What is the Best Treatment of Hirsutism

Posted on May 20, 2021 in Nutrition

What is the Best Treatment of Hirsutism

The extent of excessive hair growth coincides with the amount of male hormones in the body. All women have a certain amount of these hormones, and it does vary in degrees from person to person. Depending on hereditary, what may be perceived as excessive may be in the range of normal development.

For the most part the cause is genetic. Although an imbalance in male and female hormones can also increase the growth of hair. As can a low functioning thyroid gland.

In this instance, hypothyroidism can induce coarse facial hair when oestrogen levels reduce after menopause due to testosterone then becoming dominant attributing to facial hair growth.

When teenagers go through a disruption in their menstrual cycle, along with experiencing extra facial hair, investigate for polycystic ovarian syndrome (ovarian cysts). Fortunately, this condition is a rare occurrence.

Medications may be a culprit. Certain drugs that affect hormonal balance can be problematic, in particular cortisone and other steroids.

Diet Benefits Hormone Balance

Glands make our hormones, they want high quality fat and protein. It is important that the diet consist of adequate nutrition to regulate hormonal imbalances. Estrogen regulates hair growth and vitamin E stimulates the body’s production of estrogen. Incorporate into your regular diet foods rich in vitamin E, such as raw wheat germ and avocados. Or supplement with 400 IU twice a day with a meal.

Best fats include those that contain omega 3 fatty acids – marine sourced and from seeds like flax and evening primrose oil. Take twice a day with food. Your good cholesterol (HDL) is made from omega 3 fatty acids, whereas your bad cholesterol (LDL) is made from omega 6 fatty acids primarily from vegetable and corn oils, and other oils and hydrogenated fats. By taking in adequate amounts of what the body most wants (omega 3 fatty acids) will help offset the bad fats in the diet. Ratio is important!

Liver plays a role

On the subject of any abnormal metabolism of male and female hormones, the liver is involved. You can help cleanse your liver and assist its detoxification processes with leafy greens and foods such as carrots, beets, artichokes, lemons, black cherries, pineapple, dandelion greens, parsnips, watercress, turmeric, celery and burdock root. Many of these can be juiced. Other good choices include kelp, dulse, milk thistle, Swiss chard, turnip greens, wheat germ, nuts and seeds.

More Specific Help

If your abnormal hair growth is due to hormonal changes, try fermented bee pollen, it normalizes hormones. For best absorption, open the capsule and place the powder on the tongue, then swallow. Take 2 capsules every morning for six months.

Antioxidants protect hormones. Bioflavonoids are plant substances that coexist with vitamin C and protect estrogens. They increase overall estrogen activity, by preventing estrogens from being broken down too rapidly in the body. Best choices are rutin, catecin, hesperdin, quercetin, grape seed extract or pycnogenol. Take bioflavonoids as directed on label.

GLAs: Evening Primrose oil has estrogen properties and offers gamma linolenic essential fatty acids. Take 500 mg twice a day.

Herbs that help balance hormones

Note that the estrogen activity of herbs is four hundred times less than pharmaceutical drugs. Medications having estrogen activity like the birth control pill can have abnormally high amounts of estrogen which promotes growths in the body.

Dong Quai is the female version of ginseng known for supporting the reproductive system and balances estrogen levels in the body. Take 2 capsules (not less than 200 ml per cap) twice daily with meals or 10 drops of tincture in ¼ cup water three times daily for four weeks.

Chaste tree also called Vitex, stimulates hormones by supporting the pituitary gland. Take 10 drops of tincture in water or one 400 mg capsule every morning.

Squaw vine is a hormone regulator also a harmonizer.

Saw palmetto is very useful at blocking masculinizing testosterone by products.

Aletris farinose also known as True Unicorn Root, is an estrogen precursor which boosts low estrogen levels and improves disorders of the female reproductive organs.

Licorice root increases estrogen levels as well as boosting the immune system and in controlling blood sugar levels.

Burdock is well known as a liver herb and has estrogenic properties. It also helps control  blood sugar.

Alfalfa (medicage sativa) is an estrogen precursor.

Other estrogenic herbs include raspberry, damiana, sage, ginseng, fennel and gotu kola.

Candida Problems

Hormonal imbalance can be attributed to an overgrowth of Candida or fungi in the gastrointestinal tract. Normally found in the gastrointestinal tract, Candida can over populate and secrete various steroid hormones as a result of frequent antibiotic use, the birth control pill, cortisone like drugs and a diet high in refined carbohydrates.

Liver function can also be affected and altered by the overgrowth of Candida, and this as well could lead to abnormal steroid hormone levels.

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