What is the best natural remedy for restless leg syndrome

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What is the best natural remedy for restless leg syndrome

Restless leg syndrome is a common announce, especially at night. The legs will itch, tickle or burn. Constantly adjusting in bed only brings fleeting relief. Seconds or minutes later, the irresistible urge to move returns. It is problematic in that it hinders sleep and causes frequent waking. Poor quality sleep leads to and enhances other underlying health issues. The restlessness is associated with twitching leg muscles, though this is not always obvious.

Many professionals feel the exact cause of restless legs is not clear, and yet we know that the nervous and circulatory systems are involved. It is linked to spasms in the arteries and in the muscles. It is often associated with hypersensitive – tense nerves. Stress and substances like coffee or pop and too much sugar can irritate the nervous system. Withdrawal from medications causes tension and nervous anxiety which will aggravate restless leg syndrome. This condition is more common during pregnancy and in those who smoke because of their restricting effect on circulation. The birth control pill also contributes to circulatory problems.

Restless leg syndrome is linked to poor absorption of folic acid as a result of malabsorption problems. Many with this condition have either poor or no ability to absorb folic acid from the foods they eat. Even megadoses of folic acid remain unabsorbed. A series of folic acid injections can be helpful until the bowel regains the ability to absorb the vitamin more naturally. It is the deficiency of folic acid itself that causes malabsorption of folic acid. Shots are required to break the vicious cycle if an oral supplement isn’t adequate.

Restless leg syndrome can be a symptom of a masked food allergy. A food allergy is the body’s response, through the immune system, to a food which it reacts to as foreign or toxic. The brain makes a blue print of all irritants and anything it deems as harmful and then triggers the immune system to attack whenever it shows up. The more common masked or delayed allergies are to wheat, corn, milk, gluten, night shade family and other common foods. The food allergens are so thoroughly enmeshed in the diet that the chances of avoiding them and accidentally discovering the cause of the symptoms can be remote.


Concentrate on green, leafy vegetables, root vegetables, wheat germ, whole grains and nutritional yeast contain folic acid, the essential B vitamin for regulating blood circulation. Emphasize these foods in your diet to correct folic acid deficiency. Avoiding coffee, tee and cola helps the body use folic acid more effectively.

Nutritional Supplements

Vitamin E is highly recommended to combat restless legs and leg cramps, especially when combined with magnesium at bedtime. It improves circulation and oxygen supply to the tissues and nerves. Take extra folic acid with a vitamin B complex. All the B vitamins are important for maintain a healthy nervous system and calming tense nerves and muscles.

Magnesium is very important in controlling spasms. Taken at bedtime, it can also aid sleep.

*All minerals require an amino acid supplement source or protein at the time of ingestion.

Dosage Suggestion

  • Vitamin E, with mixed tocopherols, 400 IU
  • Folic acid or folate, 400 mcg
  • Vitamin B complex, 100 mg
  • Magnesium, 200 mg or 150 twice a day
  • Fish oils, 2,000 – 4000IU daily
  • Zinc 30 mg

 Herbal Medicine

Restlessness is also alleviated with the use of healing herbs that promote relaxation and calming.

  • St. John’s wort is excellent for the nerves. Take 1 tsp. blossoms in 1 cup of boiling water. Drink 3 cups a day or 1 cup before retiring.
  • Valerian, hops and passion flower are wonderful herbs to induce soothing and restful sleep. Combine equal parts of these herbs and a 1 tsp, of mixture to 1 cup of boiling water. Steep for fifteen minutes; strain and drink before bedtime.

About Herbal Tinctures

Or purchase tinctures and take as directed or increase dosage as needed. You may combine these herbal recommendations together as well for increased potency. Try 15-25 drops on the tongue close to bedtime or more may be taken. Hold for 30 seconds before swallowing. The taste will not be very pleasant but quickly gets into the blood stream for enhanced and quicker effect.


A sample of the many homeopathic remedies restless legs is given below.

Take the 6c-12c strength four times daily for up to fourteen days.

  • Take Rhus tox for restless legs that feel with continued movement. There are prickly sensations and tickling that feels like ants under the skin. Brought on by overexertion, stiffness, cramping or exposure to cold damp weather.
  • Tarentula is recommended for twitching jerking legs with the urge to constantly move them and to yawn.
  • Take Arsenicum for constantly moving legs even though exhausted. The person feels anxious and chilly, and the symptoms are worse at midnight.
  • Use Zinc when the legs are trembling, twitching and restless even when asleep.

 Other Recommendations

  • Avoid prolonged, excessive stress, symptoms will worsen
  • Upon going to bed, place feet in a bucket of cold water for two to five minutes to promote sleep.
  • Wear cotton and other natural fibers only. Avoid synthetic socks, pantyhose and underwear worsen the condition.

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