Save The Krill

Posted on Jun 17, 2015 in Natural Health, Nutrition, Nutritional Supplements

Save The Krill

Alarms are going off globally among scientists, marine conservation groups and individuals who are concerned about their environment. The unregulated harvesting of krill has already caused devastating environmental results. The body does not care where the omega 3 fatty acid is coming from. The body uses these long chained fatty acids appropriately upon their availability. The key point is to have a regular supply of omega 3 fatty acids from fish or other eco-friendly source like green mussel extract. The profit margins are huge for the industries that make krill oil and their sources are not regulated. Any person with a boat and net is and can harvest krill. Now for some unpleasant facts!

Krill is a vital food source for the penguins, whales and other marine life. Krill measures 6 centimeters in length. Since my first introduction to krill, I learned that this supplement was taking away the whale’s food supply and hence forward I have recommend all of my patients who ask or consider taking krill to opt for a fish oil source that is not compromising our environment.

China Proposal

China’ vast krill kill. China has announced early this year (2015) of its plan to greatly increase fishing for Antarctic krill. China’s current krill harvest is 32,000 tons. Their proposed plan is to harvest 2 million tons (an increase of 60 percent).

50% decrease in Chinstrap and Adelie penguin populations in the last 30 years due to reduced krill supplies.

Norway is Number One

Norway is currently number 1 for harvesting Antarctic krill, being used to supply omega 3 fatty acid supplements.

Ban on Comercial Fishing Supported

The North Pacific Fishery Management Council (NPFMC) has voted to BAN ALL COMMERICAL FISHING – North of the Bering Straight all due to unregulated commercial fishing.

The Marine Conservation Alliance supports this decision for the ban of commercial fishing in the Arctic regions. As does the Pew Environmental Group, Oceana and the Ocean Conservancy.

National Geographic Magazine has alerted to the critical 80% drop in the krill population over the last 30 years.

Complete lack of responsibility and concern for the marine life (including mammals) that require krill as their food source. Krill is harvested from the areas where marine mammals feed.

Be aware!

It is not hard to imagine that the report published by “Science” in 2006 stating that the “worlds oceans would be completely eradicated by 2048” following current fishing practices.

False statement made by krill advocates stating that “krill is the largest biomass on the planet”. Bacteria ranks number 1. Other close seconds would be algae and fungi.

The manufactures of krill oil are not monitoring the effect and impact their harvesting is having on the marine life populations that use krill as their food source.

Good News

Each individual can make a difference in such cases as this one – just as I have done by not buying or promoting the product. Also, by informing those of the environmental concerns that will affect future generations to come.

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