Naturally Treat Substance Abuse

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Naturally Treat Substance Abuse

Our conscious and subconscious thoughts can put us into crisis situations. When it comes to the ruling power, our subconscious mind is many times more powerful than our conscious mind that holds our creative force. Even the most common forms of addiction are simply a misguided attempt to correct an imbalance in your current and ongoing thought processes. However it has not been my professional experience that it is that simple. Along with the emotional or dysfunctional issues a person may experience in their life, there is a strong biochemical imbalance that can only be addressed by evaluating key nutritional elements.

The main area of the endocrine to pay attention to is your thyroid gland and your adrenal glands. For instance, nutrients that are thyroid supportive are also ones that are necessary for the production of dopamine and two main adrenal hormones. Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil are also essential. Our body cannot maintain emotional balance nor will it be able to sustain us when it is missing many nutritional elements that spans over years and then over ones lifetime.

Very often patterns will develop from the onset of early childhood, when events or circumstances were not dealt with in a healthy way. As a result, it became easy to blame the influence of the outside world such as your parents, friends, the drug and so forth, for your unhappiness. All too often we feel trapped by society, constantly seeking approval which only leads to smothering our unique individuality. When a healthy balance cannot be met, desperation arises and all or nothing circumstances may develop.

Drugs and alcohol have been used for centuries in all cultures either in ceremony or as medicine. The misuse of these substances by modern day people has created dependency in an attempt to avoid their problems and dull their pain. These substances offer temporary relief masking the real issues and preventing people from finding the clarity of mind to understand and solve their own problems. In trying to understand why some individuals fall more prone to chemical dependency, researchers endeavour to find an answer. There is speculation that a varying degree of hormone levels or particular enzymes cause some individuals to be more inclined to form habitual behaviours whether it is gambling or substance abuse.

Natural Solutions

There are a number of natural treatments available that effectively support and alleviate the many challenges facing anyone fighting to regain their right to live a healthy life and experience joy. Alcohol and drugs have been treated successfully with the following therapies; herbal remedies, homeopathy, acupuncture, detoxification programs, nutrition, biofeedback, hypnotherapy, yoga and relaxation programs.

Many chemical substances and stimulants are addictive causing dependency and habitual behaviour. Essential nutrients are being leached from the body whether it’s through a simple caffeinated beverage, alcohol or other substance, any of which will enhance cravings. Cravings for stimulants such as tobacco and alcohol may be associated with the low blood sugar syndrome. Remove sugar, honey and other sweet foods while keeping with adequate protein consumption as recommended by a healthy, basic food plan. Besides the leaching element of nutrients accompanying addiction, most people with drug or alcohol dependencies suffer with malnourishment. Supplemental and dietary programs must be addressed to reverse the damage to the body.

Aiding Detoxification

To assist overcoming addictions, eliminate excess amounts of salt, animal protein, refined or hydrogenated fats, processed foods, white products, sugar and food allergens. These above items contribute to imbalances in the body, slowing down the healing process. Detoxification and cleansing programs simultaneously remove toxins while nourishing the tissues with an easily absorbed material. A combination of carrot, parsley, beet, dandelion, and celery juice support the kidney and liver while boosting the whole system.

Herbal teas such as milk thistle, sage and red clover will add extra support in the detoxification process in the form of blood cleansing and liver support.

Nutrients such as NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) and GABA (Gamma aminobutyric acid) help with chemical and alcohol addictions. NAC is regularly recommended to smokers and second hand smokers and for other chronic respiratory conditions. To assist detoxification, NAC stimulates glutathione (an antioxidant) which enhances the removal of free radicals via the liver. This process makes NAC an effective treatment for acetaminophen, alcohol poisoning and other chemical addictions.

GABA on the other hand has clinically been used to treat anxiety, depression and alcoholism and is a necessary neurotransmitter for smooth running brain reactions. To further aid the healing process increase the alkalinity of the blood by incorporating a diet of mostly fruits, vegetables, green drinks and fresh juices. Acidic conditions will be lowered and the optimum alkaline/acid blood balance will be raised.

Natural Remedies – Plant Botanicals

Herbs in the form of a tea or tincture are the preferred method of chamomile-829487_1280application. Tinctures are more quickly absorbed when put on the tongue and held for 30 seconds – and then swallow. May take every 15 minutes for 8 dosages in acute instances. Dosage is as needed. They are non addictive and will not interfere with normal sleep patterns when you no longer require them. They may be used for insomnia or jet lag whenever needed.

Valerian, Skullcap, and Passionflower are a few nervine herbs commonly recommended when a calming or sedative effect is required. These herbs assist in repressing the withdrawal symptoms associated with dependency such as cravings, nervousness, dizziness, insomnia, depression, irritability and obsessive and compulsive behavior.

Other herbs used to encourage a calming or sedative effect include St. John’s Wort, Lemon Balm Chamomile, Catnip and Bach Flower Remedies. To reduce ones appetite for alcohol, the traditional Chinese herb Kudzu root is often prescribed as a bitter tea.


Homeopathic therapies have considerable success in creating a natural aversion to alcohol. For instance, Nux vomica is a potent detoxifier and can often remove a hangover within minutes. Nux vomica relieves symptoms of delirium, trembling, nervousness, cramps and irritability. Opium is another remedy for minor hangovers to be taken in the morning after. Other options include Agaricus, Arsenicum, Lachesis, Quercus glandis and Sulphuricum acidum.

For more specific treatment in the area of drug abuse homeopathy assists with the symptoms of withdrawal, detoxification and aids tissue repair. The following recommendations are particularly effective in assisting the abuse of illegal and over the counter drugs; Arsenicum album, Avena sativa, Carbo veg, Ignatia, Nux vomica, Pulsatilla and Sulphur.


Auricular acupuncture has successfully eased patient’s withdrawal symptoms from alcohol and other addictive drugs since the early seventies. During this time, Dr. H. L. Wen, a Hong Kong neurosurgeon accidentally discovered the usefulness of acupuncture in treating the symptoms of opium and heroin drug addictions. This mode of treatment has been duplicated in Europe and America where along with furthering the healing process; the excretion of the toxic substances is enhanced resulting in the patient feeling better, faster.

Faith or Belief Conviction

Religious commitment has a strong influence in the prevention and treatment of substance abuse. Research has shown the addict whom attended a religiously based program found withdrawal symptoms to be significantly less than those who did not attend. Furthermore, adolescents in public school whose parents placed importance on church attendance and obedience had lower incidence of substance abuse.

Addictions are a coping mechanism. Dysfunctional patterns are learned therefore they can be unlearned. People have and innate ability to conform for their survival or to have their needs met. The first step in the healing process is to have a full understanding of what needs to be healed. With careful examination of how and why behaviour started and who is involved, a person may be open enough to expose themselves to new ideas.

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