What is the Best Natural Treatment for a Hiatal Hernia

Posted on Nov 24, 2020 in Eating Disorders, Natural Health, Nutrition, Nutritional Supplements

What is the Best Natural Treatment for a Hiatal Hernia

The symptoms of a hiatal hernia are most apparent after a meal, when heartburn and belching tend to occur. More often, a reflux of stomach fluid flows up the throat. Lying down after a meal usually aggravates the heartburn. Hernias manifest through weakened connective tissue that allows a small part of the stomach to bulge through the diaphragm in and around the esophagus. If the valve between the esophagus and stomach becomes weak, it allows stomach acid to reflux through the esophagus, causing the burning sensation. Fortunately, most hernias are so small that they produce no symptoms.

Reasons Why a Hiatal Hernia Occurs

Hiatal hernia tends to occur in people over forty with weakened tissues. It is caused by a number of contributing factors related to eating habits and excess weight. Eating large meals or meals late in the day is a bad habit that puts pressure on the tissue. Heavy foods, rich in saturated fats, remain in the stomach for a long time. Deep fried foods and commercial salad dressings and frying oils are real problem.

Diets void and low in their natural fiber, especially when missing raw foods and unbleached flour and rice products. Many substances increase stomach acid being a constant irritant and problem. These include alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, pop and spicy foods. Even swallowing air from eating too hastily supports hernia complaints.

What is the Best Natural Treatment for a Hiatal Hernia

To minimize the discomfort of a Hiatal hernia, eat numerous light meals, chew food slowly and do not lie down directly after eating. As well do try your best to avoid food combining to take the load off the stomach; which means do not eat protein and starch at the same time during a meal – such as no meat with potatoes. Eat vegetables with protein or fruit with protein or conversely with a starch.

Avoid refined food, junk food and all fatty fried food, which spend a long time in the stomach during digestion (3 hours). Also avoid spicy foods, coffee, tea, colas and alcoholic beverages, which aggravate the symptoms of Hiatal hernia by stimulating the production of stomach acid and negatively affect the friendly flora (probiotics) which helps ease inflammation and lower H-pylori.

All bitter, green leafy vegetables like dandelion, endive, lettuce and artichoke, prepared as a vegetable with boiled potatoes or eaten in a salad dressed with flax seed oil and lemon will help relieve the symptoms of Hiatal hernia. Flax seed oil contains essential fatty acids (short-chained omega 3 fatty acids) needed by the body for many metabolic functions. Also soothing are carrot and cabbage coleslaw made with natural yogurt or kefir. Fresh papaya is beneficial, since it contains a digestive enzyme which supports and accelerates the stomach’s digestive activity.

Leaky gut brought on by a compromised digestive system and food allergens can aggravate symptoms of Hiatal hernia, so an elimination diet will rule out these irritants. Examples would include gluten and night shade family or other allergens discovered through testing at the hospital or like services.

Nutritional Supplements Soothe and Heal

When heartburn occurs due to a Hiatal hernia liquid chlorophyll and other supplements can be used to soothe and reduce acid effects and to help improve digestion. However, a change of diet and eating habits is essential. Evening primrose oil is an excellent source of gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid, which is helpful for healing and good digestion. Most digestive enzyme supplements contain proteolytic and other enzymes which break down proteins, fats and carbohydrates. If stomach acid is excessive, avoid supplements containing hydrochloric acid. However as people age, the opposite is more often true. Other healing supplements include lecithin, PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid), bismuth, bentonite and Lactobacillus acidophilus.

Recommended Dosage

• Evening primrose oil, two 500 mg capsules three times daily
• Digestive enzymes, such as bromelain, 1,000 mg three times daily
• Lactobacillus acidophilus, 1—2 capsules or 1 tsp. daily (probiotic)
• Lecithin, 2 capsules
• PABA, 500 mg
• Liquid Chlorophyll. 1-2 teaspoons in an 8 ounce glass of water and sipped throughout the day or keep by the bedside for a heart burn event (then put 2 teaspoons in 1 cup or less of water and take immediately when felt)
• May be helpful: Bentonite, 1 tsp daily.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal remedies work in combination with the body’s own healing mechanisms to bring effective relief.

Drink aloe vera juice and red clover tea to heal the hernia

Comfrey tea can be taken for short periods only. Leaf prepared as an infusion – Root prepared as a decoction. Drink 1 cup twice a day. May mix with other herbs like slippery elm bark.

To enhance healing, combine 2 tbsp. each of licorice root, slippery elm powder and burdock root, and 1 tsp. goldenseal. Make a tea with 1 tsp. of this mixture and drink 2-3 cups daily. It should be noted that long term use of licorice can elevate blood pressure in some individuals, due to it s glycyrrhetinic acid content – therefore use deglycrrhizinated licorice (DGL) instead.

Use borage and black currant oils as directed on the labels.

There is a four herb combination available made of burdock, slippery elm, Turkish rhubarb and sheep sorrel which is beneficial to intestinal problems. It can be used alone or with DGL or aloe vera juice.

Twice a week, add an oak bark infusion to bath water. (Aspirin is made from white willow bark)

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