What Products and Food Contain Aluminum

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What Products and Food Contain Aluminum

Unfortunately today, many day to day items contain aluminum. The more frequent the exposure, either through usage or ingestion, would naturally pose a greater health risk. Of the metals, aluminum is a widely used product. Most metals as a rule will not enhance your health. You may be as surprised as I was at how many products and foods aluminum has weaved its way into as well as medications. Nutritional support is needed to help prevent the health side effects of aluminum and for assisting in its removal from the the bodies tissues.

Health Risks

The research community has shed enough doubt on the intake of aluminum to warrant avoidance when possible. A health risks that is somewhat familiar in the association with aluminum is Alzheimer’s disease, which has been found in higher concentrations in the brain tissue of these patients. Depending on where you live can leave you and your family vulnerable to metals in the air and water supplies. Living near certain manufactures and chemical plants pose the risk of higher concentrations of chemicals and aluminum.

The all too frequent use of antacids containing aluminum prevents the absorption of minerals in the small intestine, particularly phosphorus, calcium and magnesium.  Further more, aluminum can interfere with the kidneys mineral absorption and has contributed to the following conditions; dementia, skin problems, gastrointestinal disorders, kidney problems, mouth ulcers, fatigue, respiratory, certain behavioral problems, and mineral absorption in general.

It clearly makes sense to not use aluminum pots to cook in. Growing up in many households, including my own, I can remember the commonly used aluminum pots.

To help offset the toxicity of aluminum, I recommend a daily intake of fish oil, zinc, vitamin C and in some cases extra magnesium. Raw juices especially vegetable and green juice; will assist in oxidative stress related to the damage caused by metals and will assist in their elimination. Avoidance as much as possible is the best solution.

Sources of Aluminum

Aluminum pots, cookware and utensils
Buffered Aspirin
Anti-depressant meds
Diarrhea Med Products
Flu shot
Tooth paste
Nasal sprays
Certain metal cleaners
Aluminum foil
Food Additives
Processed cheese
Baking powder
Table salt
White flour – bleached
Non dairy creamers
Baby Formulas – high amounts compared to Mothers milk
Vanilla powders
Baked goods
Packaged Cake mixes
Prepared Dough mixtures

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry
This public health service informs that we are all exposed to low levels of aluminum from the air, water and food we eat.

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