Nutritional Needs for Children Returning to School

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Nutritional Needs for Children Returning to School

We live in a time when fast food and fast living has become the mainstay of our everyday lifestyle. Feeding your children quality nutrition will have enormous benefits and less visits to the doctors’ office. Your child will experience fewer allergies and infections, better sleep, improved behavior and grades.

Unfortunately, parents must deal with the nutrient robbing foods, sometimes called lifeless or foodless food. Regardless of the name or substance, the following offenders increase the bodies’ demand for more nutrition. These include pop, food dyes and additives like aspartame, white sugar and flour products, processed food, excessive carbohydrates and bad fats.

A healthy eating regime will maintain and elevate the health of the whole family. Our bodies function at less than optimum when our dietary intake is completely void or deficient of a needed nutrient. In treating a specific problem, we recognize that the tissues of the body require many varying nutrients in order to function properly.

Mistake Adults Make

A quick note of observation that I see parents and adults in general do that is not in keeping with a childs best interest – is feeding them large amounts of sugar and food that would be an adult portion. Please realize they have small bodies and their fat cells are producing primarily up to the age of 14. A child will not say no to sweets and other carbs – it is up to you to be the responsible care giver and know that this discernment will make life easier for all in the long run!

Building Healthy Bones and Muscles

The majority of our bones are formed between the ages of twelve to twenty five. Very little attention is given to the formative years when our bones are developing. If your child has a problem with dairy or does not like green vegetables, consider supplementing with a quality product containing calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and zinc. To better protect the bones, monitor the child’s sugar intake for it leaches calcium from the body, as does junk food and pop. Following a fracture, increase their calcium and mineral intake. Proper growth of our skeletal system will help ensure against osteoporosis in later years.

Muscles also depend on calcium to function properly. If the child experiences leg cramps while sleeping, or has twitches, increase calcium at bedtime. Magnesium is also suggested for relaxing muscles. When the fingers and toes cramp; vitamin B6 is indicated. Weight bearing and resistant exercise will increase bone and muscle strength. Protein is necessary to build muscle. However, a diet too high in phosphorous found in animal protein, carbonated beverages and processed foods, contributes to weaker bones. A balanced diet consisting of adequate protein, with fruits and vegetables is vital to keep the next generation healthy.

Frequent Colds

Soon after returning to school, the sore throats and colds start. It is not normal for a child to have frequent colds or flu. Vitamin C has antiviral effects as well as it fights infections, heals connective tissue and has natural antihistamine properties. Allergies and cold symptoms are prevented or alleviated by increasing vitamin C. If by chance, your child is taking C for a cold and bronchitis follows, it may indicate that vitamin A would be more beneficial or needed as well. When vitamin C does not seem to be doing the trick, the dosage may be too low or a deficiency of minerals and other vitamins is present. Too much junk food, milk or other foods can be the problem or all of the above.

Administering Herbal Medicine to Children

Nature has powerful medicinal herbs that can effectively assist your immune system in its fight against viruses. The following suggestions may be purchased in combination formulas or singularly in the form of a tincture, softgel, capsule or dried herb to be brewed as a tea.

Probiotics (good bacteria) is critical to support your families immune system since this form of microbes makes up 85% of your immune system.  A major problem stems from taking antibiotics which then napalms this crucial system. Therefore you need to know how to administer natural remedies to your children and family.

For this reason I have provided below how to figure out dosages for all supplements and remedies that are adult dosage on the label. You can purchase child equivalent products but you do not need to buy separate products that the rest of the family cannot use. The main advantage to child friendly products is taste. You can get creative and disguise the off-putting taste of these items.

Echinacea with its many immune enhancing compounds stimulates white blood cells to eat up foreign invaders such as viruses and they help our bodies to resist cold and flu.

Colloidal silver and Oregano oil kills superbugs that antibiotics cannot!

Astragalus may be one of the most important herbs for strengthening the immune system. It is similar to Echinacea in that it can be used to prevent a cold and flu or shorten its duration.

Reishi is referred to as the mushroom of immortality by the Chinese. Herbalists classify Reishi as a tonic and adaptogen that strengthens and invigorates the body.

Goldenseal is a powerful anti-microbial. The main healing component in goldenseal, berberine which activates special white blood cells that are responsible for destroying bacteria, fungi and viruses.

Other considerations for charging ones immune system and fighting invaders include: Myrrh, Licorice Juniper berries, Garlic, Ginger, Chaparral and Lomatium.

Determining Dosage

Determining the dosage for a child, take into consideration, age, weight and the overall health of the child. As a general rule, based on the child’s age, using Young’s Rule: Add 12 to the child’s age. Divide the child’s age by this total. For example, the dosage for a four year old: 4 divided by 16 = .25, or ¼ of the adult dosage.

A tincture example: When an adult dose is 1 teaspoon or 60 drops;

3 to 6 months         2 drops                            6 to 9 months       4 drops

12 to 18 months     7 drops                            2 to 3 years         10 drops

4 to 6 years           15 drops                             9 to 12 years       30 drops

Immune Enhancing Supplements for Children

  • Green drinks containing wheat grass or concentrated chlorophyll: 1 teaspoon in water or juice daily
  • Essential fatty acids (EFA’s) 1 tablespoon daily: i.e. Flax seed, hemp or triple fish oil softgels
  • Probiotics (acidophilus and bifidum) 1 teaspoon daily of powdered or 1 tablespoon of fresh culture
  • Vitamin C with bioflavonoids: 500mg daily
  • Fresh vegetable and fruit juices: loaded with vitamins, minerals and enzymes
  • Larch arabinogalactan: 1 teaspoon daily, (a bitter taste) taken with juice;- Found naturally in plants, including radishes, carrots, black beans, pears, tomatoes and wheat, but most abundantly in the Larch tree. The herb Echinacea also contains significant amounts of this property.

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