Thin Blood Without Drugs Naturally

Posted on Mar 6, 2015 in Natural Health, Nutrition, Nutritional Supplements

Thin Blood Without Drugs Naturally

Thin Blood Safely with Natural Substances.

Thickening blood as we age is a natural occurrence. As with all things nature provides the remedy. To prevent the blood becoming like ketchup and to keep it slippery requires only two items. First let’s look at what causes the blood to thicken and the steps to reverse this process.

What Causes Blood to Thicken?

As our years advance, it becomes evident that our circulation is not what it was prior to the age of thirty. Make no mistake there is a reason for everything that is occurring in your body, whether it is positive or negative. By viewing how a condition is manifesting throughout the body, you would then apply certain elements, of which some of these may have always been missing, and systematically reverse the condition. This scenario applies to most health problems that people are afflicted with.

There are particular enzymes called Proteolytic that are naturally occurring in the body that eat up the substances that create sticky blood. The problem is these protein eating enzymes decrease drastically from our late twenties. And yes it becomes very evident as we age how the lack of this substance affects our circulation and can actually affect much more in the body by way of growing lumps and bumps, whether they are benign or not.

The Liver Produces the Substances that Thickens the Blood

Fibrin and Fibrinogen are produced by the liver to coagulate the blood. It is also the material that forms scar tissue and fibrosis (scar tissue), cysts and the like. Another problem related to this process is high blood pressure. I have had patients suddenly get off their BP meds because there is no longer a circulation problem. Get medical assistance before trying this on your own. The decreased enzymes can be purchased in a supplement form. One does not need to continually take these once the condition clears up. Knowing about them and what you can use them for is the main benefit. Look for my article on Proteolytic Enzymes: A New Treatment Strategy for Chronic Illness and Anti-Aging. By viewing the article you will start to see a far wider range of application for these nutrients.

What Will Thin the Blood Naturally?

The two main items are fish oil and proteolytic enzymes. Fish oil keeps the blood slippery in addition to an enormous list of benefits needed for heart and brain health and maintenance tasks throughout the whole body. We simply cannot be well without adequate omega 3 fatty acids which includes seed oil like flax.

Serrapeptase – Proteinase – Nattokinase

Proteinase when coupled with Serrapeptase creates even more fibrinolytic benefits. These are very powerful enzymes that eat up protein in the body. The key is to take them 3 times a day spread out over a 24 hour period to provide round the clock effectiveness. When taken on an empty stomach they work systemically. They do not open up in the stomach until they reach the intestines so there should be no worries about an upset stomach. If you take them with food especially protein they will open up and be used up before they can do the task they were meant for. As a digestive aid they are great but depending on why you are taking them will determine the desired outcome.

Nattokinase was discovered by Dr. H. Sumi while searching for a natural agent that could successfully dissolve thrombus (blood clots associated with heart attacks and stroke). This enzyme is easily purchased in most health food stores in the USA.

Baby aspirin used for thinning the blood, can be replaced with adequate amounts of EPA s and DHA’s found fish oil.
For Vegans, you will need 4 times the amount of plant based omega 3 fatty acids to help ensure adequate conversion of these fats for utilization by the brain if you do not consume fish oil.

Quality is Paramount

These enzymes need to be well coated (enteric) to make it past our stomach acid. Be sure to buy a secure quality product so you are not wasting your money and time. Because I use these enzymes for cancer conditions, quality is particularly important.

As I continue to post there may be many things you have little to no knowledge of that can be life changing or simply to make your day to day routine more manageable. I am a huge advocate of sharing knowledge and people helping each other. Take the time to share some things that may be of benefit to those you care about or who could use a little guidance in a different direction.


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