Why is Wheat Aging and Why Does It Spike Blood Sugar?

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Why is Wheat Aging and Why Does It Spike Blood Sugar?

Wheat contains properties that other grains do not routinely posses that cause weight gain and greatly enhances the aging process. These and other facts will be covered shortly. Another issue is how often we eat wheat compared to other types of grains. It is a fact that wheat builds more fat in the body than any other grain. If you are looking for a grain that builds muscle it is Rye. It is said that the strongest people in the world are “Turks” – they eat a lot of rye. *Also My Weight Loss Story

White Flour Sprayed Brown

Another question is – are you really eating whole wheat bread when you buy it or when you buy rye bread for that matter. Research is showing that some bread companies are simply spraying white flour brown. How do they get away with doing this process? Is it not fraud?

Rye is Mixed with Wheat Flour

When you buy a typical rye loaf at your grocery store, it is normally mixed with half wheat flour. Only the thin and dark – bitterer bread would be made of whole rye grains.

How Does Eating Wheat Age Us Faster?

Properties in wheat, namely ‘Amylopectin’ significantly raises blood sugar levels. So much so, studies revealed Amylopectin in wheat spiked blood sugar more than table sugar.


Overtime sugar imbalances consistently raise Glycation. Correlating substances called Advanced Glycation End Products (AGEs) are known culprits to accelerating the aging process, damaging connective tissue and even our organs. And of course a contributing factor for diabetes and weight gain.

Is Gluten the Culprit or Is Amylopectin?

Working a great deal with gastrointestinal troubles, it isn’t always gluten that is causing the intestinal inflammation and gut permeability. Check out the property Amylopectin – through testing or by avoiding it. The problem lies in the chicken or the egg syndrome. Amylopectin may have been the initial culprit but now we have a leaky gut condition that allows other substances like gluten and chemicals to pass through into the blood stream where they are now recognized as an invader; and subsequently attacked upon reentering the body.

My Story – Weight Loss

Four to five years ago I did a fast where I omitted white food entirely which consisted of all flour, sugar and starch products. I actually did not eat any carbohydrates other than fruits, vegetables and I increased my protein content. My routine of vegetable juice remained the same. I also did not limit the quantity of food eaten. I had about 6 pounds that I wanted to lose but it was more of a test for myself since I recommend many things to my patients and friends that I do not need to do for myself.

From my results, I can empirically say that leaving wheat and sugar out of my diet produced amazing results. What you may not realize is that I weighed 118 and normally hovered around 112. I never cheated and I stayed on this plan for 6 weeks. You might call this type of plan an anit-inflammation diet. My body fat content was not high to begin with. I lost 8 pounds without even trying. By that I mean I was not restricted in the foods that I liked or the amount I ate at any one given time. The hard part if any is starting and making the commitment to do it. Then it’s a done deal. Your sugar cravings will go down drastically and it is shocking how much you don’t miss those foods. Another person with a higher concentration of body fat will lose much more weight in that time frame.

Through my academic education, I have always known the problems of wheat and understood why the professors told us that North Americans are gaining too much weight due to the wheat content in their diet. Bad fat is defiantly another culprit.

If there is one advantage that I do have is in taking supplements to ensure I am getting more of what my body needs on a daily basis for functioning and repairing. The main problem surrounding nutrition today is the “ Lack Of ” in the food many of us routinely eat. Another problem is “what are these necessary missing components in our diets” that are needed to put a nutritionally sound program together. My aim is overtime for my posts to provide you with much needed knowledge that is not provided in the educational system yet required to keep the body functioning and paramount for maintenance and health prevention.

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