of our body are affected by our thoughts and emotions, which in turn then affects the biochemistry of our brain and our cells –“ creating precise molecular pathways”. Looking at all encompassing factors involving illness and disease, I realized a long time ago, well before B. Lipton’s book, that genetics played a small part in the path or health direction people finds themselves on. There is a newer science body that has recently proven such theories called epigenetics, showing that genetics actually play less than 10 percent on our lives or even as a collective specie. It’s our environment, which includes what we are or are not taking into our bodies that contribute to our internal environment, as well as the energy of our thoughts producing emotions that serve us or that do not support well being. Our environment is a major influence in our gene expression.

Irene Yaychuk-Arabei, ROHP, PhD wrote about how Dr. Oz was criticized for allowing Dr. Mercola on his show speaking on a remedy and cause of cancer. The following dialogue also supports the importance of maintaining a proper pH internal environment to ward off cancer, something Holistic practitioners learned several decades ago. “In 2011, said that one of the reasons for the criticism was because Dr Mercola published: “cancer could be caused by common fungi and might be treatable with baking soda.” The use of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) was published in the journal of Cancer Research in 2009 showing that solid tumors have an external acidic pH which stimulates tumor growth and metastases which is the result of glucose metabolism producing lactic acid According to a 2013 Credit Suisse Research Institute study, 40 percent of healthcare expenditures are the result of sugar consumption. Sugar promotes cancer and chronic disease through mitochondrial dysfunction, burning a dirty fuel and damaging cell membranes with free radicals. Malignant tumors pH ranges between 6.5 and 6.9. Normal tissue pH ranges between 7.2 and 7.5. A 2018 study published by the journal Cell, concluded that the addition of baking soda can improve the effectiveness of conventional cancer treatments. Solid tumors excrete acid that spreads cancer cells. Cancer cells feed on and are accelerated by a diet high in sugar. Research is also showing that sodium bicarbonate helps both prostate and breast cancers. Cancer researcher Ralph Moss says that this is research every cancer patient should know about and should be considered part of an Integrated Cancer Treatment.”

This piece is to promote the importance of sugar elimination, alkaline diets and the application of alkalizing supplements. There are many wonderful natural substances available to eradicate cancer, yet many who suffer with this illness will never become privy to them – mainstream medicine offers drugs, chemo therapies and surgery, not alternative choices. Least not forget approaching an illness holistically involves the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects – all of which affects gene expression.

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