Natural Liver and Gall Stone Cleanse

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Natural Liver and Gall Stone Cleanse

A liver/gallbladder cleanse has often been used to prevent losing your gallbladder due to stones, infection and gravel. If your gallbladder has been removed, a cleanse may still be warranted for the stones can now form in your liver. An x-ray scan will show what is taking place in the gallbladder if pain starts occurring in the upper right quadrant of your abdomen – oftentimes people notice pain associated with eating certain foods. 

You Will Require:

One Enema Bag with a Hose, or an Enema Bulb and refill it several times. Check out your Pharmacy or Drug stores, both are good sources to find either a disposal enema (which is easy to squeeze) or an enema bulb.

Best Choice: Look for box containing a hot water bottle that holds 6 cups at time with a hose, enema end and a douche end plus clamp or other similar product. This is by far the most convenient product to use and repeat the process as needed or in the future.


1 cup pure extra virgin olive oil

1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

2 garlic capsules or 1whole garlic clove sliced and strained

1 bottle pure cranberry juice, alternating with water; or a high quality liquid berry juice or vegetable juice formula; or make your own vegetable juice throughout the day

Small amount of Vaseline or Vitamin E

1 teaspoon of honey may be mixed into the olive oil and lemon juice mixture if desired.

1 double shot glass. A straw may be useful to avoid the taste of the oil. 

Day of the Cleanse:

NO FOOD ALL DAY. Drink fresh or high quality juice instead (this is known as a “juice fast”)

At approximately 5:00 p.m. prepare the enema solution by dissolving the 2 garlic capsules or clove in 8 to 10 cups of boiling water. Put aside and allow to cool to a comfortable body temperature.

Approximately 3 hours before normal bed time commence enema.

Enema Apparatus Choice

The knee to chest position is best or if using the hot water bottle with a hose, lie on your side and rest on a pillow.

1 Fill enema bag or refillable enema bulb with the garlic solution. Another choice is a disposal saline solution enema from the drug store and refill.

Put Vaseline or Vitamin E on the nozzle to ease insertion.

2 Hot water bottle/hose method or a bag and hose method:

Run some solution through the hose to eliminate air.

Insert nozzle and hose into rectum – no more than 3 inches.

Bag and Hose: Open valve and allow solution to run. Hang bag at the height of a bathroom doorknob, no higher.

Hot Water bottle and Hose: Fill the hot water bottle and rest it on the coffee table – 18 to 20 inches is enough for gravity.

When approximately 1 pint of the solution has been used, close the valve and hold for a few moments. The first time of insertion, you may feel the most urgency to eliminate. Once the initial pressure is released, you will be able to hold the solution without the same feeling of urgency.

Upon the second insertion of fluid, follow by removing the tube and lay on your back. Combine your hands together, pointing your fingers and tracing your colon starting at the bottom of your pelvis “groin area” and trace the sigmoid colon up and along the top of the transverse colon, starting on the left side continuing up and over to the right side of the body under the rib cage. This exercise further assists the process of elimination more quickly and thoroughly. You will not feel anything in doing this procedure but it helps move the solution upward and onward.

Repeat until all the solution is used in the above manner. Sometimes more solution may be needed if you continue to see feces being eliminated. 

Following Enema:

Take 1 double shot glass of olive oil, followed by 1 double shot glass of lemon juice. Repeat every 15 minutes until both cups have been used up, or combine the oil and lemon together; shake and drink ½ cup every 15 minutes. Do not lie down immediately when finished. Wait at least 1 or 2 hours. Walk a little to make sure it has started to descend into the colon.

Go to Bed. Lie on your right side and gently massage below rib cage, from left to right, for a few minutes. Put a pillow up against your back to help assist you to remain lying on your right side.

Go to sleep and wait for a result the following day. You may wake up earlier than normal to eliminate. Also expect to eliminate a few times that morning in light amounts. Check the stool for color change. The stones can be green, black, red, white or tan colored. They may appear as stones, gravel or mush. Fat tends to float.

After Cleanse: 

To avoid repetition of gall stone problems it is best to drastically reduce your intake of fried foods, as well as eliminating this cooking process completely from ones diet. If a gallbladder is removed, stones can now form in the liver itself. For this reason it is still a good idea to have a yearly liver cleanse (or two). More so if stones are a persistent problem, either in the liver or the gallbladder. Refer to the liver suggestions to help heal the liver and better support the gallbladder.

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