Proteolytic enzymes – cancer and more

Posted on May 17, 2016 in Natural Health, Nutrition, Nutritional Supplements

Proteolytic enzymes – cancer and more

Proteolytic enzymes are showing to be today’s modern miracle. Enzymes sustain life and can improve your quality of life. Your body contains approximately 75,000 different enzymes, yet one cannot duplicate the function for another.

As we age proteolytic enzymes decrease in our body. In fact, experts report, shortly after the last drop of these enzymes are produced by our body, we cease to exist. Taken in supplement form, proteolytic enzymes have powerful applications to many health problems.

Research shows that highly concentrated proteolytic enzymes are able to break down undigested protein, cellular debris and toxins in the blood; inhibits biofilm embedded bacteria, reduces inflammation, increases circulation and wards off food and airborne allergies. Additionally, these formidable enzymes demonstrate a selective anti-cancer cell activity (selective oncocytolysis causing cancer cells to loose their nuclei).


Therapeutic Use of Proteolytic Enzymes


Reduce Inflammation

Proteolytic enzymes can go to the source of the arthritis and break up the waste accumulations that cause pain and swelling. In the case of osteoarthritis, calcium comes out of solution when there is too much salt in the diet, creating a deficiency of organic sodium – the main element in the lymph system. Hence calcium is left behind and being that it is a hard mineral, digs into soft tissue causing pain, swelling and inflammation. Such conditions can be manageable and are also reversible. Throughout Europe and Asia, physicians have recognized the anti-inflammatory and pain blocking benefits of these enzymes and have found them to be an effective alternative to the temporary pain relief offered by prescription and over the counter medications.

Fibrosis and Scar Tissue

Fibrin is an invasive mass naturally forming in our body’s promoting the growth of cysts, blood clots, pulmonary and kidney fibrosis and reduces the function and size of our organs as we age. This unique group of enzymes has the ability to digest scar tissue and fibrin, suggesting a multitude of applications.

Promote Healthy Circulation

Individuals experiencing circulatory problems are often deficient in proteolytic enzymes. With adequate levels of proteolytic enzymes, debris and toxins are more easily broken up thereby improving circulation to the heart, muscles, tissues and organs.

Fight Viruses

Healthy cells are susceptible to many types of biological attack. In the presence of proteolytic enzymes, viruses do not have any protection against damage or rupture (lysis), therefore are dissolved or inactivated by these enzymes. Clinical observations suggest that proteolytic enzymes could enhance results in the treatment of contact lens and endo-ocular prosthetic device infections.

Maintain a Healthy Immune System

Supplemental protease supports your body’s defense mechanisms and builds up the immune system to help our body heal faster.
A primary application for proteolytic enzymes is their ability to digest dead and foreign matter and stimulate new healthy tissue. These qualitative enzymes may even be applied topically to burns to help clean the area of dead tissue.


Serrapeptase is a highly fibrinolytic enzyme that can digest dead tissue, cysts and blood clots. Due to its anti-inflammatory action, Serrapeptase blocks the release of pain inducing amines from inflamed tissues. Clinical trials support Serrapeptase ability to benefit chronic sinusitis, fibrocystic breast disease, edema, and plaque accumulations in arteries. A powerful facilitator by itself, Serrapeptase through research has significantly enhanced the activities of antibiotics against biofilm embedded bacteria.


Proteinase derived naturally from Aspergillus Oryzae, is a highly active form of the enzyme protease. This proteolytic enzyme has been of keen interest to researchers since it demonstrates incredible resiliency to the harsh acidic environment of the stomach, allowing it to past through to the intestines. Among the many indications, Proteinase benefits all urogential inflammations such as prostatitis and their complications; a treatment for prosthetic device infections, removes toxic waste and excess free radials that inhibit recovery and cancer. Coupled with Serrapeptase, creates even more fibrinolytic benefits.


Nattokinase is a potent fibrinolytic enzyme extracted from a Japanese fermented food called Natto. While other foods contain enzymes, it is only the natto preparation that contains the nattokinase enzyme. Dr. H. Sumi discovered this enzyme while searching for a natural agent that could successfully dissolve thrombus (blood clots associated with heart attacks and stroke). Sumi stated that nattokinase showed “a potency matched by no other enzyme.”


Bromelain is a proteolytic, anti-inflammatory food enzyme from pineapple commonly used to aid digestion. Besides addressing gas and bloating, it appears to be a natural enemy to asthma and bronchitis.

Enzymes are required by the body to stimulate and accelerate many biological reactions. Proteolytic enzymes help balance the body’s natural chemistry, improving general wellness and allowing for a more effective treatment of ailments characterized by inflammation, recurring pain, circulatory problems and chronic disease. Combined with a proper diet and lifestyle, supplemental enzymes can help maintain normal enzyme levels and enhance your body’s response mechanisms.

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