How the Flu Affects Your Brains Function

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How the Flu Affects Your Brains Function

You might be surprised to learn that illnesses like colds and flu and other viruses, can affect how our brain functions – not just during but aftermath as well.(3) There are of course many other reasons for brain shrinkage and dementia/Alzheimers conditions related to specific nutrient deficiencies and much more. But know that infection can hamper our memory and brain functionality even after you are well and healed.

Inflammation is not just regulated to our lungs and respiratory system during a flu virus attack. Inflammation also attacks the neurons in our brain.

Microglia Cells React

Of the many tasks performed, microglia, are a class of immune cells which maintain the synapses* between our brain neurons. They also help to monitor our neural pathways involved in our memory and reasoning capabilities. Some call them our brains garbage collectors.

*Synapses: the areas where messages are passed between neurons by electrical and chemical signalling. This process and area is vital for the formation of our thoughts, emotions and memories.

How Does This Affect Brain Function?

Our immune system is well equipped to fight off pathogens and deal with them in a timely manner, especially when functioning properly. The problem stems from the fact that when you have the flu virus, your inflammatory process triggered by your immune system, will not simply stop at the flu bug. Our body’s protection systems will extend further, case in point, our brain.

This is where the microglia gets involved. These immune cells are now put on alert causing an inflammation response affecting healthy neurons. This results in “cognitive dysfunction associated with influenza infection.”1

This set of events also lowers ones moods. Research verifies that brain inflammation can cause depression by way of its affect on cell growth and cell death. 2

As well, obsessive compulsion disorder (OCD) is linked to brain inflammation. As high as 30 percent of individuals suffering with OCD have brain inflammation compared to those that do not suffer with this condition. The related inflammation has to do with the microglia immune response (cells that interrelate between the neurons) showing to be enhanced in 6 different areas of the brain – all of which is implicated with the onset of OCD symptoms. 4

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Be aware that while you are recovering from colds and flu or worst – do not expect to be as mentally sharp or focused. Memory and function will appear better once you are well, but there can be sustained damage. To undo the damage, your brain tissue including neurotransmitters much be supported, all of which you will find in the next book of this series.







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